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"Nan Huan Yue, you are a top figure in Jianghu. You can't take advantage of us, can you?" With a disdainful smile, Nan Huan

"Nan Huan Yue, you are a top figure in Jianghu. You can't take advantage of us, can you?" With a disdainful smile, Nan Huan Yue suddenly turned his arm, and the slender blade, like a live snake, "hissed" into the black scabbard loosely wrapped around his waist! The coldness of his eyes and the smile on his face were completely different, and he opened his mouth in a low voice: "Then I'll go empty-handed!" Hua Chao and Ma Shoutang were overjoyed. They knew that Nan Huan Yue was known as the "Soul of the Sword". In this "Cold Water Red", they had reached the end of Kendo. Compared with him, there was no doubt that there was only a dead end, but they thought that Nan Huan Yue was not necessarily as strong as his swordsmanship. In other words, They have a much better chance of survival! Hua Chao winked at Ma Shoutang and said: "Nan Huan Yue, do you mean what you say?" South magic Yue cold way: "What do you mean?" Flower super licking lips, way: "You're not going to draw your sword when we're fighting, are you?" Nan Huan Yue looked at him and said with some surprise: What kind of characters do you think you are? I will be like this as if facing a formidable enemy, and I will also play with you, and how long do you think our fight will last? To tell you the truth, I'm afraid you haven't even had time to think about it. It's over. Ma Shoutang said angrily; "Don't blow too much. You won't know until you've tried!" Nan Huan Yue aimed at him: "Then try, my son." In the slanting stab, Hua Chao fluttered in, and his palm shadow was like a blade. At the same time, he attacked the seven vital parts of the upper plate of Nan Huan Yue. His legs were twisted,plastic pallet box, and he was entangled in the lower body of Nan Huan Yue. Ma Shoutang did not hesitate. The center advanced, shaking his hands and splitting with nineteen palms! Nan Huan Yue suddenly whirled in place, with his palms standing like knives. In the blink of an eye, thousands of palms flew together in a straight path of different lengths. It was like a ray of light coming in, without any turning point. It was just so fast and dense, like a palm turning into light and shadow, and the light and shadow scattered in the air. Ma Shoutang immediately turned out like a cry, spinning out again and again, with his skin and flesh all over his body. Form a blood cut,plastic pallet bin, seems to be cut by a sharp blade! Nan Huan Yue did not lift his eyelids; Have you ever heard of Blood Blade Palm? This is a way to take the most direct short way out of the palm, crisp, fast, not sloppy, face and palm edge like a blade! Ma Shoutang sat there, with his back against the door, with a pair of triangular heels open, rustling and cursing intermittently: "No need-proud-Nan Huan Yue.." 'Fu Long Tuan '.. Unable You will be spared. The next year you will be.. Month. Yong. There will never be an.. Ning. Days It's over! Nan Huan Yue Kui looked at him and said: "Tai Sui Tou, get on the road quickly. Don't rely on me here to die!" With a howl of blood, Ma Shoutang suddenly jumped up incredibly, like a mad tiger, and rushed to the South Huan Yue in blood! Nan Huan Yue smiled coldly, waved his right hand suddenly, and stretched out his middle finger sharply. The sound was sharp. A strong wind shot out like an iron rod, and rushed to half of Ma Shoutang. With a fierce wave of his huge body, foldable bulk container ,wholesale plastic pallet, he immediately hit his head and feet on the ground. With a loud bang, a good "Tai Sui Tou" had turned into a white and red mess! South magic Yue shook his head and said: "King Kong Finger.". ” He slowly, step down the steps, at this time, Hua Chao just climbed up, posture like kneeling, Nan Huan Yue watched him without emotion, gloomy way: "Master Ma Jiu is on his way. Master Hua Wu, what are you waiting for?" Hua Chao was covered with blood, his face was covered with blood, and he was as horrible as a fierce ghost. He gasped for breath, his heavy shirt was soaked with blood and sweat, and he stared at a pair of beads. He trembled with fear and cried out: "Nan Huan Yue-I have been seriously injured, I have no resistance." You can't.. You can't kill a disabled person like me. Nan Huan Yue, you are still the hero on the road, the overlord of Jianghu. You should have a little measure. Talk about morality. Nan Huan Yue looked at him deeply and said slowly: "When you suddenly inserted a knife into Fan Xinxin's belly, Hua Chao, have you ever thought about the words'measurement 'and'morality'?" Look cold, he said again: You're just a beast with human skin on your head. Hua Chao, you are vicious, selfish, mean, obscene, shameless, unconscionable and timid! Hua Chao cried hoarsely: You.. You can't put Fan Xinxin. This bitch is here. Compared to me.. She got what she deserved. Nan Huan Yue said stiffly: "You deserve to die!" Choked for a moment, Hua Chao said in despair; "Nan Huan Yue-must you kill them all?" A look up, south magic Yue way: "I am doing my best to get rid of evil!" As a result, Hua Chao's kneeling body slowly went forward, and he murmured: "Do it.." Well. You do it.. I'm already.. Like paralysis.. I have no strength. You are a hero.. It's a hero.. You do it. South magic Yue Leng Sensen way: "You don't think I can do it —" The word "come" began to beat on the tip of Nan Huan Yue's tongue. It seemed that Hua Chao, who had only half a breath left, suddenly rushed to Nan Huan Yue with a fierce momentum. In his quick and urgent attack, the sharp dagger in his right hand flashed through-wiping the cold awn and stabbing Nan Hun Yue's chest!. Hey, hey! Huan Yue spat like thunder, he did not move, his wrists from bottom to top, quickly entangled, only to hear a "bang", he has opened the body of the flower super near, almost in no particular order, his left hand has broken the other side's right hand holding the dagger, pressed down hard, "pop" a sound, OK, the whole dagger has been poked into the lower abdomen of the flower super! "Ow.." Aw. Hua Chao grinned and screamed, but his voice was the same tone as Fan Xinxin's before he died. Similarly, he also covered his lower abdomen tightly with his hands, his facial features were twisted, his eyes were protruding, and he fell slowly and slowly to the ground-beside Fan Xinxin's body! The night was dark, and the shadows in the pavilion made the wolf's corpse in front of the courtyard seem strange and mysterious,drum spill containment, so it seemed more gloomy, more tragic, and more horrible. cnplasticpallet.com


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