The female thief who controls the spirit

Clenching his fist, Kang Ren Lao Zu's eyes sparkled with an indescribable light, like joy, like expectation, like waiting for

Clenching his fist, Kang Ren Lao Zu's eyes sparkled with an indescribable light, like joy, like expectation, like waiting for the infinite possibilities of the future. But after the color of joy flashed away from the old man's cheeks, it was the lingering color of worry that climbed up Kang Ren Lao Zu's eyebrows and eyes. It's a pity that I entered my Drunken South Wonderland so soon. There is nothing special here, only the exchange of tripods day after day. I don't think it will bring her any profound understanding. What should I do? Is it true that the "sadness" means to build a foundation for her? Kang Ren Lao Zu stood in place and fell into deep thinking. Had it not been for the short time that Su Tong stepped into the realm of cultivation, now Kang Ren Lao Zu would not hesitate to enter the Tao with "sadness", build a foundation for Su Tong, simply complete the transaction, and then send her out as soon as possible. But now the situation has undergone subtle changes, can not help but let Kang Ren Lao Zu hesitate. At the moment of the old man's absence, Su Tong had stepped into the Black Rock wasteland, incarnated as a demon, and fought with Ao Qing. The loud noise of the splashing stones soon brought Kang Ren back to reality. Eh? What is this Tilting his head and looking at Su Tong, who was fighting fiercely with Ao Qing, Kang Ren Lao Zu's slightly closed eyelids slowly opened. Fight This is the beast of that bastard! Oh, my God, when did these two little guys swallow the beast and fight each other? After distinguishing what Su Tong and Ao Qing were doing,metal stamping parts, Kang Ren stared round his eyes, as if he had never thought that the black sleeping beast could still be used like this! I don't know if the "bastard" in his mouth is a mysterious figure who once dropped black claws in the sky. It seems that the smelly old man really resents the guardian of the Black Rock Wasteland. Why do they swallow power? Oh Experience the primitive and wild fighting spirit of the beast, indeed. The will of that bastard is formed by the aggregation of all beasts, and each wisp of'potential 'is impregnated with the memory and killing source of a monster's life. Interesting, when did these two little guys discover the secret? Borrow the memory of monster, experience different life course, this is originally refine heart. "Yo,CNC machining parts, yo!" Seeing Su Tong's speed and strength surging, Kang Ren Lao Zu immediately became more excited. What is this? This is the embryonic form of the magical power, right? My God, my little disciple has deduced a set of magical powers in the process of becoming a monster. What a terrible understanding it is! Kang Ren Lao Zu clapped his palm in a forgetful way. With the eyes of the beast, the claws of the beast, the heart of the beast copied the monster's amazing explosive power in wartime, although low-level, but this is also a sublimation of artistic conception, such a young child has such a clear power of enlightenment, this woman is an absolute genius! "This heart of war is absolutely more profound and vast than the sadness of death before!" "Beast potential, beast potential, is highly poisonous to me, but I didn't expect it could help my disciple achieve enlightenment!"! The bastard who should be killed by God can also be regarded as a big shot in the world of cultivation. Shaking his legs, titanium machining parts ,metal stamping parts, the tiny land of Dongxian can be destroyed in an instant. He only needs to understand his idea of a beast. My disciple built the first platform, which is shocking! Has decided to build a foundation for Su Tong with the spirit of war condensed in the beast, Kang Ren Lao Zu's cheeks show a happy expression, but since he evaluates his opponent with a very high standard of praise, people are really curious about the birth of Kang Ren Lao Zu himself, and what is the identity of the "old bastard" who can annihilate a star field by shaking his legs! All the monks who built the foundation were eager to pour their three foundations with extraordinary artistic conception, but they had no choice but to step into the period of building the foundation. Their experience was not rich, and almost all of them were practicing in seclusion in Zongmen. Where did they have the opportunity to get in touch with the mysterious and ethereal world? Therefore, they usually choose to build their own first platform with their own main spiritual power, and then visit the four seas with the strong strength in the early stage of building the foundation, striving to find their own artistic conception before the power of the second platform comes, and to congeal the second and third platforms which are completely different from others. There are also noble people who, when they do not find the right artistic conception to build the foundation, will be favored by the ancestors of the family because of their outstanding talent, and will be given a ray of ideas left by the ancestors by the family when building the foundation. But this kind of "gift" does not come from the heart, and after combining with Reiki to form a Taoist platform, it has more power than agility. Only like the old man Kang Ren, looking for her deepest memory in Su Tong's lifelong dream and strengthening her guidance, can it be possible to condense the most perfect and far-reaching foundation of the first platform. That bastard's animal potential has turned into a stepping stone for my disciple to grow up. The starting line of Xiao Si'er is so high that the old man is jealous! The old man Kang Ren said he was jealous, but the stars were shining in his slightly open eyes. This dream still has more than eighty years to go, so let the old man help the fourth son again, let her sink into the dream, deepen the understanding of the beast war. Waving his long sleeves, Kang Ren Lao Zu suddenly appeared behind numerous black tripods, thick tripod potential into a majestic black wind, whistling into the dream of Su Tong. It seems that as Su Tong said, although Kang Ren Lao Zu's pursuit of the black tripod is extremely vicious, it seems that he is not stingy at all to use the animal power in the tripod. Consciousness is blurred Su Tong, at the moment there is no flaw to take into account other things, wholeheartedly immersed in their own dreams and illusory opponents to fight, a trace of animal potential quietly into her body, so that her memory in the world has never heard of the strange beast switching back and forth. Use your own body to feel their strong and persistent ideas, use your own hands to practice their agile posture, and constantly exceed their own limits. No external force will interfere with Su Tong's dream, nor need to stop and rest, without distraction to sharpen their claws and teeth, with 80 years of sleepless time only simply repeat tearing, chopping, splitting, beating.. At the same time, it constantly refines its own fighting heart from the primitive killing gas. Although it was only a dream, it made the expression of Su Tong sleeping on the ground change significantly,die casting parts, and the original soft cheek line became bold and firm. Very interesting child. Kang Ren Lao Zu, who did not leave Su Tong's dream, has been standing on the cloud watching Su Tong's battle.


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