China VAPE KIT factory

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Zhengde Hanyuan (Shenzhen) Technology Co. Ltd.
History鈥斺€擲ealebia is an OEMODM vape whole process solution leading provider, specialized in customizing and manufacturing of disposable vapes, Pod vape kits, CBD vape pens and E-liquid. Also, we can supply for free services including logo design, package design, poster design, product customization and even website development.
Factory鈥斺€擳here are more than 5,000 square meters of dust-free production workshop, more than 500 employees, more than 20 outstanding technical experts, more than 10 international sales, accumulating rich research and development, production and testing experience and mature customized services.
Product鈥斺€擠isposable vape, pod vape, CBD/THC vape devices, e-liquidChina VAPE KIT factory


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