Craftswoman-Qin Shi Huang's Brutal Love (also known as Qin Shi Huang's Love)

Craftswoman-Qin Shi Huang's Brutal Love (also known as Qin Shi Huang's Love)Craftswoman-Qin Shi Huang's Brutal Love (also known as Qin Shi Huang's Love)

Near the prime minister's mansion, Yi Ying sat in the carriage and saw Ji An's entourage standing outside the mansion. She was surprised. She called the maidservants to stop the carriage quietly at the corner of the wall not far from the opposite side. It was very quiet at that end. Someone came out of the mansion for a moment. It was Prince Ji An who walked in the front. He was wearing a light blue wide-sleeved suit. He was followed by a young man of about the same height. But the age should be slightly younger, handsome face, full forehead, looks in high spirits, especially a plump lips, slightly up, he is the legendary Zhang Liang, temperament does not appear feminine. Yi Ying did not look at him carefully, but focused all her attention on Ji An. When they came out of the prime minister's mansion, they got into the same carriage together. It was the carriage of the Imperial Palace. Two attendants sat on the front side and drove. Yi Ying immediately ordered the driver to follow him. About half an hour later, Ji An's carriage passed through the bustling Central Royal Street and turned into an alley. At the end, it was the most romantic kiln winery in Xinzheng City. Shangdang County Rebellion (3) Watch them get out of the car, watch them come in side by side, talking and laughing without any reason. Yi Ying's heart seemed to be instantly crushed by a heavy stone, fell to the bottom of the valley, the last glance of the wind blowing Ji An's long hair, his long and narrow eyes seemed to smile as if they were clear. Yi Ying couldn't believe that such a noble prince, the future crown prince, should enter such a humble kiln in the daytime. How could she save face? Sitting in the carriage, she felt the coldness of her back and the despair of her heart! His dispirited expression, the intercourse between the man's humerus that night, came into her eyes again, which made her almost collapse. The maidservant asked submissively, "Empress, are you going back to the palace?" Yi Ying nodded unconsciously, but after nodding,Inflatable outdoor park, her legs stood up involuntarily and she got out of the car. The maidservant looked at her in a daze. Yi Ying was suddenly angry and took a breath to the door of the kiln. She didn't want a big fellow to immediately reach out to block her way and said, "a woman is grounded here!" Yi Ying glared at him, and then the maidservant who followed her hurriedly took out the royal order: "If you dare to be rude to the Crown Princess, don't put down your hand." The big fellow is stupefied, Yi tassel goes in, as expected sound and color occasion, the harp sound is continuous, Pinying curl, a tangy fragrance wafts head-on, a section of broad and smooth wooden terrace,Inflatable meltdown, a few women wearing tulle light singing and dancing. Yi Ying looked around, downstairs around each bead curtain, a few steps up the wooden ladder, is the mat compartment, and the prince's figure in the east of the most secluded corner, half-open mat curtain faintly, only half rolled up. Yi Ying went straight to the ground, her abrupt appearance can not help but attract a lot of people's eyes, Yi Ying did not care about the attention of so many aristocratic or civilian men, more do not care about these women who show off in front of men, because she despised, her eyes only saw that cluster of light blue. Noticing something unusual around him, Prince Ji An looked up. The smile on his lips had not yet disappeared, so unexpectedly, his eyes were facing each other. Ji An was stunned. Yi Ying came to his eyes. Half of the curtain was separated. He sat cross-legged and low on the ground, and she stood high outside the curtain. Is that how you want to live? Yi Ying opened his mouth, and his eyes finally became hot. "They, they." What can I do for you, inflatable water slide ,inflatable bounce house with slide, your wife can't? Three thousand beauties in the palace can't make you satisfied? Emperor Xin indulges in debauchery, wine drenches the meat pool, long night party. Can today's Korea compare with the Shang Dynasty of Zhou Zu? Gian looked at her, her thin chin raised slightly. Yi Ying lowered her eyelids. "Don't you want some sons?" Ji An narrowed his eyes and looked across Yi Ying to a wooden bell hanging under the eaves of the wall in the distance. "I don't want to," he said softly. Like self-humiliation, standing in front of him, Yi Ying's tears eventually endure in the eyes, turn around, leave, but before leaving, she can not help but ask him, "Ji An, where is your heart?" Originally, she thought she married the most noble man, originally she was really proud of the glory of the Crown Princess, every day, she looked forward to his favor, looking forward to his figure into her deserted bedroom. If he had no heart, would she still be interested in living in this life! People think that birds can not fly over the sea, because they think that birds do not have the courage to fly over the sea, but the world changes, after a long time, people know that, in fact, it is not birds can not fly, but the other end of the sea, there is no waiting! This is human sorrow! Shangdang County Rebellion (4) (III) Still at noon, in the old house at the end of the moat in the western city of Xianyang, Yi Jian was still sleeping on the bed. She was so satisfied that her dreams in the middle of the night had not completely dissipated. Ying Zheng lay on his side with his clothes on his side, looking calm and gentle. The sun shone into the room and shone directly on the black silk quilt. Wei Kui stood by the door, if in the past as long as he moved his feet, the king should wake up, but now he did not even tremble his eyelashes. Wei Kui went to the bedside and said in a low voice, "Wang, the prime minister has entered the palace." “……” Did not respond, followed the king for four years, this is the first time, Wei Kui can not help but increase the voice: "Wang, northeast Shangdang county rebellion, Feng Jun Shou Zhao." Hearing the sound, Yi Jian woke up with a start. When he opened his eyes, he saw Wei Kui standing on the edge of the bed. "What did you say?" He asked subconsciously. "Rebellion in Shangdang County, Northeast China!" "Wei Kui!" Ying Zheng woke up and got up. His expression was cold in an instant. "Back to the palace!" From his expression, Yi Jian smelled the seriousness of the situation and stopped talking. Last night before she fell asleep, he was still writing the order of soliciting guests and lighting a long lamp. Yi Jian thought he would stay up all night, but he woke up just now and kept pressing his arm. There was a moment of embarrassment and trance, but like the last time in Ba Qing's hangout, she woke up and saw him lying beside her, but there was not enough time for her to think about it. This is also a bed with him, from meeting to now has been so vague, sometimes even she wondered, she in the end when he is her person, or he when she is his person, sometimes she thought, she should soon be his person, otherwise how to do? Men and women are different, although he is the king of Qin, but he is also political, she should marry him. After waking up,inflatable castle with slide, the dream left no trace, could not remember the dream, but she remembered the feeling of happiness buried in the bottom of her heart that night.


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