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I only hate to splash the fishy smell of the dragon seat, the toad wants to eat the swan, and the official who is forced to go down to the temple and go to the south of heaven.

I only hate to splash the fishy smell of the dragon seat, the toad wants to eat the swan, and the official who is forced to go down to the temple and go to the south of heaven. Do you think your nonsense is unbearable? It is hard to hate him even if he eats his skin and flesh. Who would have thought that a class of children did not weigh three, the bad heart, the thief dog man, usually open his mouth to talk about loyalty and filial piety, to the face of danger to turn the face of wealth and greed. As early as, they all shook their tails and received new titles, and regarded one of the monarch's relatives and enemies as a benefactor. Let's just ask, are you ashamed to cover your face? In contrast, the expression of Li Guinian, a white-haired old man, in Tanci can better reflect Hong Sheng's feelings and his historical rational spirit. The reason why Tanci, which does not contain dramatic plots and only States the past, can become an important fragment in the history of Chinese drama culture is also related to this. Li Guinian, a participant in the prosperity of that day and a witness of the ways of the world, has become a judge and narrator of history today. His own image is a condensation of the rise and fall of a generation. "As soon as the fishing sun rises, the palace forbids Russia to see the weeds and wastelands.". "If we leave behind a white head and an old age, we will talk about the rise and fall of the cruel hatred." He was reduced from an inner garden actor close to the emperor and the imperial concubine to a singing artist who was almost begging,Time Delay Tap, so his narration and judgment of history were deeply emotional. As an artist, he depicts events in detail, summarizes historical facts concisely and vividly, and integrates objective comments with subjective emotions, all of which are just like Hong Sheng himself. At least, Li Guinian is the direct outlet of Hong Sheng's own ideas. Through him, Hong Sheng closely links the love between Li and Yang with the rise and fall of a generation,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, turning it into a vast sigh. In a word, the depiction of the social and historical background full of the sense of rise and fall in The Palace of Eternal Youth can better connect with the Qing Dynasty than the description of the love between Li and Yang, so this depiction also carries the love between Li and Yang, which makes The Palace of Eternal Youth have a realistic response to Hong Sheng's era as a whole. For the Qing Dynasty, this is an ominous sound in any case. It can only gather more sighs about the rise and fall of real life, but can not become the embellishment of feudal prosperity. It cannot be simply concluded that Hong Sheng is fantasizing about the revival of the Ming Dynasty. No, the Palace of Eternal Youth does not provide such information. Hong Sheng, with an artist's sensitivity to the atmosphere of the times, sounded the late bell of the feudal era in his plays. In the Palace of Eternal Youth, we can feel the cool breeze blowing on our faces at dusk. The artistic phenomenon is eloquent. Kong Shangren's "Peach Blossom Fan" also brought the twilight and the coolness of the bone. "Nan Hong and Bei Kong", said to be popular for a time, they faithfully conveyed a common mood of the times. (4) The Peach Blossom Fan If we say that "Palace of Eternal Youth" takes love as the main line and the rise and fall as the secondary line, then Kong Shangren's "Peach Blossom Fan" is reversed, push button toilet flush valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, taking the rise and fall as the main purpose, relying on love, and the objectivity of social history is more obvious and more penetrating. The struggle described in Qing Zhong Pu continues in Peach Blossom Fan. This is a chilling, almost catastrophic continuation. First of all, because of the disposal of the eunuchs by Chongzhen at the end of Qing Zhongpu, the re-emergence of the eunuchs in the south of the Yangtze River after Chongzhen's hanging obviously had the nature of reckoning and revenge, which made the struggle between loyalty and evil, good and evil appear special complexity and cruelty; Secondly, at this time, the Qing army had entered the Shanhaiguan Pass, the Ming Dynasty was facing collapse, and all kinds of actions of the small court of the Southern Ming Dynasty were closely related to the background of national struggle, which made the internal struggle that was continuing appear new complexity and urgency. It is history itself that has given us an increasingly exciting rhythm in the history of drama culture. The plot outline of Peach Blossom Fan is as follows: At the critical moment when the Ming Dynasty was in a precarious situation, Hou Chaozong, a romantic celebrity of the country and the people, met Li Xiangjun, a famous prostitute in Qinhuai, who had both sex and art. Their union is beautiful and elegant, but it is also disaster-prone. On the first day of their marriage, a political shadow appeared among them: Ruan Dacheng, the remaining member of the eunuch party, in order to curry favor with Hou Chaozong, who had considerable political prestige, even sent money through others. The bride, Li Xiangjun, valued honor more than her husband, Hou Chaozong. The gift was returned and the enmity was settled. Ruan Dacheng is always ready to retaliate. In such a time of war and chaos, there are many opportunities for revenge. At that time, the military and political groups in the south intensified the contradictions and disputes in the crisis. Hou Chaozong came forward to persuade Zuo Liangyu's troops to settle down, while Ruan Dacheng falsely accused Hou Chaozong of colluding with Zuo Liangyu to Ma Shiying, the governor, which forced Hou Chaozhong to leave Li Xiangjun and go to Shi Kefa. Later, when the small court of the Southern Ming Dynasty opened, Ruan Dacheng used his power to force Li Xiangjun to be a concubine for Cao Futian Yang. Li Xiangjun was only thinking about her husband Hou Chaozong, who was on a long journey. Of course, she refused. She fell to the ground and hit her head in front of the person who came to rob the wedding. She splashed blood on the poem fan that Hou Chaozong gave her on her wedding night. A friend who witnessed this scene was deeply moved and outlined the bloodstains on the fan into peach blossoms, which became a "peach blossom fan". Li Xiangjun asked Su Kunsheng, an upright artist, to take this fan with infinite affection to find Hou Chaozong. As soon as Hou Chaozong returned to Nanjing, he was arrested and imprisoned, and Li Xiangjun was forced to become a courtesan in the palace. It was not until the Qing army swept across the south of the Yangtze River and the small court of the Southern Ming Dynasty fell that the couple escaped from prison and the palace respectively. Later, they met by chance at Baiyun Nunnery in Qixia Mountain and were filled with emotion,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but the country was destroyed and the family died, and they did not want to continue their old dream of gentleness, so they became monks together. cnkexin.com


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