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Li Ziran, with the smile of an aristocratic lady, took Li Jingxing on her left arm and half leaned on him. No matter what Li

Li Ziran, with the smile of an aristocratic lady, took Li Jingxing on her left arm and half leaned on him. No matter what Li Jingxing said, she just nodded and did not make any comments. This is what Li Jingxing taught her, listen more, see more and speak less. Li Ziran glanced at Li Jingxing's watch, and the clock pointed to a quarter past seven. Li Ziran looked at the appointed time coming, and his little hand gently pulled Li Jingxing's sleeve. Uncle, I want to sit down for a while. "Well, the fourth uncle will accompany you." Li Ziran shook his head hurriedly: "No, you are busy.". The main thing is that I can't understand what you're saying. It's too boring. Li Jingxing looked at Li Ziran's eyes unnaturally and asked her, "Are you sure?" Li Ziran hurriedly said: "Yes, yes." "Now that you've decided, go ahead." Li Jingxing put down Li Ziran's hand, "whatever you want, the fourth uncle will do as you wish." Thank you. Thank you, fourth uncle. Li Jingxing has been standing in place, watching Li Ziran's petite figure lost in the crowd,lutein eye complex, then slowly picked up the goblet and drank the red wine in the cup. Li Jingxing looked at the rising moon slightly tipsy, as if it were Li Ziran's face. She was really a heartless little girl who walked so resolutely that she didn't even look back. The author has something to say: Haha, I'm finally going to have meat to eat. Uncle, I've made you a monk for a long time. I'm sorry. Chapter 37 Li Jingxing narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the four words displayed on his mobile phone: The gift was delivered, and he even chuckled. The guests who came and went saw Li Jingxing smiling, thinking that he was in a good mood, and that anyone who had negotiated a few hundred million yuan of business on his birthday should be in a good mood. In this way,akba boswellic acid, people who did not dare to get too close to Li Jingxing because they were not familiar with him felt that the time was good and summoned up the courage to approach him. At this time, no one will notice that there is a girl missing from Li Jingxing's side. After all, she is not the biological daughter of the Li family. Even if she is taken seriously, compared with a stack of genuine RMB, she can be regarded as a detail and ignored by everyone. But Li Jingxing unexpectedly also does not refuse, who toasts very much to give the face to drink a cup, to the end, almost all the guests touched the cup. Li Jingchen felt that Li Jingxing was almost drunk and quickly pressed Li Jingxing's cup. Fourth brother, drink less, or the little girl will miss you again later. Li Jingxing looked at Li Jingchen coldly, and Li Jingchen couldn't help shivering. You're just in time. You're here. Li Jingxing said lightly. Throw the cup directly to Li Jingchen, Li Jingxing turns around and leaves directly. What are you doing? Li Jingchen took half a beat slowly and asked after Li Jingxing's back. I went to open the gift, saw palmetto extract ,tannic acid astringent, and after ten years of waiting, it finally arrived today. ……………………………………………… Li Ziran curled up, his back against the head of the cold iron bed, the cushion below did not know how long it had not been exposed to the sun, as if it could squeeze out water. Li Ziran was still wearing last night's little dress, but he had lost his original beautiful appearance and could not even keep warm in the dark room. Li Ziran trembled, because her hands and feet were tied with ropes, she could only try to put her thighs on her body to get some heat. Nearly ten years of good life, Li Ziran has long forgotten that there is such a cold feeling in the world, accustomed to her pink bedroom, the corner of the small black room covered with moss, for her, almost a prison cell. And this is a prison cell. The Li family's secret base in the suburbs looks like a history museum on the outside, but there is nothing worth collecting inside. It is full of blood, darkness, and often heard, heart-rending screams. Li Jingxing brought Li Ziran here on her seventeenth birthday. Don't tell her that this is the secret of the Li family. If you know, you can never betray. I remember asking my fourth uncle what would happen if I betrayed him? The fourth uncle smiled and said to himself, that's terrible, you'd better not know. Now, Li Ziran knows. Punishment is endless darkness, cold, fear. Li Ziran felt as if he had returned to his days in the welfare home and could not see hope. The door of the hut was pushed open from the outside, followed by a sound of footsteps, Li Ziran slowly raised his head, through the moonlight from the window, Li Ziran was not surprised to see Li Jingxing's head. Li Jingxing is very close, with the thick breath of alcohol directly hit Li Ziran's face, fumigating Li Ziran's subconscious head. Li Jing rubbed Li Ziran's hair vigorously, and his movements and tone were as usual, with endless spoiling. The little girl is angry. Li Ziran bit his lip and did not make a sound. Li Jingxing did not care, but began to help Li Ziran untie his hands and feet. Li Ziran's wrist was strangled by the rope, her blood was blocked for a long time, and her fingertips were already a little purple. As if distressed, Li Jingxing put Li Ziran's wrist in his palm and rubbed it carefully. It's a pity. Li Jingxing said with a sigh. Li Jingxing's gentleness not only did not make Li Ziran feel warm, but made her shake even more. Fourth uncle.. Will you let me go. Li Ziran sobbed and said that she was not like an 18-year-old girl. Li Jingxing heard the thing called reason in his mind, which was completely cut off by Li Ziran's words. Li Jingxing pulled Li Ziran's arm, suddenly exerted force, and pressed Li Ziran under his body. The little girl's thin body was completely covered by Li Jingxing's huge body, and the man's weight almost crushed Li Ziran. Li Jingxing's big hand slowly stroked Li Ziran's cheek, canthus,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, forehead, and finally stayed on the red lips. How can such a soft touch spit out such hurtful words? Take it back and say you'll never leave me! Hurry up! Say Li Ziran cried, tears trickling down the corners of his eyes.


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