Chasing immortals

Chasing immortalsChasing immortalsChasing immortalsChasing immortalsChasing immortalsChasing immortals

"You mean." After so many years of following the playboy, the black-clad bodyguard also knew a lot, so he quickly guessed the answer. Are the other three? The playboy nodded, "I'm afraid, but I'm not sure, because there are quite a lot of big shots that he knows." The black-clad bodyguard now understood why the Lord had escaped with him. One of the five enemies, though the Lord would not be defeated and seriously injured, it was inevitable. And Childe looked back, "I'm afraid they have guessed my identity and know that I am the suzerain of the Demon Sect, Xue Congfeng." Looking at the surprised expression of the black-clad bodyguard, the snow laughed from the wind. Don't look, the old foxes are very clever. The sixth volume of love? Demon born Chapter 152 the appearance ceremony of pulling the wind. At noon, Yuelai Peak opened the mountain gate, and three transport arrays were specially built in the outer mountain to pass the people who attended the exchange meeting to the front door. When Fang was lamenting that he had a big hand, he didn't know that it was just a small Case until he got to the front hill. As soon as they got out of the transport array, they saw a large square paved with bluestone in front of them, which could accommodate 100,000 people. Gathering spirit array was set up in the square. Yuelai Peak was originally located on the spiritual vein. In this way, the spirit in the big square was at least a hundred times more abundant than that outside. Countless people sat cross-legged in place. Don't suck waste! Lan You also asked Xi Wu Niang to sit down, but he pinched a formula and then compressed the aura around him and poured it down from her Tianlinggai, which was roughly like this. Not only people, but also the rare animals on the mountain entered the square one after another, greedily sucking the spirit. From time to time, there will be cranes flying over the top, sending out a clear roar. From the top of the hill floated down a five-story attic with the sound of a chime. This attic is built by white jade and purple tung. Purple tung is the pillar, white jade is the wall, and the four corners of the eaves are carved with rosefinch, blue dragon, white tiger and basalt. Under the eaves hung a purple gold bell, which swung with the wind and made a clear sound. Purple bamboo for tile,Low Rpm Electric Motor, the top of the purple bamboo delicate and crisp to drop, a piece not only full of vitality, but also crossed a layer of warm color, said that purple jade is more attractive than purple jade. Purple bamboo pieces are very small, this pavilion has at least one hundred thousand pieces, one hundred thousand pieces of light refining will take some time. On the door of the attic, there is a plaque carved by Lixiang Qingmu, which reads "Donglai Pavilion". The unique fragrance of Lixiang Qingmu spreads in the air. It's refreshing. Your Excellency is a big blue tortoise, which has lived for at least three thousand years. Tut, Fang Xin and others are all sighing, Yuelaifeng is really ***ing exaggerated, isn't it just an exchange meeting? Do you want to make it look like Wang Ye's tour? One side has not finished shouting and sighing, and the other side is even more exaggerated. There was another chime. The door of Donglai Pavilion opened, and a beautiful young woman came out, holding a lute in her hand, playing the lute in the air. Slowly down one side. They were followed on their left by twelve women holding blue flowers, micro gear motor ,Micro Gear Motor, all the way down, scattering petals. On the right are twelve women holding suet jade vases, which are filled with nectar, scattered gently with willow branches, falling on the petals, and sprouting from the petals. Open a complete flower. Walking out of the Donglai Pavilion, the white-bearded Taoist stepped on the petals and held the dust in his hands, floating all the way on the lotus platform prepared in advance, without any dust along the way. This posture is more cool than the emperor's tour, not to mention those mortals, even many practitioners have not seen this formation, have sighed with emotion, the big faction is the big faction. "The six men with beards were holding their beards, and without beards they had to shake off the dust and give a cry." The Infinite Three. There are three lotus flowers on the top of the head, and the three flowers are gathered on the top. There was a burst of light. Exhaustion was swept away. What a ***ing slut! Fang sighed, when he also learned to pretend not to say anything else, that is, his old man played a song, the stone is also a flower. This alone is better than the hand just now. Shall we refine our bamboo house again tomorrow? "Uh-huh.". Yes, let Ah Huo and Ah Xue pull it for us. Aren't there many peach blossoms in our yard? "Put it on a bracelet, and we'll scatter it when we see people coming, and then play a song. Flowers are blooming." "Hey, that's a good idea. Why the hell didn't I think of that before?"? How cool it is. "So Nebula Zong three people you a word I a word, the other people's creativity to the copycat." I think it's a convulsion. "Nangong Ruolin gave them a white look, but the big head's eyes were shining." If Lin or we also put our Yueqing Pavilion refining and then let the hundreds of pigs carry, the rate of turning heads is definitely higher than them. PAI Fei, what kind of people are these. Xi Wuniang finally could not help laughing out, thought: "God, how her elders are not a serious.". There are a lot of people who have the same idea as them. Joking, this appearance will definitely make the girls love it to death. It's so cool, and it's Siberian style. If you improve it, it's Bohemian style. It's popular. (Cough) With the sound of another chime, a 60-year-old man dressed in the clothes of an elder in the outer room saluted the crowd, "The selection of disciples in the outer room of this school is about to begin. Shaoxia Junjie who are interested in entering this school, please come to the front platform. All Jianghu friends, please turn left. All senior practitioners in the realm of cultivation, please turn right." A large school like Yuelaifeng has three kinds of disciples: the outer room, the inner room, and the personal disciple. The outer room is generally a child who has not reached the golden elixir period. After finishing the elixir, he will be sent to the inner room, and those with particularly good aptitude or luck will become the personal disciple. Among them, the personal disciple status is the highest, followed by the inner room, and the outer room is the lowest. If this is the case, every time a sect opens the mountain gate to receive disciples, it will be squeezed through the threshold. However, this division is useless for the three factions of Nebula Sect, Tianxiao Sect and Jiuhua Palace. There are only two or three hundred people in the gate, and Nebula Sect has to add lotus flowers to make up for this number. No matter which one is handed down personally. Looking at the dark group of people on the platform,12v High Torque Motor, Fang felt for the first time that there were really too few people in the Nebula Sect. Even if it was a boutique route, he had to get a thousand. He thought it was a vegetable market to buy vegetables, and he grabbed a lot.


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