All You Need To Know About Drilling And Well Control Simulators

All You Need To Know About Drilling And Well Control Simulators

Oil and gas drilling operation is a special operation with high investment, high risk and high technical level. In different stages and links of the operation, there are different degrees of impact and harm on human health, facility safety and ecological environment.

With the progression of society, in the oil market, with the change of drilling to intricate strata as well as remote areas, the scope of exploration design operations is regularly increasing, the difficulty is also increasing, and also exploration risks have ended up being a lot more prominent.

Consequently, the level of well control safety management has a crucial impact on the safety and security administration of well control. Top quality operators play an extremely essential role in the safe and also normal growth of work. Therefore, it is required to appropriately and efficiently train the pertinent operatprss.

Esimtech can give exploration and also well control simulators along with emergency situation drill simulation training systems and also more. By using 3D simulation, 3D communication, network communication and various other technologies, the simulation as well as 3D interactive operation of drilling drill scenes, devices as well as facilities, employees problems, ecological conditions, accident occurrence and also development procedure and workers emergency situation feedback procedure have actually been built and understood.

The emergency drill simulation training system includes training content according to the industry plan to realize emergency process simulation, risk identification, emergency response, rescue and escape training.

Through the training of the simulator, the appropriate drivers can recognize emergency situation process simulation, threat recognition, emergency rescue, getaway as well as disposal training according to the sector strategy.

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