Tips on Creating a Cheerleading Mix

if you are passionate about cheerleading music, this article is for you. Follow these tips for creating the cheer music and get the custom cheer uniforms.

Are you preparing for the cheerleading competition? If so, you will have to create your cheerleading mix for your contest. But you'll discover that your squad members will have quite different ideas on what the cheer mix should sound like. It can be challenging to find the ideal musical combination because everyone has unique musical tastes. To take you out of this confusion, we have some suggestions for what you should include in your cheerleading mix.

Tips for Cheerleading Music

Find a Professional Cheerleading Musician

When designing cheerleading music, the first step is to hire a professional who has experience mixing cheer music. We have discovered that the most incredible people to do this job are DJs! We are not talking about the average wedding DJ or folks who think they are DJs. On the other hand, DJs are skilled at mixing the latest music live in front of you. These are typically the best persons to hire for this type of work.

Make your 8-Count Sheet.

Once you've selected the expert DJ, you must provide them with an 8-count sheet (a textual description of your choreography) of your routine. This sheet will serve as your guide for the DJ. You should design out all eight counts of your program and write them down for him. The music producer can use this sheet to put sound effects and music at the appropriate points throughout your performance. He will also figure out which count you hit your toe touches, baskets, scorpions, and double downs. This will ensure smooth transitions!

Do Mix Original Music

You should always choose music that you believe your judges will enjoy when making a mix. Most competition judges will be a little older and like music from the 1980s and 1990s. Including new music in your routine will help, but try not to include every new song released. Otherwise, your mix may become monotonous as it sounds too similar to your competitor's routine. When you compete in a custom cheer uniform, you want to stand out in front of the judges. So that you can leave an impression on them. Unoriginal music is a definite way to be unnoticed.

Furthermore, you can also create your music mix. For this reason, you can use a professional provider to have your cheer music mixed. If you do this, add a voice-over of your team's name to the recording to make it more unique. So, be inventive, and attempt to select songs that you haven't heard before.

Make Multiple Copies of Your Cheerleading Music Beforehand

Get cheap cheerleading uniforms and reach a contest. Make sure you have multiple copies of your cheerleading mix when you arrive there. Like a gym copy, a competition copy, and a backup copy of the cheerleading mix on your computer. It is critical to have many copies of the song. Because you never know what may happen, and without music, there will be no routine.

Follow The Style of Your Team

Although, most teams prefer to listen to contemporary hip-hop music. But if your squad's style isn't entirely hip hop, it's OK to expand out and think of something different. You don’t always need to follow the popular trend.

Avoid Using the Original Tempo of the Music

Apart from the above tips, you should also avoid the original tempo of the selected tone for your cheer theme since there isn't a lot of music and songs written at 140 beats per minute. Therefore, anything you utilize will have to speed up significantly. So, keep this in mind when selecting tunes. It allows you to pay attention to some essential elements of songs that you may not have considered previously. As a result, this will help you stand out and get selected for the custom cheer uniform.

Do Not Overdo the Sound Effect

Too many sound effects in your music make it sound strange, and it doesn't make sense. So, do not exaggerate the tremendous impact. Using music to accompany a stunt or a specific choreographed aspect in your act, on the other hand, makes your cheer music stands out. And judges will be inspired by you.

Tips for Mixing Your Cheerleading Music

Mixing your music requires a significant amount of time and work and the usage of professional equipment. It is, however, far simpler on the wallet. You can still create a professional-sounding cheerleading music mix by following the tips below. But for that, you have to put more effort.

Pay Attention to the Length of the Song

While mixing your cheerleading melody, use songs for at least three eight counts. But no more than six eight-counts. Because when the length is too small, the song appears broken. And if it's too lengthy, it slows down the routine.

Ensure that your Music Flows with Choreography

Ideally, you'll be considering particular choreography that corresponds to specific aspects of your melody. The music and choreography must run together without being too choppy.

Consider Cheering in the Middle of the Song

Finally, if you're competing in a high school cheerleading competition, chances are you'll have to include a cheer in your routine. When this is done, the energy of a song is significantly reduced. Consider including a back rhythm in your music to help excite the cheering segment. This will also aid in mitigating the effect of lowering energy.

These tips will help you to prepare for your coming big competition!


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