Humiliation of identity

Humiliation of identityHumiliation of identityHumiliation of identityHumiliation of identity

Didn't Elvis just ask himself that? The month smiled bitterly, did not expect this sentence to appear again in her ear. What does he mean by that? At this time, her heart was very flustered, feeling as if she was going to lose something, which made her feel a little pain in her heart. Should she go? Finally, Yueyue took a look at the photo, and she got up and walked outside the dormitory. An Luofei just drove to the school gate, ready to go in to pick up the month, but at the school gate his car has not been parked, he saw the month look a little trance out of the school, and the pace is very hurried. After seeing this scene, Anluofei hurriedly found a place beside him to stop the car, and then quickly chased it in the direction of the month. By the time Anluo caught up with Yueyue, he saw that Yueyue had walked to the cafe near the school. An Luofei stood outside hesitated for a moment and then went in. After Yueyue arrived at the coffee shop, she saw Li Jianyue in a corner, and he was looking at a swing in the back garden of the coffee shop in a trance. She sat down opposite Li Jianyue. Just as Yueyue was about to open her mouth,a333 grade 6 pipe, a good-looking waitress in the coffee shop came over and asked Yueyue in a gentle tone, "What would you like to drink, Miss?" "A cappuccino, decaf." Yueyue ordered a cup of coffee at random. While asking Yueyue, the waiter also secretly looked at Li Jianyue, what a handsome and cute boy! Yueyue frowned at the waitress who was standing still. She coughed a few times and finally woke up the waitress who was still in a trance. The waitress looked at Yueyue with an embarrassed red face and said,uns c70600, "Excuse me, Miss, can you say it again?" "A cappuccino, decaf." Yueyue's tone was slightly impatient to open her mouth again. To be honest, Yueyue is very confused and irritable now, and she really doesn't have much mood to talk. It was not until the waiter left that Li Jianyue moved back to look at Yueyue. Yueyue now took out the man's wallet from her handbag and handed it back to the table in front of Li Jianyue. Then she bit her lip and said, "Say it!" Li Jianyue took a look at the photo on the table in front of him. At the moment, his face lacked the usual smile on his face. Instead, he looked at Yueyue with a touch of sadness on his face and said, "We knew each other before." After hearing Li Jianyue's affirmative reply, Yueyue, 347 stainless steel ,316ti stainless steel, who was sitting opposite, sat there stiffly. Although already guessed the result, but after hearing the affirmative answer from Li Jianyue's mouth, Yueyue still felt a little hard to accept. If Li Jianyue really knew herself before, then is the other girl in the photo really her sister? Why? Why didn't your parents ever mention it? Didn't they tell themselves she was an only child? Why is there a sister now? Yueyue raised her head with trembling lips after half a ring. When she saw Li Jianyue looking at herself worriedly, she suddenly said with a wry smile sarcastically, "You mean we knew each other before. Who is the girl in the picture?"? But for sure, she has something to do with me, right? But why did I never hear my parents mention it? At this moment, Yueyue really wanted to call her parents and ask whether it was true or not, but when she had just started to dial more than ten or twenty times, Yueyue knew that it was impossible to confirm with her parents at this moment. Just as Li Jianyue was about to open his mouth, the waiter brought up the coffee ordered by Yueyue and quickly retreated. After the waiter had taken a few steps, she looked doubtfully sideways at the table of guests behind the two indoor potted plants behind them. The handsome and evil man came in and ordered only a cup of coffee, and then sat there as if his face was not very good. An Luofei sat at their table near Yueyue. Two indoor potted plants just blocked his figure. He was sitting with his back to Yueyue. The potted plants between them could not stop the conversation from coming. When hearing Yueyue's question, Anluofei frowned at this time, this Li Jianyue,, used to know Yueyue? What exactly is their relationship? Why did Yueyue ask if she knew him before? If we know each other, why doesn't Yueyue remember it? A series of questions were spinning rapidly in Anluofei's mind at the moment, and when he heard what Li Jianyue said next, not only Yueyue froze, but also Anluofei, who was listening to their chat, was stunned. He was because he saw the month look wrong to follow over, had not intended to eavesdrop on their side, but did not expect to hear such a content. When Li Jianyue saw the flustered and incredulous look on her face after Yueyue asked those words just now, he frowned and said, "Forget the picture you saw!"! Is it not good to pretend that you have never seen it? Isn't it nice to pretend you didn't see it? So we can keep the peace for a while, can't we? "Oh, oh-forget?"? Do you think I can do it? "How can she forget that?" Yueyue said with a sarcastic wry smile? That photo seemed to take root in her heart at the moment. How could she forget it? Are you kidding yourself? "If you don't choose to forget, do you think you can bear the next words?" Li Jianyue at the moment gathered up the expression on his face, he picked up the soda water on the table and took a sip, lowered his head and asked without looking at Yueyue's expression. It's not the most important thing now to be able to bear it or not, is it? I just want to know the truth. Yueyue's face was pale. "She looked at Li Jianyue stubbornly." Even if it's a devastating injury, don't you regret it? "Don't talk to me,x56 line pipe, tell me the truth!" Month can not help but rage loudly said out, Li Jianyue these words too let her heart panic, she can only use the voice of the high decibel to cover up their flustered mood.


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