The evil wife that the underworld matchmaker is marrying is too provocative.

In the eyes of Xun Hongyu, he really saw the concern of the girl after she was moved. Mo Xiaoye felt guilty in his heart

In the eyes of Xun Hongyu, he really saw the concern of the girl after she was moved. Mo Xiaoye felt guilty in his heart, but he had to play it. Wife, it seems that we have no fate, I look like this. I may not be able to marry you! Xun Hongyu's face suddenly changed slightly, and the next moment, he saw Mo Xiaoye looking at Yunshuo with a face of accusation: "Lord Yunshaoshan, I just heard about your name for a long time. I did this on purpose because I wanted to know you and ask you for some advice, but.." Even if you want to marry my wife, you can't beat me to death! Xun Hongyu stood up and turned to look at Yunshuo. He gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, you can see that he is a three-legged cat. He can't hurt you at all. You still have such a heavy hand. You.." Yunshuo squinted and looked coldly at Mo Xiaoye. He missed the kick, and he knew very well that this guy had provoked him as soon as he came, and now he was still targeting him. Just when Yunshuo felt that he was about to catch something, Mo Xiaoye struggled to stand up straight from Yan Xi's arms and looked at Xun Hongyu pale and pitiful. No, wife, I can't let his trick succeed, in any case, I also want to go in, I must marry you by my own efforts! The corners of Yan Xi's mouth twitched again, and there were already people around him who made a deliberate sound of dry vomiting, but Xun Hongyu was wide-eyed and moved. Just as she was about to open her mouth, Mo Xiaoye stopped her, and then said affectionately: "Wife, don't stop me, I must go!" Xun Hongyu pursed her lips, and in her eyes she had the palpitations of a young girl. Yun Shuo sneers: "So the young lady likes this kind of role that has no ability to only sell her mouth!" Yue Shaoan hurriedly went on to say, "Yes, just don't do that, young lady. Let's hold the wedding ceremony directly. Let's have a wedding feast!" There was a sudden echo around him. When Xun Hongyu looked at Mo Xiaoye, he was worried and distressed,Nail machine manufacturer, but when he looked back at the people around him, his eyebrows and eyes suddenly cooled down. Mo Xiaoye took advantage of the situation to whisper in her ear: "Wife, you can rest assured that I can do those little minions, but now I have offended Yunshaoshan Lord, once he goes in, he will certainly target me.." Xun Hongyu narrowed his eyes, then got up, smiled faintly on his face again, and then opened his mouth to Yunshuo and the guests. The original agreed rules remain unchanged, who can get the Night Lin Dao, who is the winner this time, I will marry him, and the dowry is the whole Goddess Island. With that, she had already walked to Yunshuo's side: "As for Lord Yunshao..." Xun Hongyu walked over and suddenly reached out and patted Yunshuo on the arm. "You don't have to go. You're much better than them. Isn't it unfair to everyone if you go?" Suddenly, a crowd around at the same time dumbfounded, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, first looked at each other, and then is clear, but no one raised objections. Everyone can see that Xun Hongyu is venting his anger for his little lover, but it is true that Yunshuo is too powerful, he went, and all of them have a much smaller chance. If Yunshuo doesn't go in, it's really a good thing for them. Ke Yun Shuo.. Would you agree? Everyone looked at Yunshuo in surprise, but found that Yunshuo did not respond. No one knows the monstrous shock in Yunshuo's heart at this time. He knew that God Mother Island was very mysterious, and also knew that the Xun Red Fish must not be a general vulgar powder, but after being patted by her, Yunshuo found that he could not move, his heart was completely shocked. The difference between him and this Xun Hongyu realm. Is it so big? "Come and ask Lord Yunshaoshan to go back and rest." Xun Hongyu opened his mouth lightly, and then two of his men from Goddess Island came forward to take Yunshuo away. But Fu Lanyang and Zhang Jingyu did not find anything wrong, only when they saw Yunshuo's stiff body being dragged around, Fu Lanyang realized that it was wrong and immediately opened his mouth: "Stop!" 132 Unlucky Fu Lanyang suddenly opened his mouth, and the two men holding Yunshuo stopped subconsciously, and then looked at Xun Hongyu. Xun red fish leisurely looked over, Fu Lanyang was about to open his mouth, at this time, but heard the voice of Yunshuo sounded. "You don't have to worry about me. Go in on my behalf." Yun Shuo felt that it was a little difficult for him to speak. He looked at Fu Lanyang and Zhang Jingyu and said meaningfully: "Don't forget what we are doing here.." Those two people, must get rid of, otherwise, there will be endless trouble! With God Mother Island this is at most a misunderstanding, he will find a way to quickly resolve, but those two people. Is the enemy who never dies, absolutely can not be careless! Fu Lanyang and Zhang Jingyu are frowning, but on the way, Yunshuo has told them that the two people, also said that now is their weakest time, must take advantage of this time to get rid of them. Otherwise, there will be endless trouble! The two men had to watch Xun Hongyu let people take Yunshuo out. As soon as Yunshuo was taken out, Xun Hongyu turned his head and walked to Mo Xiaoye's side, lowering his voice and grinding his teeth: "Is it all right now?" You are so treacherous! Mo Xiaoye was startled. She could see that she was acting with her on purpose! He looked up and saw that Xun Hongyu's eyes were full of pride. He said in a low voice, "I really think I'm stupid. Humph.." Mo Xiaoye was about to find a way to explain when he heard Xun Hongyu open his mouth again: "I have released water for you. If you can't win, you can't come out and marry me. Carefully.." Castrate you! Mo Xiaoye raised his eyebrows, and then subconsciously looked at the side of the irascible teenager somewhere, the irascible teenager's face brushed white, almost subconsciously reached out to cover it. My wife is good, don't worry, I will work hard! Mo Xiaoye smiled, and Xun Hongyu nodded with satisfaction. From the beginning to the end, Zhang Xianzong, who came in with Yunshuo, and Hu Mengmeng, who was next to him, did not even look at this side, nor did they care what happened to Yunshuo. This episode was soon forgotten by the public, Mo Xiaoye, the second generation ancestor who was "seriously injured and dying" in the eyes of the public, also stood up miraculously tenaciously,nail manufacturing machine, ready to fight tenaciously for love, and was covered with a sense of physical disability and perseverance. Then, everyone was led by Xun Hongyu to the entrance of Shenmu Peak.


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