Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue ShaoMisleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

"No!" Mo Beiyan pursed his lips, "what do you mean again?"? Master Ran, I get hurt so easily?! Chen An stared at him with a headache. He leaned back between his eyebrows. "You like frostbite. How cool it is to stand in the world of ice and snow. Is there a sense of ice?" "Get out!" Mo Beiyan moved his legs, not so painful after the medicine, thinking of throwing himself into the back seat of the car, he stared at Mo Nanjue, "You almost broke my waist!" Mo Nanjue raised his eyebrows coldly and hugged Tong's hand around his waist. "It's better to break it!"! Before you cripple yourself! "I'm not disabled!" "Stand for another half hour and see if you will be disabled?!" "Monanjue!" "Want to fight?!" “……” "Don't be angry, he didn't mean that." Tong Ran hurriedly turned sideways and hugged the man's neck, then looked at Mo Beiyan. "If you really don't cherish your legs, you can't hold Huanhuan even in front of you." “……” Don't cry out for pain, can't you take the initiative to hold it?! Mo Bei Yan Wen Yan eyes slightly flash, although still reluctant, but this sentence is undoubtedly useful. He pursed his lips and did not move again. Mo Nanjue cold face, Tong Ran side eyes looking at his look, clearly concerned about Mo Beiyan, the two brothers must speak like a quarrel. He also had the nerve to say that it was the same when he was injured, and he didn't see how much he took care of his body. He has more injuries than he can count. Tong Ran was distressed and helpless. Born in such an environment, no one had a choice. She leaned forward and pulled out the invitation from the magazine. Mo Beiyan's face sank, although Chen An had told him on the road just now, but it was still hard to accept when he saw it,Jumping castle with slide, he picked up the invitation and threw it out hard! With a whoosh, the invitation was stuck across the edge of the flower plate. Meng Shaoling wants to get married crazily. "Chen An shook his head." You've only been injured for a few days, and he can't hold back. " Mo Beiyan sneers, "It's his business to get married, but he has to pick someone else's wife, which is a psychological problem." He thought it would be his if he didn't cry out for pain when he got married? Joke! "Mo Shouting pain did not marry Meng Shaoling's reason, she once said that she would never marry again," Mo Beiyan calm eyes,Inflatable water park on lake, "even if she really wants to marry, it is impossible to be so impatient." This time, he chose to believe her. Mo Beiyan thought, he should also believe her once, so many times before, he never believed her, no matter what, he always did not listen to her explanation, nor give her room to retreat. This time, she couldn't explain, but he believed her. Tong Ran also guessed that Mo Huan Tong was threatened, which seemed to be the biggest possibility, they did not know the existence of Yunzhu, "Xie Yanghua and Yunxue are dead, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,inflatable floating water park, Huanhuan has no other relatives.." So, who else can you threaten her with? Mo Nanjue picked the egg slightly and put it on the tea table. "It was found in the residents'mailbox, No.505, and the chain was open." Tong Ran picked up the egg and looked at it with a supermarket label on it. "It should have been bought these days. It's very fresh." "I suspect that my son is in Meng Shaoling's hands." Mo Nanjue's words were not heavy, but like a thunderbolt, Tong Ran turned his head in surprise, "You mean.." ! pbtxt_5du5Chapter 3464 surnamed Meng? Be born in a dream! "This is the only possibility, no one else can suddenly become his chips," Mo Nanjue took Tong Ran's hand wrapped in the palm, he slightly squinted, "son is missing in the forest, may have been inside, the Tibetan gate is located between the mountains and rivers, the edge is the forest." Mo Beiyan put his hands around his chest. "How could he run to the Tibetan gate?" Monanjue frowned and guessed, "Maybe he met someone in the forest, which connects many places, does not rule out the possibility of a base, maybe it was caught by others, or maybe it was for other reasons." "The Tibetan Gate." Tong Ran clenched his lower lip, thinking of those cruel rumors, his heart was tightly pulled up, "Meng Shaoling will not hurt his son?"? In case Mo Nanjue held her hand and tightened it. "No, otherwise the threat would not have succeeded.". ” Tong Ran nose tip pantothenic acid, her son disappeared for so long, she never stopped worrying, but helpless, she is more self-reproach than everyone, "Tibetan door is such a terrible place, in case Chen Chen is afraid at night.." "No!"! Will our son be so useless?! Mo Nanjue raised his hand to press her head and let her lean on his shoulder. "Are you looking for a beating again?!"! Don't be paranoid! “……” Tong ran his cheek on his shoulder, closed his eyes and nodded. Worry is useless, the most important thing is to find a way to rescue Mo Yaochen. Chen An said, "If Meng Shaoling has Mo Yaochen in her hand, why should she threaten to get married? Shouldn't he be more interested in what we have in our hands?" "Don't forget, his sister already has a son," Mo Nanjue tip of the tongue lightly against the corners of the mouth, picked a sneer, "he is not married until now, the only woman died because of undercover, he must want a son of his own, if one day he died accidentally, at least take over the Tibetan door is surnamed Meng, not other people's children." Mo Bei Yan cold hum, "don't cry pain born child, even if the shemale also want to surname Mo!"! Surname Meng? Be born in a dream! “……” Can you still give birth to a shemale? Tong's face was covered with black lines. It was really black in the end. Did he scold all of them? Mo Nanjue grabbed her jaw and turned her face to Mo Beiyan. "Are your eyes crooked?!"! Look at me "I didn't look at him!" "I said you saw him?!" “……” Tong Ran simply covered his eyes, knowing that he was easing his mood and that it was impossible not to feel uncomfortable, but at least now he was sure that his son was safe and that it was better for him to stay in Tibet than to wander outside. After all,large inflatable water slide, there are too many places that are more terrible than the Tibetan Gate. She misses her son like crazy. Mo Nanjue's big palm clung to her waist and her eyes were cold. "Meng Shaoling may not let people go after marriage, so the wedding day is our only chance." Chen An looked at Mo Beiyan, "he deliberately sent this invitation to provoke you." 。 joyshineinflatables.com


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