The Adolescence of Shushan Swordsmen

In fact, the first time I saw him that day, Tang Mi didn't want to get rid of Zhang Wei, although he had been told at that time that the

In fact, the first time I saw him that day, Tang Mi didn't want to get rid of Zhang Wei, although he had been told at that time that the performance appraisal rules of Shushan Royal Sword Hall were that the performance of words and deeds and schoolwork were scored according to the group, and its purpose was to urge everyone to unite and cooperate. Of course, in other words, this also means that a rat droppings can spoil a whole pot of porridge. For example, Zhang Wei, if you happen to be in a group with this person, then you don't have to worry about the performance appraisal of words and deeds. He himself will certainly not be late, leave early, doze off in class, pick up the conversation and pass small notes. By the way, he will also supervise you in the same group to study hard with him and make progress every day. But this score only accounts for 20% of the final score, and 20% is the daily academic achievement. When it comes to this result, it is said that the once-in-a-century Zhang Wei showed his true colors of rat droppings. It is said that those who were in the same group with him two years ago, because of his involvement, had poor academic performance. If it were not for the fact that 60% of the final results of the palace examination were scored according to individual performance, then those who were in the same group with him would have to recite the notoriety of this two-year test with him. Even so, Tang Mi felt that it didn't matter much at the beginning. Because she didn't think she had to go through the big test of the five palaces to try to worship under the door of Shushan. Anyway, as long as she could eat and drink in Shushan before she was fifteen years old, she would think of a way to return to her own world. Even if I can't find a way to go back within five years, I have learned something in Shushan that can make a living in this world, and I should not starve to death if I am sent out of Shushan. So the big test of the five palaces is just my luck to Tang Mi, but it's just my life. Unexpectedly, this Zhang Wei did not let himself fool around. On the first day of the Art of War class, Yan Dianjian, who taught the class, did not say anything, so he asked everyone to recite a book called "Military Strategy" in groups. Tang Mi was originally the most afraid of endorsement, relying on the ability to memorize since childhood, every exam is a surprise attack before the exam. But when I opened the book, I was dumbfounded. I didn't know many characters. I only felt that these characters seemed to be similar to Chinese characters. Occasionally, a few of them were very familiar, but most of the structures were more complicated than today's men. Anyway, if I couldn't understand them, I would go to bed. Hey, Tang Mi, I can recite all these, or I'll help you. Zhang Wei seemed to find that Tang Mi wanted to be lazy, and immediately extended a warm helping hand. Oh, well, you help me to block the judgment, and I'll sleep for a while. Tang Mi said, thinking that this child is really nosy. Can you help me if I can't read? Have you learned to show off twice. At that time, the three of them formed a circle and sat on the floor of the Hall of Wisdom and Wood. The weather had not yet warmed up. The brick floor was covered with thick straw mats. Every few steps, there was a basin of charcoal fire. The buzzing sound of the sword boys' endorsement echoed in their ears. It was really warm and sleepy. Hey, don't sleep. Yan Dianjian will ask questions later. Hey, hey. Zhang Wei unknowingly pulled Tang Mi's sleeve. Tired of being dragged, Tang Mi lifted the book to her face and said angrily, "Elder brother, I'll carry it, I'll carry it." This Zhang Wei only forced Tang Mi to study, precision welded tubes ,impact beam tubes, and when Yan Dianjian asked questions, he was the first to raise his hand to answer. Tang Yan gave him a white look, love to show off the little P child, you are already famous in Shushan, do not know how to be a low-key person ah. Yan Dianjian, a gentle man in his thirties, smiled at Zhang Wei and said, "Zhang Wei, I know you can recite the Military Strategy backwards. Why don't you try it in your group?". Angelica dahurica, may recite the first forty lines? Angelica dahurica Wei slightly thought for a moment, red lips lightly, slowly recite. Tang Mi took a glance at Yan Dianjian and saw that there seemed to be a faint smile on his face, knowing that he might recite it well. Waiting for Angelica dahurica Wei to stop, Yan Dianjian said as expected: "Yes, word for word, a moment of time, also do not understand its meaning, can be so, you really have a strong memory.". Tang Mi, how do you understand the first sentence? Tang Mi's scalp tingled and he glared at Zhang Wei. "Little P boy, you have attracted the artillery fire.". No way, crustily skin of head replied: "Back to the palace to judge, I do not know its meaning, just feel that this is not very careless." Judge Yan was not displeased. "Actually," he said, "the first sentence is nonsense. You have to recite a lot of books in the future. So the first thing you have to learn is to pick out the nonsense.". ” As soon as Tang Mi felt relieved, he sighed that great minds think alike. Suddenly, he felt that Yan Dianjian was so handsome. He was wearing a dark blue robe tied at his waist with a red silk sash. The big sleeves of his wide robe had a kind of momentum that was about to go away, which added three points to his peaceful appearance. "Let's start with the second sentence. Who will explain the meaning of the second sentence first?" Damn it, Zhang Wei is going to raise his hand again. Tang Mi, while his hand is not raised, presses down Zhang Wei's hand with lightning speed. What are you doing? Zhang Wei said in a low voice, his tone slightly sullen. Zhang Wei, give others some face, you set off others like this are very stupid. Tang Mi whispered and scolded in his heart, "You are a madman who answers questions. Don't you know that you will drag us all into the water?". Just this Zhang Wei was held down this time but could not hold down the next time, and so on, the art of war class, the art class, the herbal medicine class. Tang Mi and Angelica dahurica have to mention 120 thousand points of spiritual learning, because their group may be called up at any time to answer questions and do demonstrations. So hard to support for two days, Tang Mi this morning decided to get rid of Zhang Wei anyway. font style = "display: none" [Novel website, mobile phone, computer synchronous reading. You can also download e-books. TXT, CHM, UMD, JAR eBook] Enjoy reading anytime, anywhere! /div Part I Three Mountains The twelve peaks of Shushan Mountain are scattered high and low, and the mountain is magnificent. Ancient trees on the mountain cover the sun, waterfalls and green pools in the mountains, strange animals and birds often appear in the grass and woodland, and clouds and mists wind around the cliff peak all the year round. Zhang Wei and his party are going to the second peak of the twelve peaks of Shushan, the Xuantian Pavilion on the top of the peak is where the Sword Sect of Shushan is located. In fact, it is not appropriate to say that this trip is mountain climbing, just because from the Royal Sword Hall to the peak, there are already bluestone steps paved by our ancestors along the mountain, it is not hard to pick up the steps,cold drawn tubes, especially Tang Mi, who climbs on Zhang Wei's back, can leisurely look at the mountain scenery and chat a few idle words intentionally or unintentionally.


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