Soul on the Highway

This is the reason why Iron Mountain will be bound up with such a seemingly impossible love.

I believe it was at that moment that my mother decided to leave Elbert. Although she has fallen in love with the Chinese man, she has not completely left the Jewish man, which is two processes, two decisions. I believe that my mother is not the kind of woman who wants to change her mind. On the contrary, she is loyal to her love, but it must be her love, love, and nothing else. Mother did not decide to leave Albert immediately after she fell in love with the Chinese man because she did not know whether it was moral or not. Although she was already rebellious among Jews, for example, she loved Carl, but that was only a young impulse. Now, her feelings for Albert had been built up during the years of flight, and it was clear that she thought there was a contract between them. Although Tieshan's appearance took away her mother's heart, she was not going to break the contract, or she was in a dilemma, so she volunteered to follow Albert on the dangerous road to make herself forget the Chinese. But what happened that night changed her completely. At this point,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, an opportunity presented itself, and I believe it was fate. The convoy of the Ninety-third Division came from the down line. Elijah and Albert both recognized it as the convoy they were familiar with. Almost at the same time, they all thought that the Chinese man was in the convoy. The motorcade stopped to add water. Elijah went straight to the motorcade. Albert ran after him. He asked an officer if Iron Mountain was in the motorcade? The officer shook his head and said, "No, he hasn't been here several times. Your name is Albert. I know you.". Elijah said to the officer, I want to take your car back to Kunming. The officer looked at her, smiled,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, and said, "Well, I know you too.". It seems that the story of sacrificing one's life to save the United States has spread in the transport team. When Elijah was about to get on the bus, Albert suddenly called her name in Jewish. Elijah was stunned for a moment, looked back at him, and then slowly showed a kind of smile. It was a kind of smile that gathered all the helplessness and pain. She finally got on the bus. The motorcade started, the wheels rolled up the smoke and dust, the motorcade disappeared for a long time, and the smoke and dust had not dispersed. Albert squatted on the ground, put his hands on his head, and cried, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, tears flowing into the sand. Elijah met Iron Mountain at the transport station. Tieshan learned of Elijah's arrival before the motorcade arrived in Kunming. The officer was a good friend of Tieshan. Elijah's car drove straight to where Tieshan lived. When the car stopped, Iron Mountain was already waiting by the side. In full view of the crowd, Iron Mountain carried Elijah down from the car. He held on tight, and Elijah held on tight. She hugged him tightly, and he felt a heart consumed by fear. As the officer looked on with a smile, Iron Mountain carried Elijah into his room. Just a few dozen steps away, Elijah seemed to have spent his whole life. Entering the room, Iron Mountain kissed her. When he kissed Elijah, he felt her lips tremble, and her whole body seemed to tremble. Elijah hugged Iron Mountain's neck tightly. The power of her love was exactly what Iron Mountain expected. It was the power of faith. This kind of love can only be found in a person with faith. Now, Iron Mountain felt it in this Jewish woman. Although Elijah was weak in his own faith, one drop from the glass of water of a man of faith was enough for others to drink for a lifetime. The difference between Elijah and Albert is that Albert's Old Testament commandments have become a very pale dogma in her eyes, and she has changed the color of faith into living love, but this love is different from ordinary love, which is a kind of faithful love similar to religious faith. This is the reason why Iron Mountain will be bound up with such a seemingly impossible love. Because Tieshan's idealism is a beautiful new world, a world of great material wealth, distribution according to needs, and a high degree of human consciousness. Everyone has an ideal higher than material and a love like faith. Although in the belief of these two people, one is theistic and the other is atheistic, the theistic Elijah has turned God into her love, and Iron Mountain has turned his ideal into God. This is my best explanation for why my parents, two seemingly unrelated people, will end up together. Albert was out of his mind for half a month. He had stopped driving and, for the first time, had neglected Bible study and prayer. His pain, as the Psalm says, is like frying with salt on the fire. The pain this time is far more than the experience of Elijah being taken away by Carl. The love between Carl and Elijah seems like a game to him, but the love between Elijah and Iron Mountain is as sure as a piece of steel. He is completely abandoned. At Kunming's Wujiaba Airport, in Mark's room, Albert touched alcohol for the first time. The Bible says you shall not drink wine, neither shall you drink strong wine or weak wine. But he was drunk. Only then did Albert discover that his faith was weaker than his love. You should go get her back. Mark said. But she loved him. Albert said. Now you still have the right. Mark said, I was going to compete with you, and you lost her. Mark. Elbert wept in front of Mark. Do you know how much I love her? I've loved her for 20 years! I've loved her ever since I saw her under the fig tree when I was a toddler. I believe. Mark patted him on the shoulder, but time is not the trump card of love, it will pass with time, like the wind blowing sand to another place. Albert fell on the table and said, I took her out of Germany and recaptured her from the hands of death. We took a train through Siberia and then to China. We did hard labor in Vladivostok and tasted the taste of gall. Isn't this love? Mark said, "Yes,304 Stainless Steel Bar, this is love.". I'll help you get Elijah back from Iron Mountain, and then I'll compete with you. Mark drove the drunken Albert in a jeep to the Ninety-third Division Transport Station, where he parked his car in front of Iron Mountain's house. There's a light on inside. Mark shouted at the door. He was also a little drunk. He called out the name of Iron Mountain. Iron Mountain came out and was surprised to see Mark and Albert.


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