End of the world

"Jjīng" The strength of the spirit king has gone through years of precipitation.

"Jjīng" The strength of the spirit king has gone through years of precipitation. The strength of the king of the whole race is not what most people can imagine at all. Even if Bai Su is now facing the spirit king, he has no chance of winning. "Jjīng" the spirit king made a move, and as soon as the beautiful woman who looked like a charming guest made a move, there was no living thing in the deity system from top to bottom. This not only made Bai Linger's wind God take a breath, but also made Bai Su feel a little shocked. Although she had long known that this beautiful "nv" "jjīng" spirit was a strong man, when she made a move, Bai Su could not help but be shocked. Opposite the main God but understand the existence of the law, even if the white element hand, even if the green lotus hand, with the help of the natural rules of restraining zombies, there is no "jjīng" spirit king such an understatement! The other side of a God, but also failed to withstand the "jjīng" spirit king of an arrow rain, such strength, is really let Bai Su feel shocked. At this moment, Bai Su once again felt his lack of strength. In this world, the Eldar is not a powerful race. On the contrary, it has even become a vassal race of the Terran,digital touch screen board, a race in the middle and lower reaches of the world. The strength of the king of such a race, has exceeded Bai Su too much, if you want to stand firm in this new world, it really needs a strong king of the earth! However, this is not in a hurry, after all, practice is also to rely on the accumulation of time. Bai Su put these down for the time being,interactive whiteboard for schools, and then took in the body of the barbarian gods of the other side, and took in their godhood. Then he threw the gray and black godhood of the barbarian God to Bai Linger. The remaining godhood was naturally collected by Bai Su. These godheads are more orthodox wind godheads, which contain the rules of the wind system. After bringing them back to the sacred city, it is possible to create several talents with wind talent to become strong lords.. Although Bai Linger felt a little disgusted with the godhood of this gray and black "s sè", after all, it was a law that a zombie understood and was hated by the road. Although these laws come from the original law of the Great Way and belong to the indispensable law of time, they are not liked by the Great Way. Moreover, if only zombies can understand, Bai Linger is not going to turn herself into a zombie.. That's just terrible. 。 Chapter 297 can't you control it? Updated: 2012-6-14 20:42:23 Words in this chapter: 7283 Chapter 297 can't you control it? Although also did not think of this sacred war so soon ended, of course, the whole sacred battlefield on the war is still continuing, but because of the spirit king ash's hand, smart interactive whiteboard ,interactive boards for classrooms, the wind God department of the war is only a moment has ended, ahead of time launched the battlefield hand call mobile phone novel site please remember our website At the time of the withdrawal of the wind God department, the entire God battlefield was a war between the God departments. It was a fight between the God departments whose strength was not too different. They fought with each other for several months or even several years. It was like a fight in such a short period of time, which was absolutely a situation of great disparity in strength. Could it be that the God of the Wind has such a powerful hidden power? All the people who saw the wind gods withdraw from the battlefield could not help but think in their hearts. By the time Bai Su opened the second layer of space and entered the first layer of space, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of holy masters were fighting. On this holy battlefield, the intensity was even greater than that of the divine battlefield in the second layer. The entire first layer of space is "buzzing" in the battle of hundreds of thousands of holy masters, and the gray and black statues in the first layer of space are all destroyed in such a fierce battle. There was a strong smell of gunpowder smoke on the battlefield, and layers of scorched ground seemed to have been polished. Only three of the rail guns flying in midair were still in orbit, and the rest had been shot down and destroyed on the ground. In this battlefield, hundreds of thousands of people, the sacred city of mercenaries is very easy to distinguish in this war, only the sacred city of mercenaries still maintain a very neat formation, such formation combat is not these idle holy level master can do. Under the cover of this formation, every holy mercenary can cover the hands of his comrades-in-arms, and every light can almost hit an enemy. These enemies, except humans, are counted among the enemies of the holy mercenary. These people are all energy points, which can be converted into treasures, and the moving energy points come from this, so the holy mercenaries are all energetic, scrambling to kill these holy masters. However, it is very difficult to take the life of a holy master with such a light. Apart from the fact that the rail gun overhead can kill an upgraded strong man with a light cannon, the hand cannons in the hands of holy mercenaries can only hurt these holy masters. As for the pulse pistol in the hands of the holy mercenary, it can only play a disturbing role, but it is not very useful to really fight. With a bang, another light cannon was shot down and fell to the ground, where it was cremated and turned into pieces of dust and debris. These light cannons constantly parading over the battlefield have become the nightmare of all the alien races on the battlefield, and each cannon must be able to take away the life of a saint, so these clan saints are seizing the opportunity, even if it is life for life to shoot down this light cannon. Up to now, only in a very short period of time, more than a dozen light cannons have been destroyed. The attack power of these light cannons is very high, and the maneuverability is also very strong. However, it is still very difficult to survive under the hands of these holy masters. As long as the orbit is calculated, they will be able to seize the opportunity to intercept it. When the time comes, there will be no other end except crushing. But even so, now by the light rail gun to kill the holy level is already more than a thousand, that a bright beam of light is frightening, once locked, these people almost have no chance to escape,65 inch smart board, like the nightmare of death, can not escape, can only passively wait for death. hsdsmartboard.com


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