What is the top drive simulation training system?

What is the top drive simulation training system?

A set of training systems specifically designed for the operation training of top drive drilling equipment is called the ESIM-FTD1 top drive simulation training system.


Complete top drive operation, common defect diagnosis, and project training are all things it can offer. Multiple pupils can benefit from training concurrently. The driller/co-driller, drilling team technician, and drilling team leader are all trained using it. Through use of this technology, the trainees can learn how to operate the top drive and how to diagnose and repair frequent faults.


What features does the top driving simulation training system have?

Completely mimic the actual system

A 3D animation is shown.

Function for setting faults

Working in step-by-step fashion

imitations of sound effects

Function for Automatic Grading

management of student information


If you require any of the drilling simulators that Esimtech produces, kindly get in touch with them.


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