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Lorraine threw a beautiful wind arrow to slow down the sword fighter. Then Xiaojing stepped forward with an arrow, grabbed its head, and threw it to the side of the road with the power of an overlord.

Just as the rich and powerful family is as deep as the sea, I remember this sentence. Aren't you the best example? You want to get rid of it, but you want to push me into the fire pit. What's your intention? "Well, let's not talk about this topic. Look at you. You're so excited when you say a few words. You haven't changed at all in the past few years. You're still like a child." "Don't you have the nerve to criticize me?" …… Soon, the two of us joined up with the main group. At the moment, the four MMs in the studio, together with Ice Feather and Cappuccino, are waiting for us in a red Gobi Desert. I was slightly surprised. "Why didn't you fight monsters?" Fei Eryu relaxed her arm and pointed not far away. "You've been walking for more than an hour. The efficiency is extremely low. Six of us have killed 32 elite orcs." I walked up the slope in the direction she pointed to, and saw a mountain village about thirty meters away. In front of the mountain village, three strong half-orcs with rough armor came out slowly. They had rough green skin, ferocious faces, and looked at each other covetously. I immediately read the attributes of one of the half-orcs with a broad sword. The whole person was surprised. [Orc Sword Fighter] Rank: Elite Monster Rating: 50 Blood volume: 500000 Physical Attack Power: 3400 ~ 3600 Physical Defense: 4000 Magic Defense: 1200 Skills: Powerful Sword, Shock and Awake, Combo …… This data gives me the first impression that physical attack and physical defense are really too high. I frowned, "Day, is this still an elite monster?" Chapter 124 crazy wizard. Xiaojing sent me a message, "Feige, Phyl gave me the helmet of Senlan City Lord, plus Senlan Guardian Shield, I had to lose about 1000 points of blood when I was cut by this guy.". (-Read the web) Xiaojing is a calculating girl,alumina c799, the castellan's heavy helmet is ROLL in front of the wind and dust all the way, and now the two players of the reincarnation team are in the team, so this can't be said in the team. In the state of Xiaojing, the current physical defense should be piled up to about 4000 points. After the upper limit of the orc sword fighter's physical attack is 3600, the level suppression is nothing, because Xiaojing is a hidden profession, which has a much higher control than the average player,7g Ozone Generator, which can offset a certain level of suppression. The key should be the orc's skill, and the reason is that the shock and awe skill is very important. This map is called Orc Barracks, from the map, the area is not small, and there is an opening in the southeast, belonging to the public map, the map is densely distributed with countless red points of light, representing a head of Orcs. I have two team tasks to be completed here, the difficulty can be imagined. I switched out the bow of falling clouds and said to everyone, "I'll divide the monster first, and Xiaojing will hit the half-orc. Let me see what intensity it is." "Mmm." With these words, I took an arrow, walked quickly over, and shot at the half-orc sword fighter in the middle! "Puff!" In response, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,steatite c221, the arrow landed precisely on the chest of the half-orc sword fighter, hitting a 943 damage figure, not frowning, the physical defense is really a bit too high. This guy's two sides are two half-orc crossbowmen, attack power is also very high, see me suddenly attack, their reaction quickly, immediately raised the hands of the crossbow counterattack! Unfortunately, I have raised my arms to open the avoidance skills and run away. As a result, the two arrows that exceeded the range were all lost, and none of them hit me. The three-headed half-orc roared toward my escape path. Lorraine threw a beautiful wind arrow to slow down the sword fighter. Then Xiaojing stepped forward with an arrow, grabbed its head, and threw it to the side of the road with the power of an overlord. The hatred of two half-orc crossbowmen is still on me, which is entirely due to the monster setting of Jihad. I ran about 100 meters far away and got out of the battle smoothly. I ran back and returned to the team. At this time, the eyes saw the red number on the top of Xiaojing's head, and the Orc's powerful sword swept away only 203 points of her health. I know in my heart that this is not Xiaojing lying to me, but it has not yet shown its power. It's just that I didn't expect the orc swordfighter's subsequent performance to be so amazing. When the fellow's blood dropped to about 70%, he let out an earth-shaking roar, which was wrapped up in the desert wind. Subsequently, the whole team of players trembled, and without exception, a very depressing negative state appeared on their heads. [Shock and awe]: Current physical defense is reduced by 30%. The effect lasts for 10 seconds. That is to say, Xiaojing's physical defense was cut to 2800 points at the moment. No wonder she said it was hard to carry. Cappuccino and Phyl have not improved the state of physical defense, so even if they are well-equipped, they are just over 2000 physical defense, and they can not be equipped with shields, which is the most depressing, after being broken, physical defense is only 1500 points, so we originally planned a team of two people, a metal profession to carry an orc. It seems that it is not feasible for Ice Feather to add the blood of three metal professions, because she can't take care of three players who lose their blood at the same time. However, I still say that everything depends on human effort, if you dare not innovate boldly in the game, you can only be mediocre as ordinary people. So, I waved my hand. "Let's slow down. I want to see the range and frequency of the sword fighter's shock and awe skills." Cappuccino nodded. "Don't look at the frequency of use, once every half minute.". Range? I really overlooked that. This is not to blame Cappuccino, because after all, he is a pure melee player, and I am different, I used to be a mage, very sensitive to distance. Xiaojing raised the golden blue guard in her hand and opened the skill of guarding against death, while I retreated 5 meters and waited to see what would happen. Not counting the cappuccino, less than half a minute later,Alumina Ceramic C795, the half-orc sword fighter roared again, once again shocking all the players, including me.


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