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Du Lai is holding Fu Miaoxue hostage at the moment, originally nervous, I am afraid will not think carefully, will be confused

Du Lai is holding Fu Miaoxue hostage at the moment, originally nervous, I am afraid will not think carefully, will be confused by the language trap. He looked at his companions on the ground, and his eyes lingered on the face of one of them. Jonah noticed that without waiting for Du to go back on his word, she ordered the bodyguard beside her: "Open his handcuffs." The bodyguard lifted the man up, took out the key and uncuffed him. There was a click. The handcuffs came off, and the bound hands were free again. Du Lai's heart was just a little relieved when Jonah suddenly raised her hand and grabbed him! Bang! Followed by a grab, bang will just let go of the man shot in the head! Du Lai fell to the ground heavily and fainted. The air is stagnant all around. Jonah put down her gun, took out her white handkerchief, and wiped her mouth with an expressionless face. The rest of the people looked calm, as if it were common, and methodically tidied up the scene-the living were imprisoned, and the dead were thrown out to deal with. Fu Miaoxue touched her strangled neck and chattered with Jonah: "Can't you do it gently?"? I finally found a funny toy. What if I die? Is his injury serious? Can it be cured? Will it affect the flexibility of the body after the cure? I said, you must cure him, do you know! He's going to do magic for me later. Jonah finally put down the gun, frowned and said, "Miss, if you want to see magic, you can send someone to invite a professional magician." "What's the point of that?" Fu Miaoxue looked down at Du Lai on the ground, raised his feet in bright red high-heeled shoes, kicked him gently with the tips of his shoes, and smiled at the corners of his mouth, "I like this kind of wild dog, it's interesting enough." Jonah's face was expressionless. "I'll contact the doctor and arrange an operation for him." Fu Miaoxue's eyes lit up and she asked, "How long will it be after the operation?" "Look at his constitution." Jonah said lightly, "Miss,DIN screw plug, don't worry too much. I'll arrange it properly. It's very late now. Please go back to your room and have a rest. There will be classes tomorrow morning. Please pay attention to the time and don't be late." Fu Miaoxue's face immediately showed disgust. I know, I know, go to bed now. She turned back to the room, walked two steps and stopped, told Jonah: "I must cure him, you know!" " Jonah nodded. "Yes, miss." Fu Miaoxue is still worried. "After the operation, move him to my room." Jonah frowned. "Miss, this is against the rules." "It's just a dog. What's wrong with it?" Fu Miaoxue said, "Tie the collar and put him in the cage. I want to see him all the time." Jonah sighed helplessly. "Okay, I understand, miss." Only then was Fu Miaoxue satisfied. She smiled and went back to her room humming a song. Bai Youwei witnessed what happened. She watched Du Lai being carried away, two maids cleaning the blood stains on the floor with tools, a brief noise like a farce, die casting parts ,die cast light housing, and the manor was restored to tranquility. Bai Youwei thought about it, lifted her heels to the people in front of her, and decided to go and see Du Lai's situation first. (End of this chapter) 880. No Chapter 878 Dream 9 Chapter 878 Dream 9. Du Lai would not have died, otherwise there would have been no entanglement with Fu Miaoxue. Bai Youwei followed all the way and saw Du Lai being sent into a room. Not long after that, two men carrying medical kits arrived in a hurry and were invited into the house by bodyguards. When the door opened, she saw professional medical equipment and surgical lights inside. It seems that the manor is often visited by unexpected visitors and often injured, so that it needs to be equipped with full medical facilities. There are bodyguards outside the door, Bai Youwei did not go in, only waiting outside. When the people in the manor saw her, it was like looking at the air, and no one came to ask her why she was here. She waited outside for a little while, heard a tinkling sound, like a bullet falling into a glass vessel, and then waited for another hour before the doctor came out of the house. Bai Youwei continued to wait. Wait until the eastern belly is white and the dawn comes. A servant in the courtyard cleaned the fallen leaves early, and the kitchen began to prepare breakfast. Bai Youwei looked down at the time-Fu Miaoxue's dream had lasted for 19 hours. It's been too long.. Bai Youwei suspected that the maze system thought Fu Miaoxue was the king, so it deliberately increased the difficulty? If so, isn't the system too cheap? At half past six, Du Lai was pushed out of the room by his bodyguards and headed for the elevator. Bai Youwei did not know that there was an elevator in the manor? She murmured in her heart and followed her to Fu Miaoxue's room behind the hospital bed. The attendant at the door knocked on the door carefully and said, "Miss, the man is here." Moments later, the door opened and Fu Miaoxue appeared behind the door with long hair and a pink and white silk nightdress. Not long after she woke up, her eyes showed a little confusion and impatience, and she asked, "Is it alive?"? If you die in my house, you will all die. The bodyguard seemed to be used to the young lady's way of speaking. He replied calmly, "The bullet has been taken out. The doctor repaired the broken blood vessel and gave him anti-infection medicine. As long as he rests for a few days, he will get better soon." "All right." Fu Miaoxue yawned, "push it in." The bodyguard sent Du Lai into Fu Miaoxue's room, and Bai Youwei followed him in. Fu Miaoxue's room is very luxurious, princess-like luxury can be seen everywhere, but these are not unusual, to Bai Youwei's amazement, in a corner of the room, there is a huge cage! The cage is pure gold, the base is round, the iron railings are made into the shape of winding branches and vines, each of which is delicate and dazzling, casting a vertical shadow in the morning light, as beautiful as a work of art. As soon as Du Lai arrived in the room, he was put on a collar and sent to the golden cage. He is still in a coma, but he has become Fu Miaoxue's "dog". The bodyguards and servants finished their work and retired one after another, only Bai Youwei did not leave. Fu Miaoxue didn't seem to feel anything wrong. After closing the door, she reacted. She looked at Bai Youwei suspiciously and said, "It's really strange.." You're not supposed to be here,deep draw stamping, but for some reason, I see you in my room, and I think it's normal. 。 autoparts-dx.com


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