Protective Suit,Protective Suit,Protective Suit

MaterialPP + PE film + seamless tapes
WorkmanshipCutting + sewing or ultrasonic welding + heat sealing tape.
RemarkHooded, shoe covers, zipper design, multidirectional protection.
Production capacity (daily)60,000 pieces
FunctionWaterproof, antifouling, antibacterial, good tensile strength, soft and comfortable breathable
Main Application
1. It protects against mild splashing, spraying and harmful dry dust of low-hazard chemical liquids;
2. Paint spraying operation (the surface layer is non-drop fiber layer and anti-static);
3. Use in a clean room environment;
4. General cleaning, repair and maintenance operations;
5. General asbestos control places (removal, treatment);
6. Nuclear industry radioactive particles and dust protection;
7. Food processing operations;
8. Electronic processing.
Our Advantage
1. Disposable Coveralls - Help you stay clean and comfortable while protecting critical areas
High Performance Coveralls - Provide support in high stress areas to reduce blowouts - elastic at wrist, ankle, and back.
2. Disposable Hazmat Suit - With Hood And Boot, Respirator-fit Ability, Zipper Closure Up To Neck
Durable Coveralls- Serged seams, SMMS construction, high level of breathability particulate holdout
Working everyday to protect YOU in any environment!Protective Suit


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