Light and shadow

Did you lend any money to others? One of the two men questioned and the other took notes. Borrow, Meng Dongsheng

Did you lend any money to others? One of the two men questioned and the other took notes. Borrow, Meng Dongsheng looked at each other strangely. How much did you borrow? Eighty thousand. Do you know you have been deceived? When Meng Dongsheng nodded, he suddenly realized that you had found it. You do not ask questions, I say again, you do not ask any questions, I ask you, after being deceived, do you have a strong sense of revenge? Meng Dongsheng said that if you were cheated out of everything at once, you might not feel at ease? If I understand correctly, the other side said that you admitted that you had a vindictive mentality. No, Meng Dongsheng said, that's not what he meant. I just want to recover the money, because I borrowed most of the money from my friends. Right? The other side is such a look, staring at Meng Dongsheng all over the body as if there are countless ants crawling. ※ ※ ※ "Kuang Shi Cai Zi" is still being filmed, and someone has come to talk about buying overseas copyright. Boss Qu called me and told me that he was going to make a fortune. He once again mentioned that when the film was finished, he set up a film and television company and asked me to be the script planner. You can work on the next script right now, he said. There was an irrepressible excitement in his voice. But his excitement didn't seem to have much to do with me. In my life, what is gradually lost is excitement. That day I also received a phone call from a primary school classmate who had not been contacted for a long time. He now contracted 300 mu of land in the countryside to engage in aquaculture. He invited me to his place to play. One fine weekend I went to his seemingly endless farm. My primary school classmate was tanned,plastic pallet supplier, wearing a pair of long rain shoes covered with mud, and stood in the sun with a big wolf dog half a man's height to welcome me. Near noon, I smelled the smell of firewood cooking in the air. The birds on all sides were dripping happily like the water in front of the eaves after the heavy rain. I said, Hey, hey, hey! The wolf dog walked up and down beside me. It's only half a year old. Do you think it's tall? While talking,wholesale plastic pallet, my primary school classmate led me to visit his Brazilian bullfrog and pigsty. Some of his hired hands were there to carry the fodder. Labor was appreciated, and they smiled at me. The smile shone like a diamond in the shadow of the bright light. Next year, all the fruit trees will be planted here, and the fruit seedlings will all come from America. Later, my primary school classmates led me to a hilltop and pointed to the almost bare loess hillside on all sides and said to me. He felt my envy for his career and said, if you want, you can join in. It's fun to do it. I believe he is telling the truth. I dreamed of living like this a long time ago. Because this kind of life really should contain endless fun. At the foot of the mountain, someone shouted at the top of his voice for us to go down for dinner. There are echoes everywhere, echoes like ripples in a pond, echoes that can't be found in the city. ※ ※ ※ Meng Dongsheng escaped. That's what the police say. They questioned Dai Jin and Su Su because the latter might know where Meng Dongsheng had escaped. The latter learned that Meng Dongsheng was involved in a murder case during the interrogation. The deceased was a distant relative of Meng Dongsheng. He used the same trick to defraud three people of their money. In addition to Meng Dongsheng, the other two victims can prove that they have no motive and time to commit the crime. That is to say, Meng Dongsheng is the only one who is not clear. When he couldn't prove his innocence, he was either stupid or smart enough to run away. If he comes back or contacts you, collapsible bulk container ,spill plastic pallet, the police told Dai Jin and Su Su that they must tell us. Su Su is crying again. Because it was almost as heavy a blow as Marco's death. Dai Jin sat on one side, silent, not knowing whether to comfort his wife or not. Three best friends, one died, one fled, leaving him to wear in, the wind blew in through the window, he felt the impermanence of life coolly. Su Su talks in his sleep. Su Su whispered in her dream. Su Su is becoming more and more strange. Dai Jin put his arms behind his head, thinking of the days when he was teaching at school, thinking of Hainan, thinking of Ma Gao's strong humor and Meng Dongsheng's witty conversation, and thinking of his acquaintance with Su Su -- so he also thought of the Swiss plum blossom watch, all of which was yesterday -- but everything changed quickly. White-haired retired female professor, thin and slender fingers, organ raised a breeze, chorus of carols, solemn, mysterious, infinite piety. Only Dai Jin is not a believer, but only Dai Jin believes in some unprovable power in the dark. The sound of singing swirled around the patterned vaults of the church, as if many doves were flying. Feathers gently brush away the pains and worries of the world. Has he come back yet? The policeman who had questioned him and Susu that day came again. He didn't even call you? Is this your best friend? There was a note of distrust in the police interview. He resented the sound. When he woke up in the middle of the night, he was alone in bed, and Susu didn't come home. The next day's explanation is redundant. He doesn't need to explain. Not at all. In the middle of the night, he sat up and missed Meng Dongsheng. He did not believe that Meng Dongsheng would kill a man for money. But why did he run? ※ ※ ※ Boss Qu said that the film had been closed and was now in post-production. In addition to knowing that he was going to make a fortune, I also knew that he had an affair with the Beijing girl who played Qiu Xiang. This, of course, is not what I heard, as a man's pride, boss Qu has been overflowing in his face with a very short chin, and with a bit of exaggeration. Girls in the entertainment circle are easy to get started, he said. Those without fame want fame, and those with fame want money. With such a weakness, the defense line is too easy to break. In the future, we will have our own film and television company, and he said, you have plenty of opportunities. Maybe, I said, but that's for you, and the opportunity is for you. Our common opportunities, men's common opportunities,plastic pallet manufacturer, he said. It was as if the cake of opportunity was already on his plate, and the knife and fork in his hand would give me a small piece. It's been a long time, hasn't it? He asked.


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