What are Kaftans and Why Women Love them

Kraftans - Everyday wears which will make you feel relaxed and comfortable

Kratan is a variant of the robe or tunic, and is worn in a number of cultures around the world for thousands of years and is of Asiatic origin. Used by many Middle Eastern ethnic groups, the kaftan is ancient Mesopotamian (modern day Iraq) in origin. It may be made of wool, cashmere, silk, or cotton, and may be worn with a sash.

Styles, uses, and names for the kaftan vary from culture to culture. The kaftan is often worn as a coat or as an overdress, usually having long sleeves and reaching to the ankles. In regions with a warm climate, it is worn as a light-weight, loose-fitting garment. In some cultures, the kaftan has served as a symbol of royalty.

Why do Women Love them?

Kraftans are the most relaxing and comfortable dresses which help women feel light and elegant. They are perfect outfit for all occasions such as shopping, kitty parties, family together and more. Made of soft materials and fabrics like cotton and silk, these wears are also good as night shirts - Silk and cotton are organic fabrics that absorb sweat and keep the body clean and fresh. However, for part of the night, you can choose a dress caftan georgette, satin and rayon.

Where to Buy a Kaftan
You can buy beautiful Kaftans from your local market, online or from our page on this site.

Although kaftans are specifically designed and made for women, they are also used by men in countries such as Senegal where Kaftans are a national clothing for a men.

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