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Those who cultivate immortals are even more terrible. Even a monk who practices four layers of Qi can live for two hundred years

Not to put too fine a point on it, with his strength at the moment, he is fully capable of fighting with the five-tier monks with his bare hands, because the increase in power is too terrible, too incredible, far beyond common sense. Originally, there were only one or two clusters of cyclones in the xxue channel, but now there are more than ten clusters in each place. Punch at random, which is equivalent to 365 three-tier monks at the same time, this force even five-tier monks can not resist. Oh, my God, this is crazy! So far, I have digested at least four thousand cyclones, but I haven't broken through the fifth layer yet! If you were an ordinary monk, you would have touched the bottleneck of the sixth floor, wouldn't you? Wang Gan is excited and afraid at the same time, his situation is really unprecedented, although at this time it seems to be developing in a good direction, but if there is a problem in the future, it is not possible to make up for it! Every moment, Wang Gan's cultivation is expanding, and he can even feel that his weight is increasing. You know, the original True Qi has no weight, but the innate True Qi is different. It has weight. Although it is too small to be ignored, if there are too many innate jjīng elements condensed, it will produce considerable weight. At this time, Wang Gan felt the increase of his weight, and his gestures seemed to be covered with iron, which meant that his True Qi was already innate, and also represented how fast he was increasing! Finally, when Wang Gan condensed the 5,000th cyclone, the sea of air was saturated again,rapid sand filters, but this time the cyclone did not lose, as if the body had finally reached a limit, a full 1,000 cyclones formed a huge cyclone in the sea of air, as brilliant as the Milky Way. This huge cyclone composed of numerous cyclones is far from comparable to the previous one. If the previous one is just a virtual shadow that seems to be real and illusory, then now it has come out of the illusion and become a magnificent innate Qi that actually exists! At the same time, his weight also stopped increasing, which means that all the acquired True Qi has been completely transformed into the innate True Qi, and all the acquired Jjīng yuan are the Jjīng yuan of the innate layers! From the day after tomorrow into the congenital, this is a symbol of transcendence, a step into a new realm! World outlook, values, beliefs, beliefs, xxìng grid in his eyes will produce earth-shaking changes, is really reborn, one step to the sky! Only when the frog at the bottom of the well jumps can he understand how vast the world is and how narrow his previous vision is! Finally, Mechanical fine screen ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, Wang Gan stepped into the fifth level of Qi training! Finally, Wang Gan got the qualification to enter the Luotian Mmén faction! Finally, he is no longer a simple mortal, but stepped out of the secular, the first step to save the world! This is not an easy thing for ordinary people, even those children in the family of cultivating immortals, practicing the most precious pithy formula of practicing Qi, eating Dan y y à o as a meal, can come to this step, not three out of ten people! At the moment when Wang Gan stepped into the fifth layer of Qi training, the sea of Qi almost stopped running for a moment, but when it started running again, the speed of rotation was ten times faster than before! The sense of swelling caused by saturation is gone, and a feeling of opening the sky arises spontaneously. NUOSHU. COM First.. Hair Everything in front of us has changed, the world is no longer simple, everything is emitting a faint light. Because he had read the secret book before, Wang Gan knew that when he stepped into the fifth floor, there would be earth-shaking changes, and the most prominent manifestation was that his eyes would open the eyes of heaven and see the vitality of all things. As long as it is life, there will be a day of failure, but only the length of survival. However, those who cultivate immortals follow the path of longevity with heaven and eternal soul, so the amount of vitality is directly related to the survival time of this life form. Ordinary people are often infected with Reiki, and their vitality will be more vigorous than that of ordinary people, and they can even live two or three years longer. Those who cultivate immortals are even more terrible. Even a monk who practices four layers of Qi can live for two hundred years. And a monk like Wang Gan, who has entered the innate realm, is five hundred years old. Of course, if he can't break through the foundation and refine the queen bee poison needle, it's useless to live longer. This is like the deification period of the high people, they have a very long life span, but after 1080 years there will be a small Yang plunder, if not through will die. The new world was full of surprises. Wang Gan looked around like a newborn baby with curious eyes, but was immediately shocked by the vitality of the bright flame of the North Pole. Such soaring vitality, even compared with the spirit grass with a hundred years of climate, is the gap between the bright moon and the fluorescence. It is no wonder that the older generation of the dog days once said that the bright flame of the North Pole could survive for one hundred and eight thousand years, which is really extraordinary. But soon, he was shocked again. He saw the sun in the sky, saw the vitality of the sun, which could not be seen directly with the eyes of R ròu! No, even without the eye of heaven, even a mortal can clearly see how shocking the vitality of the sun is! This is the real longevity and heaven, eternal! The vitality of the sun has gone far beyond the scope of measurement, so even mortals can see its vitality with the eyes of R ròu, or even can not look directly at it! "If the sun also has life and can cultivate Taoism, then how terrible should his cultivation be?" Wang Gan suddenly came up with such an idea in his mind, but it was just a flash, after all, it was too absurd. Stepping into the new world, everything is fresh, but Wang Gan still has a lot of things to do, and there is no time for sightseeing. When he first stepped into the fifth floor, he had a lot of things to get used to. As the cyclone's rotation accelerates, signs of instability gradually appear. He gained five hundred pounds, and even felt uncomfortable walking. The most difficult thing for him to control is that even if a wisp of the weakest True Qi flows into the meridians,filter nozzle, it will form a terrible storm of True Qi in the blink of an eye. Although it will not cause damage to the meridians, it will destroy everything around it when it is released from the body (even the seven cunning foxes feel the terror of instability around him and hide far away), which makes him have to disperse his control carefully. khnwatertreatment.com


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