Forensic Qin Ming Series (Complete Works)

"Oh!" Lin Tao and I looked at each other and laughed knowingly. Temporary Special Command. Secretary-General Bao is sitting

"Oh!" Lin Tao and I looked at each other and laughed knowingly. Temporary Special Command. Secretary-General Bao is sitting in the middle of a dining table. We sat opposite the table, and several officials from the Public Security Bureau and the government sat on the sofa beside us. It's a little funny to have a special meeting around a dinner table. If I'm not wrong, "I said," is Fang Xiangyu working in someone else's house at the same time? " "That's natural." Secretary Bao was a little disappointed with my opening remarks. Maybe she thought I would tell her directly who the murderer was. "Since I am an hourly worker, it is impossible to serve only in one house.". Director Wang, please report all the work of hourly worker Fang Xiangyu. Director Wang vigorously turned over his notebook: According to our investigation, Fang Xiangyu usually goes to work for half a day every two days. There are four services in total. Which means she has a full work schedule. The four houses are: Mayor Ding's home; Qian Yiran's home in the first building of the six-storey building in front of this community, which is Room 503 of Building 1; and the beautiful scenery community one kilometer away from this community. Chapter 120 Paper Green Corpse (4) Update the latest chapters of forensic Qin Ming series (complete works) as soon as possible! "All right." I interrupted Director Wang, "What is Qian Yiran's background?" "I haven't finished my introduction yet." Director Wang pointed to the notebook with dense memories and looked at the Secretary General. It seems that Secretary General Bao is used to being cold and arrogant. She said she wanted Director Wang to introduce all the work of Fang Xiangyu, but Director Wang did not dare to introduce only part of it. Answer my question. I say Oh Director Wang probably got the promised look from Secretary General Bao. "Qian Yiran is from Qingxian County. He is 37 years old. He used to open a local coal mine and made some money. Later, he was destroyed by the crackdown.". He now runs a restaurant in Qingxiang. "What about life?" I then asked. Divorced one, two, three, four, five,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, six, six times, no children. Director Wang said. Is Fang Xiangyu gone? I turned to ask the investigator behind me. I'm going through the formalities to release him. "Ask her to stay a little longer." I turned and whispered a few words to the investigator. The investigator turned and left. Secretary-General Bao frowned and was a little impatient with my big span of thinking. I noticed the expression of Secretary-General Bao, smiled and said: "Beauty, don't worry, now I'll give you an analysis." Hearing what I called her,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, there was a trace of shyness on the face of the cold and proud Secretary-General. No matter how big an official she is, first of all, she is a woman. I thought so in my heart. First of all, we have speculated before that the murderer and Mayor Ding should not be familiar, right? I say. Secretary General Bao said, "Yes, you think he may have the key to Mayor Ding's house. He lurked in Mayor Ding's house in advance and waited for an opportunity to attack Mayor Ding." I nodded. "I have a good memory.". Secondly, through investigation, it was found that the murderer should have gone to the scene study to find a bottle of liquor after killing, poured the liquor on the body, lycopene for skin ,phycocyanin spirulina, and then took the bottle away from the scene. Do you know why the killer poured white wine on the body? Secretary Bao's eyes seemed to flash a trace of a little girl's naivety: "I don't know, do you hold a memorial ceremony?" I smiled and shook my head. "You don't need so much.". I think the killer was trying to burn the body. "What does that mean?" "What is the purpose of burning the body?" I asked. Destroy the body! There is another layer of naivety in Secretary-General Bao's eyes. Yeah, the main reason is that we don't want to find evidence against them. I said, "The scene of burning corpses is usually in the wilderness and sparsely populated places, so that the fire will not disturb unrelated people and will not be discovered immediately.". Have you ever seen a body burned in a neighborhood? In the bedroom, where there are the most textiles, there are also accelerants. Once the fire starts, the neighbors will find it immediately. Secretary General Bao opened his mouth and did not speak. She didn't realize what I really meant, but she couldn't bear to interrupt me. Many murderers will hide their bodies after killing people, in order to give themselves time to escape and disguise. I went on to say, "Especially when you kill in the home of the deceased, the most important thing is to buy yourself time to escape.". If he was found after killing, where would he run? "Yes." Secretary-General Bao said, "Once the fire starts, someone will find it immediately.". Then why is the killer preparing to burn the body? Then how can he have time to escape? "That's the problem." I shut up. "The killer doesn't need to escape time.". The traces of alcohol at the scene were strip-shaped, extending from the position of the body to the edge of the bed. After further investigation today, we found that there were traces of alcohol on the ground all the way to the door, and at the end of the traces, there were very slight burn marks. The killer made a fuse with white wine and lit it before he left. When the fire started, he was safe. I stared at Secretary-General Bao and said, "So now do you know what's going on?" Secretary General Bao avoided my eyes and resumed his cold and arrogant expression: "I know.". It was because the murderer lived so close that he only needed such a long fuse, and when the fire started, he was not afraid of being discovered when he got home. By the way, it's a pity that the fire didn't burn. The Secretary General is savvy. I said jokingly, "Why don't you follow me?" Secretary General Bao suppressed his anger and said, "If the murderer had a car at the gate of the community, wouldn't he have fled the scene quickly?" I said, "Of course not.". This area does not allow foreign vehicles to enter, the surveillance video of the area shows that there are no suspicious vehicles, no suspicious people left at the time of the incident. Don't forget, we're looking at multiple killers working together. At first, I thought that after several murderers killed, they left the scene alone, so the surveillance video could not find anything unusual. But the killer didn't give himself enough time to leave one by one. If you want to go, you must go together. Then,pumpkin seed extract, it will be captured by the surveillance video. In terms of the psychological analysis of criminals, there are many people and big targets, so we must delay the time of the crime as much as possible. He needn't delay unless there is a safe place for him nearby. 。


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