Fairy Sword asks for love

Fairy Sword asks for loveFairy Sword asks for love

Jiang Ming raised his eyebrows. "Why do you ask this?" I couldn't help laughing: "Of course I'm going to peep." Oh, don't scratch, don't scratch, it hurts. The tail was grabbed and he gave me two heavy slaps on the buttocks. What's going on in your little head? I was beaten, and naturally I didn't dare to talk any more. I clenched my teeth and laughed and suffered pain. My stomach was shaking and I felt like I was about to cramp. Jiang Ming likes clean by nature. I guess he must bathe every day. Giggle As long as you keep an eye on him, I'm sure I'll have a good eye. On one side, a dark shadow peeped, but without waiting for us to approach, it quickly shrank back. What's that? Jiang Ming smiled and stretched the sleeves of his robe. I felt a flower in front of my eyes, and suddenly there was a little thing on the ground. Green, short, repeatedly called: "Don't kill me, don't kill me.". I, I, I'm just a little monster, you can't grow much magic even if you eat me! I stuck my head out curiously. Well, maybe it's a tree monster, otherwise why is it so green? "Why do you spy on us?" The little demon trembled and said, "I, my eldest brother asked me to come out to inquire about the news, saying that there is a new monster, which seems to be very powerful.." Your Majesty, Your Majesty, your magic power is very strong. You can't see my way. You, don't eat me. The new monster, do you mean us? Jiang Ming shook his head. "We won't eat you." The little demon backed up and said, "Well, well, thank you, Your Majesty.." I asked one more question: "Who is your eldest brother?" The little demon straightened up a little and said in a strong tone, "My eldest brother is the Emperor of Heaven!" Eh? I was very interested. "Really? Really?"? I've heard of him! Is he very good? "Yes, yes, my eldest brother is very powerful." Jiang Ming patted me on the head: "OK, don't be garrulous, remember what you promised me." I rolled my eyes. Well, that's true. I promised not to talk or move. Although this day ghost emperor is only a walk-on, but, but, if we go to him now, it may also change our history. So, if you don't see it, you don't see it. I'm just a little frustrated. The little monster was a little bolder now. He didn't take to his heels. He took a step closer and stared at me. "This.." Are you a fox spirit? I smiled. "Yeah, but I'm a little smaller." In the heart is really curious: "Is there any other fox spirit in this tower?" The little monster said, "Yes, yes, there are quite a few, but your size …" It's really the smallest one. Were you caught in here, too? I nodded. "Yes." "Oh, poor thing." "I think I'm pitiful enough," he sighed. "I didn't expect you to be more pitiful than me." My belly was almost broken with laughter, and I put on a pitiful expression: "Yes …" Jiang Ming said lightly, long span shelving , "Don't you want to go?" I immediately changed my face: "No, no, no, I want to go." "Shut up if you want to go!" My paws opened from side to side and clapped over my mouth. Text 125 This day ghost emperor, Jiang Ming should also know? I was rolling my eyes and thinking about how to ask him about this man. Uh, or this demon thing. Jiang Ming mentioned him, he said he robbed me from the hands of the ghost emperor. Yes, that's what he said, yes! I heard and remembered correctly. Suddenly I thought of a possibility, and I blinked-did I.. "Jiang Ming, Jiang Ming." I grabbed his sleeve and stammered, "I, I, I have something to ask you!" His face was light, a little indescribable, a little strange, and it was hard to describe. Tell me I looked at the little monster on the ground, slurped up to Jiang Ming's shoulder, put my mouth close to his ear, and whispered in a low voice that I could hardly hear: "Well, do you know.." Well, um, yes, my father, isn't he the ghost emperor? Jiang Ming glanced at me and said softly, "How could you think that?" "From his hands, you say." I'll leave it out. That's not true. ” Jiang Ming won't lie to me. If he says no, he won't. So, what am I.. This is really a mystery! Originally, when playing Xianjian, there are two major mysteries recognized by everyone. The first is whether Li Xiaoyao loves Linger or loves Yueru. The second is whether Linger and the Water Warcraft really died together in the end. Come on, now that I'm here, there's another one. On earth At that time, my fox mother, Su Hui, gave birth to me with whom? Although, although this question is different from the two big questions about Xianjian in the past, for me, the meaning is different. This, this, life in the world, do not know parents, is a very depressing thing ah. My mother told me a lot of things, but she didn't mention this important thing. That He kept at his feet and reached out to pull me down gently, and I slipped from his shoulder to his arms. Looking further ahead, the little green monster disappeared. Probably slipped away while we were talking, right? "Eh?"? What about the little monster? I am not reconciled: "I have something to ask it." Jiang Ming said with a smile, "Do you feel bored and want to ask him where the other fox spirits in the tower are?" I squashed my lips. "No, it's not." "You want to see the ghost emperor?" My eyes lit up: "Yes, yes …" Wake up to come over again immediately: "Also not be..." Although the ghost emperor in the game only showed two sides to play a bit role, but if you go to see him, maybe there will be some big variables. Or, or not. But, but my heart is stuffy and uncomfortable. All right, don't think about it. Jiang Ming brushed my ears. "Let's go down." "Oh.." I'll be honest. Forget it. I don't want to. It's strange to travel through time, and we're in a tower that I've seen collapse. You will also see the people around you, what he looked like ten years ago. omracking.com


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