How to hang on to the rim after dunking in NBA 2K23

How to hang on to the rim after dunking in NBA 2K23

Anyone who's played NBA 2K should know that dunking is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. In NBA 2K23, there are several new dunk mechanics, including the ability to hang on to the rim after a dunk. It's one of the best feelings players have in basketball. If players want to have more fun in the game, they can purchase NBA 2K23 MT from to pursue further progress.

In addition to hanging on to the rim, players can perform a variety of other actions while dunking. This includes doing a flashy dunk, a one-handed dunk, a weak-handed dunk, and more. Players, however, prefer the dunk technique because it's one of the best ways to emphasize the dunk. This guide will show players what they need to do to stay steady at the rim after a dunk in NBA 2K23.

First, players need to know how to dunk. To dunk in NBA 2K23, players need to press R2 on PlayStation or RT on Xbox while controlling the player with the ball near the basket. With the button held down, move the right trigger up and hold it there. This will perform a simple two-handed dunk that most players in 2K23 can perform.

In order to hang on to the hoop after completing a dunk, the 2K MT player needs to flick the right trigger down and then hold it there instead of moving up. Basically, the player needs to move the right trigger down twice. This will allow the player's controlled players to still perform the dunk, but they will then hang on to the rim. Once a player's players start hanging on to the rim, how long they stay under the rim is up to the player.

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However, staying at the rim long enough can give your player a technical foul that sends the other team to the free throw line for free throws and possession, so players need to be extra careful. Players may need to practice hooking the button technique to the rim before trying it out in a competitive setting. In addition to that, players can buy NBA 2K23 MT from to add to their advantage. NBA 2K23 MT can help players get almost everything in the game.


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