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This is like the division of bacteria in the blood vessels of the human body, from one to two or more. But the human body

This is like the division of bacteria in the blood vessels of the human body, from one to two or more. But the human body doesn't feel anything. This does not mean that people do not have normal feelings, but that bacteria are too small to exceed the limits of human perception, which is the role of the micro-level, because in the macro-world, even the most subtle protection compared with the micro-world, there are huge flaws and loopholes, which will turn perception into micro-perception. It is impossible for any macro-world force to block Lingyun's detection, or even to guard it face to face. This is a new ability since Lingyun mastered the microcosm. Microcosm itself does not have special abilities, but if it is combined with the right magic in the right place, it will often play an unexpected role. Perception is the simplest example. If the world of powers knows that Lingyun has such magical abilities, it can send perceptions at the micro level. Then it will certainly set off a stormy wave of shock, whether from the change of the eye of heaven, or copy the power, the eye of falsehood, the hand of God, the key of the King of Heaven, every step of Lingyun's growth has broken the normal power upgrade process, he is like a freak, always unexpected but brings great shock, in a sense. Even in the future, Lingyun has become a unique symbol, but now, apart from Tang Tiejin,turmeric extract powder, no organization or individual has realized the great significance of this teenager. Although microscopic perception is countless times smaller than normal perception, it is just like a microcomputer compared with the oldest computer. The essential ability of perception has not been weakened at all, and because of the microscopic characteristics, some unexpected characteristics have been added. When normal perception enters the material conversion interface, such as from air to water, it is often affected by the speed because of the increased density of material conversion, which is one of the inevitable shortcomings, and often powerful people will use this opportunity to reverse plastic perception and hit the detector, but micro-perception does not have this obstacle, because it is too small. Therefore, the resistance when crossing the various material interfaces becomes extremely small, or even negligible. Microscopic perception passes thousands of meters in a straight line in a silent moment, ghana seed extract ,rosmarinic acid supplement, and when it reaches the surface of the statue, Lingyun does feel a nameless force swimming slowly in the body of the statue, like a loyal guard, blocking the entry of any detection force, but for microscopic perception, it is like a stone thrown into the sea, without any waves. He even swaggered into the inner world of the bronze statue under the inspection of the nameless power. Chapter 327 low-level errors. Lingyun was startled, and the detection data from the microscopic perception told him that the bronze statue was actually solid, that is to say, the huge statue hundreds of meters high was all made of bronze, unlike what he and Xiaorou had thought of as a normal statue, which was only solid on the outside and empty on the inside. Although he did not understand history, Lingyun also knew how much manpower and material resources were needed to refine a bronze statue as high as hundreds of meters. Even in the era of rapid development of modern science and technology, a country's strength might not be able to get tens of thousands of tons of bronze, just to create a meaningless biological statue. Lingyun suddenly laughed and patted his forehead. In this ancient and powerful boundary, even the sea of lava and the temple can appear, and why can't there be a bronze creature statue, if it's just a simple dream, let the river be here, let alone a creature statue, even ten or a hundred, it's no problem. Even in the Yellow Book Enchantment, Lingyun, as the Lord of the Enchantment, has such virtual abilities. The ability of void creation is not only the patent of the creator, but it can make the virtual matter become real, which is beyond the power of any artificial force. Microscopic perception probed back and forth inside the bronze creature statue at a very fast speed, and soon found the core of the nameless power attached to the statue, which to Lingyun's slight surprise was that the nameless power was not something that controlled the bronze creature statue, the statue itself was just a dead thing, but in the lines inside the solid bronze statue. The information energy itself does not constitute the existence of wisdom, but it forms a kind of consciousness that can form a response to the outside world. Consciousness acts according to the information contained in the information energy, and everything is like a programmed software, which can automatically make choices or reactions like intelligent creatures. While Lingyun and Xiaorou are observing it, it is also observing the strange intruder in a more secret way. Both sides are looking at each other step by step, trying to find out the details of each other. If the bronze biological statue is compared to a body, then the information energy is the blood of the statue, and the information in the blood contains as vast and complex information as the genes in human cells, although it is extremely complex but not disorderly, but arranged and combined in accordance with certain rules and sequences,stesweet stevia, no matter from which point of view. This is the main reason why the information energy system can operate, and also the main reason why Xiaorou's perception encounters like intelligent biological interception. But what Lingyun can't understand is why there is such a huge bronze statue of a nameless creature in a vast and infinite square, and the statue also contains abundant information energy.


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