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I like drinking best! I have wine on me too The giant's eyes lit up and there was a feeling of meeting a bosom friend

I like drinking best! I have wine on me too The giant's eyes lit up and there was a feeling of meeting a bosom friend Under the clothes made of broad leaves he took out a huge wooden pot and handed it to Liu Liu shook and took the flagon feeling his head sinking in his hand The flagon of wine was at least fifty or sixty catties This wooden pot is obviously naturally grown and the texture on the outside has been ground into the brown and yellow of the slippery hand which is so unique that people can't believe it It tastes good Liu shook and unscrewed the cork on the mouth of the pot tasted it and the entrance was a sweet fruit fragrance which echoed between his teeth and cheeks for a long time Organic Chemicals The giant laughed and opened Liu's shocking water bag and poured it into his mouth The giant poured out all the wine he had just drunk and poured it on the bonfire far away from him With a loud bang the flames of the bonfire jumped up and rolled up a black cloud The flying sparks blackened the branches hanging in the air The giant somersaulted down on the grass and a towering cedar behind him buzzed and shook dropping a large pile of nuts What's the matter Liu Zhenzhen was startled Your wine is too strong! The giant's face turned blue "What kind of wine is this" "The beads of the star-tailed turtle have been soaked for several days" Liu shook a little incredulously and took the water bag carefully squinting a drop a burning feeling accompanied by saliva from the vocal cords to the stomach What a strong wine! Liu shook and stuck out his tongue picked up the giant's flagon and poured it fiercely The bead of the star-tailed turtle How old is that star-tailed turtle The giant moved away from the crackling bonfire More than a thousand years old Liu shook out the pigeon-egg-sized black turtle bead in the water bag and shook it in front of the giant Did you soak a thousand years old star tail turtle beads in so little water for several days And prepare to drink it The giant's eyes seemed to be looking at a madman What's the matter Liu shook a little and didn't understand This high-purity alcohol will kill you! The giant was angry to death in front of this Beamon is really not the general ignorance mistook his identity but also proudly almost let himself be burned to death by the terrible fire Then why do you need it I'll drink your wine Liu shook the bag of alcohol and poured it all on the bonfire grabbed the giant's wooden pot and poured a few mouthfuls of sweet wine from time to time Traveler can you drink less Monk Monkey in the mountains all the wine brewed during this period is here You have to save some for me The giant said with a little heartache Wine made by monkeys Liu shook and drank a mouthful smashed his mouth "not bad not bad!" "This is the specialty of the Southern Cross Forest!" The giant said with a little pride "No one has such a good taste except us Ente tree herders" "The Ent Treeherder" Liu shock did not hear Helen said this race all of a sudden blindfolded China Chemicals Suppliers He only knew that in addition to the Titan tribe there was an elf kingdom in the endless Southern Cross forest under the Bering Mountains which had a population of about five thousand people divided into three tribes scattered in the forest According to Helen the elves whether male or female have extremely beautiful appearance kind and intelligent personality keen vision and hearing They can be young and healthy forever live up to three or four thousand years old and can be killed or die of heartbreak It is said that every elf is extremely good at archery Even if they rush through the deep forest at night they can quickly pull out an arrow and hit the eye of a bird 100 meters away Afraid of the elves' archery skills His Majesty King Beamon transferred the centaur archers of the House Clan to the vassals of the Piel Clan after repeated efforts In fact it is very painful to do so In Beamon long-range attack power has always been a big problem The House Centaur archer is the best archer in Beamon In ancient mythology the constellation of Sagittarius in the sky is named after the Centaur totem Iolis Liu looked up and down at the giant but still couldn't figure out what race he was "To my surprise we Ente tree herders have now disappeared into Beamon's memory" The giant could not help sighing a little It's all right anyway so you might as well tell me about it Liu shook and wiped his nose "I'm just a Beamon from the countryside I'm a little short-sighted" "Unlike humans who evolved from animals like you we Ents are intelligent humans who evolved from plants" When the giant stretched out his hand to shake Liu Zhen and opened his mouth wide he picked up the cigar that had fallen to the ground and put it in his mouth Organic Solvents "Don't be surprised dear Beamon sacrifice your wisdom can guarantee that you can understand what I am talking about After tens of thousands of years of evolution the body structure of our intelligent human beings is basically the same whether it is evolved from animals or plants" It's all the same "Obislaki!" Liu shock really feel a bit horrible "Then what do you people usually eat" Like just now Eat meat Dear Beamon Sacrifice! There are also man-eating flowers in plants! What's the big deal if we eat some meat The words of the tree herdsman seemed to have the meaning of laughing at Liu's shock and fuss So you see my sacrificial status Liu shock a little embarrassed his surprise indeed lost the identity of profound knowledge of sacrifice During the war between gods and demons I fought with you Beamon Orcs against the Demons who invaded from the time and space cracks in the Southern Cross Forest The tree herder said disdainfully "At that time the human seemed to be one of your Beamons and did not betray your God of war Campas!" "Obislaki!" "How old are you brother" Liu asked "Me" "I have forgotten my own age" the tree herder said with a little sadness "The long years have made me almost unable to remember the past We tree herders have a long life span which is not even comparable to that of Mongolian and Chinese models" "It turned out to be a respected elder!" Liu was shocked and awestruck


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