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Xiao Shengxin sighed in her heart. She thought of the meaning of "Hemerocallis" in Lin Xuanyi's name.

Compared with movies, many people may think that TV series are inferior, not as good as movies, which are the essence. But in fact, the long shooting cycle of TV plays also has many advantages for characterization. Xiao Shengxin is now completely suppressed, and the long cycle of TV drama shooting is a good thing for her. Su Yifan did not expect that before him, someone had already begun to help Xiao Shengxin. The other side is what person, even Xiao Shengxin is not very clear, only know is He yuanhang there. Xiao Shengxin handed the booklet to Su Yifan, who doubled it at random, frowning and nodding. The lyrics are wonderful and the music is very tasty, but. Sheng Xin, your main style this time is to take the route of love songs, which are all slow songs, which is far from your original route. Su Yifan frowned, Xiao Shengxin used to sing fast songs, but slow songs are rarely tried, I do not know if she has the ability to control. No, it's not necessarily a bad thing to sing slow songs this time. My fast song route has come to an end, and I have to make a breakthrough. Xiao Shengxin paused, "At the beginning, Xuanyi also advised me to sing slow songs, but I was afraid, worried about one step wrong,Adhesive fish ruler, step by step wrong, which delayed down.". Now that I have nothing to lose, I might as well go for it. "The last song in it is a double love song, you." Don't cooperate with Tang Hailin? Su Yifan frowned. If Xiao Shengxin cooperates with her boyfriend Tang Hailin this time, whether it is hype or other publicity, she can get twice the result with half the effort and make things simpler. It may be over between me and him. Xiao Shengxin's tone was somewhat tired, and the whole person looked a little haggard. She has been having a hard time recently. Sometimes when she feels uncomfortable, she always wants to talk to someone. It's not that she hasn't looked for Tang Hailin,fish measuring tape, but Tang Hailin is really quite alienated and indifferent to her. Xiao Shengxin is not a dull person, she understands, Tang Hailin is avoiding her. Now that she has lost power, lost her backing, and offended Xu Shasha, who is at the height of her power, life is difficult. If Tang Hailin had any more contact with her, he would probably have to walk with his tail between his legs. Tang Hailin was becoming more and more indifferent to her, and the last time he called her, it showed that the number was empty. Xiao Shengxin can't say what kind of feeling it is. In the past, she was so well protected by Lin Xuanyi that she didn't need to worry about anything. But at the moment, she really had to think hard about how to go in the future. "Ah.." Su Yifan shook his head and patted her on the shoulder, not knowing what to say. I'm not a person who can't stand the blow. I can't embarrass Xuanyi, can I? Xiao Shengxin pulled out a smile, but obviously some far-fetched, "there are so many people to help me, I again so self-pity, cattle weight tape ,Fish measuring board, Xuanyi will scold me'worthless'.". If this album can be done well, everything will have a chance to come back again, won't it? Xiao Shengxin really did not expect to be suppressed by Xu Shasha to this time, even some people dare to ignore her current difficult situation to lend a helping hand, which really makes her very gratified, very touched. He yuanhang is a first-class music producer. He could have chosen other artists to make this album, but he chose her to be the interpreter. As far as she knows, the company has not told He yuanhang to let others sing the album instead of her, but He yuanhang has not regressed once, insisting that the album should be sung by her. She did not know why He yuanhang, who had never had any intersection, would come to help her at this critical juncture. She has also sincerely asked He yuanhang, but He yuanhang has never said, just that she can not forget the person who wrote the lyrics, the person who wrote the lyrics gave her this opportunity. Xiao Shengxin took the manuscript in his hand, with the words "Forgetful Grass" written on it, and failed to recover for a long time. Forgetful grass.. Xiao Shengxin sighed in her heart. She thought of the meaning of "Hemerocallis" in Lin Xuanyi's name. A long time ago, she joked with Lin Xuanyi that her name was forgetful, so she should forget all the sad things. But she didn't expect that it was herself who should really forget her worries. Xiao Shengxin asked He yuanhang about the origin of "Forgetful Grass", but He yuanhang was very tight-lipped and refused to disclose it at all, saying only that he was not very clear about the identity of "Forgetful Grass", and because the lyrics were mailed. He had no way of knowing where the "forgetful grass" was, and he was still looking for that person. Forgetful grass.. Who the hell are you? Does it have anything to do with Xuanyi? Xiao Shengxin's eyes are somewhat confused, Su Yifan does not know that Xiao Shengxin is guessing about the lyricist, only when she is complaining about the Tang Hailin who has lost her. Silence, the two did not speak again, and finally in the next shot, the two finally left the scene. On the other hand, Gu Anqi did not know that Xiao Shengxin and Su Yifan had a new cooperation project, nor did she know that Su Yifan would help Xiao Shengxin arrange for Xiao Shengxin to restore his popularity in the future. After Gu Anqi went to the crew to visit Xiao Shengxin, she went home and prepared for other work. Mixed with the entertainment industry for so long, if only acting skills, she absolutely can not be popular all the way for so long, high popularity, no one can shake. When she made her debut, there were many people who were more popular than her, who had better abilities, and who had more backing, but none of them could surpass her achievements. On the contrary, there were not a few people who receded in the years after that. Gu Anqi's ability is one reason, but more is that she is willing to work hard, every day to warn herself what to do and what not to do, and always rationally deal with the accidents around her. Judge the hour and size up the situation, and seize the right time to go out. Gu Anqi is not talented, but in the circle for a long time, more or less other things are always learned, such as lyrics, such as drawing. Gu Anqi has played roles in various times, and every time before she takes over the play, she will first memorize all the background information, and then prepare to shape the role. As long as the role knows something, she will force herself to learn and work hard. The character can write calligraphy,Pi tape measure, so she follows to learn calligraphy. The character can draw traditional Chinese painting, so she learns to draw traditional Chinese painting. The character can play the piano, so she learns to play the piano. tapemeasure.net


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