The dragon crosses the river

The dragon crosses the riverThe dragon crosses the riverThe dragon crosses the river

It seems that there are some problems in love. When I come back, I have to talk to the eldest brother. Xiaomao is keen to find that love sometimes does something she doesn't remember or understand. I'm afraid that's her real role. Xiaomao boldly guesses. Ah, yes, I seem to have been to that place. It's very big. There are many interesting friends. Whoo, they want to go to play! After that, without waiting for Xiaomao to answer, he raised his little feet and pointed to his little hand, "Chicken wings open the door." …… A door of space really appeared, and immediately went in, and the door of space disappeared. Xiaomao stood there foolishly, rubbed his eyes for a long time, rubbed his fat face hard, and touched the place where the door of space disappeared incredibly. Suddenly he raised his head and pouted his buttocks, pointing to his fat hand, "Chicken wings open the door!" …… No response. Roast beef! Open the door! "Open sesame!" "Mahua, open the door!" "Open the sausage!" …… 297 The Siren of Atlantis is in Power As a cook, Xiaomao used almost everything he knew to eat. He was so tired that he was panting. It seemed that he was going to lose weight. Suddenly, he looked up and found a man staring at him in a daze, looking like an idiot. Now the only one who dares to break in without notification in the Magic Palace is Erlenzi, a bastard. Brother Mao, are you crossed in love? Xiao Mao "Lovelorn does not matter, suicide does not matter, but remember to leave the bank account and password to me!" Erleng stared at Xiaomao's purse in a leering way. Xiaomao's face suddenly hung three black lines, this loser! "Hey hey, heaven has a way you do not go, hell has no door you break in, where to run!" A fat thief of half a catty vs. a nymphomaniac soldier of eight taels. Finally, the thief pressed the warrior under his weight, followed by a storm of old fists. Love stared at her big eyes curiously. In front of her was something like a chessboard, as if it were a huge city. There was a shining thing in the middle of the city. There were five bright spots of different colors heading towards it. According to the situation, there would obviously be two collisions ahead of time, and one of them would be lucky to reach the center directly. Love closed his eyes, started his unique ability of consciousness, suddenly showed a sly smile,ultrasonic handheld welder, stretched out his little hand and fiddled with one of them, "Hee Hee, Dad wants to give people a reward, no matter, they want to play hide-and-seek!" But as soon as he took three steps, his body shook, and the innocence disappeared. "Love" looked coldly at the sand table and turned the light back again. "Why are you helping him like this? It's meaningless for us. We can't break the rules." As soon as the void pulled, a huge cloak appeared out of thin air, wrapped up the body, turned around and disappeared. The legion finally adjusted, clear apple fragrance and immortal is still very honest, there is no change, also did not see him use the mysterious magic mirror. Clear apple fragrance leisurely in command of their own people, not anxious, he naturally knew that there must be people around to monitor them, but what is the use, although the magic mirror shows several bright spots, ultrasonic metal welding ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, but the secret treasure is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant, now is not the time to act, the difficulties to be faced inside, not his thousands of people can handle. And the timing has to be right. No matter how calm he was, he was still a little nervous and excited. When he saw the power of other powers in the world, he had a feeling of being dwarfed. The Magic Palace was gradually leaving them behind. He could tolerate the strength of his opponents, but he could not tolerate the gradual loss of his qualifications to fight against them. Feelings, what is that? Two feelings let him bear the greatest injury, otherwise how to fall into such a situation, now he is sober. Perhaps he is the fate of Tiansha Lone Star, and there is something called happiness that does not belong to him. But he will not bow to fate, although people may not be able to conquer heaven, but God can not stop him from going against heaven! The road under the sea is not smooth, the entire legion had to compress the March, and the information of the thieves in front of the group is constantly coming over, although some strange water monster interference, but did not cause a big problem, even a large group of monsters did not see. But this good luck did not last long, our thieves were blocked by a large group of seaweed, which was covered with reefs, and the character of being very familiar with the underwater world was not good, which immediately prevented all thieves from moving forward, because the seaweed was like an underwater ornament on the surface, but once a player approached it, it would turn into a horrible hell. Received the information that the army did not stop, not to mention the algae demon group, even if it is a mountain of knives and a sea of fire, we must break through! "Boss, we also have this kind of algae demon group in the East China Sea, but the scope and density are nothing compared to here. Even in the East China Sea, our undersea residents are trying to avoid this troublesome thing. Now the terror can only be killed." Said with a bad character and a little headache. Character, don't talk nonsense, this kind of thing is most afraid of what, can't let us cut all the way like mowing grass? Desperately three wolves patted some restless hair. The other sacred beasts also looked a little uneasy, as if there was something terrible inside. Aixinjueluo gazed into the distance. In terms of eyesight, there was no doubt that the archer was the best, and she was certainly the best in China. Although she disappeared for a period of time, no one dared to doubt her status as the first archer, and everyone believed that as long as she wanted to, she was absolutely a terrible opponent. The problem was that she did not have that domineering. The bow of the Phantom God suddenly shot out, a frozen arrow. As soon as the frozen arrow reached the sky of the algae demon group, the seaweed, which had been floating leisurely and powerless in the water, suddenly revealed its crazy nature. The algae belt turned into a steel-bar-like tentacle, dragging the frozen arrow down in an instant, while a string of eyes grew on the leaves, staring fiercely at the intruders in front of them. In the face of such a horrible group of algae demons, we were still startled, did not expect the true face so fierce, fortunately, they can not move, but they blocked our way, the top is unable to cross, can only face forward,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but in the face of such a difficult group, close attack is not wise. Algae Demon: Lv70 to Lv80. They are numerous. When they encounter intruders, they immediately become crazy and immovable.


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