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"I don't think he's good-looking." "Have original talent." “…… Gender: Male. This is Xiao Zhou's voice. Vote one, two, three! "All right, go on!"

"I don't think he's good-looking." "Have original talent." “…… Gender: Male. This is Xiao Zhou's voice. Vote one, two, three! "All right, go on!" Because they didn't know they were playing games, Sun Zhaolin and Wang Xingyu listened at the door for a while. The Godfather of Music. "He has a bad temper." “…… He made records for many singers, but he fell on one person. As soon as Xiao Zhou's voice fell, another round of voting began. Fat is out! Undercover wins! Xiao Zhou is really awesome! Undercover Xiao Zhou held a teacup and accepted the praise of the crowd. The people who planned the company fought among themselves: "Fang Jingxiong used to have original talent!"! Why did you vote me out? Stop it, your original talent is so ironic! You see, I said that the male gender was not voted out, I said that the bad temper was voted out. Someone else asked Xiao Zhou: "Who are your cards?" Luo Shao? When did Luo Shao fall into the hands of a man? "Have you ever heard Shen Shenyuan's personal album?" Asked Xiao Zhou. Really some people have heard: "Is not out of the children's album?"? My daughter especially likes to listen to it. "He also released an album of love songs before," Zhou said slowly. …… The crowd looked like they were ignorant. In order to save his dignity, Luo Shaocai gave him a new album of children's songs. Eighty thousand words of Luo Shaochen's hard work are omitted in the middle. In order to go undercover successfully, Xiao Zhou betrays his friends without mercy. Sun Zhaolin and Wang Xingyu pushed the door and entered at this time. Everyone resumed the correct attitude that the working conference should have. Xiao Zhou directly summed up the contents of the meeting: "We decided.." The next day, "Idol Sky Ladder" official micro said very helplessly, because there is a false video on the Internet, which is harmful to the domineering of "Godfather of Music", in order to maintain the image of Fang Jingxiong's mentor, they decided to release the complete video,38 needle valve, involving the part of the players, will be mosaic, please forgive me. In addition, we will reserve the right to pursue the act of "entertaining us" out of context, hoping that the other side will rein in at the brink of the precipice and not make mistakes again and again. Below is the video of the day when Fang Jingxiong, who was edited overnight, came to say goodbye. Of course,12 needle valve, his comments on the contestants were cut out-the reason was that in order to avoid spoilers, he only put his sentence "I am too strict and sometimes unreasonable, maybe I am really not suitable for taking care of these children." After that, the three brokers sent a group photo of that day. Thanks to Fang Jingxiong's kindness and generosity that day, netizens watched the video, although the face is still the same face, but because of the high definition of the video, the picture is brighter, and the background music is full of passion, the overall style of painting suddenly turned to a generation of masters who were successful and decided to retire. A lot of people who eat melons go to "amuse you" to complain: the parties are at peace with each other, but you sow dissension and don't like people. Chen Shu was very satisfied with the result, thinking that his eyes were like torches, and that he had not misjudged the person-not Xiao Zhou, 14 tube fitting ,stainless steel needle valve, of course, but Fang Jingxiong's agent. It seems that he has not seen through the routine until now. He thinks that Fang Jingxiong's agent keeps his promise and actively clarifies it. Xiao Zhou is happy. She found that since she compared him to Ma Rui, Chen's IQ has dropped like diving. Perhaps self-deception is also an important skill to maintain face. Anyway, she didn't care what Chen Shu thought, because. "Idol Ladder" is officially launched. In the first episode, the three brokers set out from their homes, arrived at their respective competition areas, and then conducted auditions. The plot is ordinary, but the content selected in the later period is very good, which really highlights the original positioning of the three brokers: Wang Xingyu is fashionable, Sun Zhaolin is funny, and Xiao Zhou is smart. Not long after the broadcast, Qiao Yihang forwarded the official micro broadcast information, and then @ idol ladder Zhou Jingjing, postscript: stamp to confirm that this reasonable girl was indeed the little assistant who "fiercely stole the show" in those years. In this sentence, there is also an allusion widely circulated among the fans of Big Joe: In those days, Xiao Zhou was still Big Joe's assistant, and Big Joe's temper was still very irritable. Every time he was chased and intercepted by reporters, she was afraid that he could not control his temper, so she blocked the camera with her own body. A few times it was blocked directly with the chest. Thus, there is a "fierce steal the show". Fans rushed to leave messages for Xiao Zhou: Thank the little sister for taking care of our big Joe, and now we are guarding the little sister! Love Joe, love Cho! Cheer for my sister, come on! Although my sister is going to be someone else's agent, the Big Joe Support Group will always open the door for my sister and welcome her back. I hope my sister will never forget her friendship with Big Joe! Chapter 44 Wang Xingyu's micro-blog bought fans in those years, and now there are more than 1.2 million, but there are very few active fans. After the program was broadcast, it attracted a group of audiences who shouted "Meimei" with their appearance, and finally became lively. Xiao Zhou's fans soared after Da Qiao's blog, and soon surpassed Sun Zhaolin, reaching six figures. One of them is Mr. Jiang, who has just opened a micro-blog and is studying its functions. Although the fans are not as popular as Qiao Yihang, as a family member, he has to show something. First, he praised Xiao Zhou's micro-blog one by one, and then left a message under the last advertisement for forwarding the program. Yi Duo Zang Zhi: May you rise and become the new Sirius. Before Jiang Xiuwen went to bed, he suddenly received a frightened text message from his girlfriend: Someone asked me to ascend to heaven as a star on Weibo! Mr. Jiang: "… …" This routine sounds familiar. "What was his original sentence?" He asked calmly? Cho: I forgot his original sentence, but I remember what he meant! Mr. Chiang felt that he might not be able to calm down: What do you mean? Xiao Zhou: To be a star is to die, isn't it? TV plays are like this, your father and mother ascended to heaven as stars, will bless you in the sky. This is clearly a curse,needle valve manufacturer, a curse! Should I blacklist him? Mr. Jiang, who was promoted to micro-blog wizard:.. Mr. Jiang: Are you a fan of Weibo? If you are a fan, you should be well-intentioned. I hope you can become a star. Don't blacklist casually and hurt the hearts of fans. Xiao Zhou: Unlikely.


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