Sin City _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

Sin City _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel ParadiseSin City _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel ParadiseSin City _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

When a large group of shadow creatures began to impact the plane, little Richard had only two possible endings, either to be destroyed by a violent energy conflict, or to be possessed by the most powerful shadow creatures and lose control of his body forever. At that time, he will become a container for the shadow creatures. No one can explain the laws of the planes, and it may take hundreds of years for the crossing shadow creatures to complete their journey, or it may take a month to reach the end. How could this happen. Elaine held Richard in her arms and murmured to herself, tears already flowing down. She suddenly looked up through the skylight at the fifth quarter moon, which was still hanging high in the starry sky, and happened to see a trace on the surface of the moon, such as dried blood. It turns out that the power of the crescent moon has changed, which leads to the change of the ritual of enlightenment. But if she is still the Great Sacrifice of Elucia, the Enlightenment will not mutate. Is this Elucia's punishment? Elaine thought bitterly that she had no strength to complain about fate or feel sorry for herself. She carried Richard downstairs, then carefully put him on the bed and covered him with the quilt. In his sleep, Richard frowned slightly, but smiled from time to time, apparently dreaming of many happy things. He is a very beautiful boy, and his little face has just begun to lose its childishness, and he is already handsome and handsome. Elaine gazed at her children quietly, which was the focus of her life for ten years. Although ten years is only a short time for her to have a long life, it is now as long as a lifetime. Little Richard grew up very fast, but he was a little younger than the human boys of the same age. This is only because of blood reasons, with half of the Silver Moon Elf blood Richard, also has nearly 500 years of natural life. And his appearance also combines the two characteristics of rough and rigid with the delicate beauty of the silver moon elves. Only Elaine knows why. On Richard's little face, the little shadow was still hovering and playing. Elaine sighed softly, kissed Richard on the forehead,uns s32760 plate, and left the room. She sat down alone in the living room, gazing at the night sky, and the past flowed through her heart like water. Those nights almost condensed the intensity, hatred and love of her whole life! And now she had to think about it. Outside the window, the blood-stained fifth quarter moon has quietly moved away, and the sixth quarter moon with its unique golden light has risen. When the seventh quarter moon emerges from the horizon, the sky should be bright. The light of the seventh quarter moon finally came through the window and shone on Elaine's face. She was much more haggard and beautiful, and the mirror on the wall reflected a very beautiful figure. This is her original appearance, for ten years, she almost forgot this face. This is the charm that the silver moon elves can have. She stood up, carefully took out a piece of magic paper covered with star patterns, and spread it out on the table. Then he took out the well-sealed magic pen and checked it. Fortunately, the ink power preserved in the magic pen made of the tail feathers of the Griffin was still there. It was ink made of unicorn blood, uns s32750 sheet ,x60 line pipe, and although there were only a few drops, the letter she had to write was not long enough. But the original light quill in her hands, if there are tens of millions of pounds, lifted for a long time, even a word can not be written down. When the first sunlight shone through the window, she smiled and whispered to herself, "The man who can destroy the Elf Court should be able to deal with the shadow life, not to mention that ten years have passed.." Finally convinced herself, she began to draw a delicate magic array on the top of the star paper, and then wrote down a long name: Gordon. Isaiah . Setanistoria . Archimonde …… The moment the name was written, the magic pen suddenly vibrated, and the whole name began to shine under the tip of the pen, spraying a faint red light, like a burning flame. When the flame went out, the long name was left with a faint and almost invisible mark. Although the mark is light, it is deeply imprinted on the star pattern paper. Unless this precious star pattern paper is completely destroyed, the mark can be eliminated. As a former great sacrifice, she actually knows the secret of blood. The burning flame represents that the name written with magic has touched the law and has been perceived by the owner of the name. Then, everything she writes will be transmitted directly to the owner of the name across time and space. The magic pen stopped in the air again, and the hand holding the pen trembled gently. The signs just now also point to the fact that this is indeed Gordon's real name. Although she had never doubted it all these years, it was a confirmation. With the advantage of mastering her real name, she only needs to consume a little magic to cast the most vicious curse on him, even if Gordon is now a legendary strong man, he is unable to resist the curse. The real name is the most important secret of some blood. This guy would tell anyone his real name. She couldn't help thinking, but a little feeling was replaced by a large burning forest in her memory. Her hands became cold, but no longer trembling, and she described what she wanted to say in a few short lines, and then it was time to sign. She hesitated for a moment and finally wrote her name in the elegant font of the past: Elani.. Moon Song 。 The starry paper burned violently and turned to ashes in a twinkling of an eye. The information recorded on the paper has been transmitted to distant places through ancient and mysterious laws. When she put down the magic pen, Elani also put down all the melancholy, quiet and beautiful. Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 5 Parting Little Richard slept for seven days, and when the sunshine of the seventh day came into the bedroom, he opened his eyes. The first thing he did when he woke up was to rush out of the bedroom and look for his mother all over the building. When he saw his mother in the room, Richard pounced on her and shouted, "Mom, guess what I got in the temple of the goddess of the moon?" Elani turned around, touched Richard's head gently, and asked, "Let Mom guess, my Richard has always wanted to be a magician, so you must have got Elemental Affinity, didn't you?" Richard suddenly froze, because it was a woman he had never seen before. But he has his own identification method,x70 line pipe, sniffed hard, smelled the very familiar and kind breath, so he hesitated to ask: "You are … …" Mom 。


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