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"Wang Bo, why are you standing downstairs?" Suddenly, a familiar voice came over,

"Wang Bo, why are you standing downstairs?" Suddenly, a familiar voice came over, but it was Li Ying and Lu Jialin. Oh! I was just about to go up. Thinking of the way to deal with the Black Dragon Gang, Wang Bo was very happy. He laughed, "How is your clinic going?" "Not bad, found a small place, decorate it, and it will open in two days." Li Ying laughed. So soon? Wang Bo is stupefied, "Li Ying, don't you need certificates?"? As far as I know, you don't seem to have a medical certificate. "Yes!" Li Ying smiled and pointed upstairs. "With Lindy here, all the documents are easy to handle. They were all done some time ago." Wang Bo smiled and said, "That's good. I'll go to support you when it opens." "Rare!" Lu Jialin gave him a white look and took the lead in running up the stairs. How interesting! Wang Bo, Lu Jialin is still a child. Don't be like her. Li Ying smiled and consoled. Wang Bo frowned deliberately and said with a smile, "Li Ying, I'm not that narrow-minded." Li Ying shook her head, took out a mobile phone from her pocket and handed it to Wang Bo: "Wang Bo, it's for you. Didn't you lose your mobile phone?"? I bought a new one, and it's your original size. It was a silver-gray mobile phone, which looked very generous. Wang Bo took it over and tinkered with it twice. It was very useful. He smiled: "I knew Yingzi was the best." "If Guangyingzi is good, are the rest of us all bad?" A languid voice suddenly appeared. Wang Bo looked up. Zhao Xiaotong,Marble Projects, dressed in pajamas, was standing in the doorway. He drooped his eyelids and looked at the two people who went upstairs, as if he had just woken up. His chest was half-naked and his face was slightly tipsy. Before he approached, a faint body fragrance came to his face. At a glance, Wang Bo's mind swung and his nosebleed almost spurted out. He hurriedly shouted: "I said Miss Zhao, this is the stairway entrance." Can't you dress up and come out? What can you do if people see you? With these words, he went to the door and reached out to push Zhao Xiaotong in. Zhao Xiaotong chuckled, gave Wang Bo a white look,Calacatta Quartz Slab, stretched out his hand to pull the collar, covered up the half of his chest exposed outside, and turned to walk into the house: "The little lady-killer who doesn't understand the amorous feelings, I'm not here to show you!"! If I want someone to look at him more, I will pull his eyes out. Show me, show me you're standing at the gate! Wang Bo choked and blurted out, "I'll go to your room that night. Will you look after it for me?" Li Ying was stunned and stunned. Color embryo! Zhong Lindi just came out of the room, heard this, spat, and went to the water dispenser to get water. Sun Yanan raised his head from the sofa and giggled at Wang Bo. Over there, Lu Jialin, holding the sword, looked at Wang Bo in silence, shook his head and sighed. Unexpectedly saw so many people, Wang Bo scratched his head, Carrara Marble Slab ,White Marble Mosaic, dry smile: "all." It's all here! Zhao Xiaotong shrugged his shoulders and frowned at Wang Bo and said, "Little lady-killer, it seems that everyone is not satisfied with you going to my house tonight!" Wang Bo coughed and said with a smile, "Actually, I just made a joke!" Li Ying sighed and walked past Wang Bo. She lowered her voice and said, "Wang Bo, have you recovered your memory?" Wang Bo was stunned and nodded helplessly. This time, it was the turn of the women in the room to be stunned. Moments later, Sun Yanan jumped up from the sofa and ran to Wang Bo, blushing with excitement: "Brother, are you telling the truth? Have you really recovered your memory?" Wang Bo nodded again: "Well!" "Little lady-killer, say, when did you recover?" Zhao Xiaotong's face flashed a trace of deflection, reached out and twisted Wang Bo's ear, "how long did you cheat us?" Morning, this morning. "Wang Bo cried out in pain. He broke away from Zhao Xiaotong's grip and rubbed his ears." Do you know the pain? " "Of course I know. It doesn't hurt and I don't pinch it!" Zhao Xiaotong smirked and said, "This is your punishment. Who let you worry about us for so long? The most abominable thing is that you didn't tell us when you recovered your memory. It's too abominable!" Holding a cup of water, Zhong Lindi walked past Wang Bo, glanced at him, and said with an expressionless face, "Don't forget the bet we made!" Wang Bo touched his nose awkwardly. Li Yingmu gawked at him, somehow, his face inexplicably flashed a trace of crimson, turned back to the bedroom. Great, great! Sun Yanan jumped for joy. She turned around and pulled Wang Bo's arm and said, "Brother, in order to celebrate your memory recovery, I might as well wait on you to sleep tonight!" Ugh! A long black line hung down from Wang Bo's head! Boom! An explosive chestnut knocked on Sun Yanan's head, but it was Zhao Xiaotong's stern eyes: "Minors step aside!" Sun Yanan stuck out his tongue and took the initiative to step aside. However, Zhao Xiaotong's next action almost made her stare out of her eyes. Zhao Xiaotong, dressed in a nightgown, took Wang Bo's arm in her arms. Her soft chest was close to his body. Her eyes were like silk, and her breath was like orchid: "Little lady-killer, I'll serve you tonight!" In a flash, Wang Bo's nosebleed gushed out. Chapter 116 the all-knowing and all-powerful God. "All right, stop it." Wang Bo pushed aside Zhao Xiaotong, who was wrapped around him, clapped his hands and said, "Be quiet, I want to announce a big event!" "Cut!"! What big deal can you have? You're not expanding your harem again, are you? If this matter is needless to say, just take it back directly. Zhao Xiaotong rolled his eyes, went to the sofa and sat down, turned on the TV. No! "" Wang Bo touched his nose with a guilty conscience and said with a straight face, "What I want to say is about the Black Dragon Gang. Today I got the news that Ahao and Qingge, who ran away some time ago, had returned to Wuming City, and I don't know where they knew about the Black Phoenix Nightclub. They were coming to seek our revenge.." "Black Dragon Gang?"? They're back! Sun Yanan's face suddenly changed,white marble slabs, and with a cry of surprise, he interrupted Wang Bo's words. Yanan, don't be so nervous. You're just a bunch of clowns. You can't make any waves. Zhao Xiaotong patted Sun Yanan on the shoulder indifferently and laughed.


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