Special Sniper Back to the Three Kingdoms

Special Sniper Back to the Three KingdomsSpecial Sniper Back to the Three Kingdoms

Wang can's strategy and martial arts are not weak, but his identity gradually improved, under the counsellors and military commanders are more up, and he is too lazy to use his own brain. After encountering things, Wang can only need to choose the best way from the stratagem put forward by his counsellors, but he did not think about it, which did not mean that he could not do it. After Cao Cao's stratagem came out, it was compared with other people's suggestions. Comparatively speaking, Lv Meng's stratagem seemed immature and did not consider more things. Wang can carefully pondered Cao Cao's suggestion, and the more he thought about it, the more he liked it. Because once moved to Yong city, there are many can be used to design yuan and Lu bu. He looked at the crowd and asked, "Gentlemen, what about yuan Zhi's suggestion?" Dian Wei stood beside Wang can, clapped his hands and said, "Well, Mr. Xu is a great talent!" Wang can turned his head and looked at Dian Wei. Dian Wei stretched out his hand and scratched his head. Hei Hei smiled. Then he said in a deep voice, "Master, I think we should do things according to Mr. Xu's way. If I know that the master is retreating with the people, I must ignore other things and occupy Shangyong City. So I think Lu Bu and yuan Shu will send troops." The reason is very simple, but it is Dian Wei's own view. Lv Meng pondered over it carefully and said, "Master, Mr. Xu's method is indeed feasible, but are the people willing?"? These people have lived in Shangyong City for generations. If they leave their homes, I'm afraid it's easy to cause riots! In ancient times, people paid attention to the final analysis of fallen leaves, especially for the place where they were born. As the saying goes, it is difficult to leave one's native land. "Little General," said Xu Shu with a smile,321 stainless steel sheet, "this is easy to hear. Just tell the people that yuan Shu and Lu Bu have lost the battle and want to take out their anger on the people in the city and slaughter them, and they will be able to leave." After a pause, Cao Cao added, "What we need to do is to defeat yuan Shu and Lu Bu. As long as we defeat them, the people can move back to Shangyong City.". Can also tell the people in the city, as long as we beat lyu3 bu4, will let them return to the city, and a certain amount of money, the people know, will be grateful to the tetrarch. Method is after listening to,uns c68700, toward Cao Cao show admiration in the eyes. In this way, Wang can not only get the gratitude of the people, but also defeat yuan and lyu3 bu4, kill two birds with one stone. Chen Dao folded his fists and said, "Master, the last general agrees with Mr. Xu's stratagem." Zhang Ren also said, "Master, Mr. Xu's stratagem is sure to draw out yuan Shu and Lu Bu. I think it's feasible. It's better to do it sooner rather than later." Wang can laughed and said, "Well, just follow yuan Zhi's plan." After a pause, Wang can ordered, "yuan Zhi, take Fazheng, Lv Meng, and Gan Ning to put up a notice to arrange things and organize the people in the city to facilitate evacuation." "No!" Cao Cao fuels to answer, his face showed a dignified look. His plan is very simple, but it involves the people in the city, once carried out, it is a very complicated matter. Cao Cao is also a county magistrate, know that the public said the public is reasonable mother-in-law said mother-in-law is reasonable, x56 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, he understands the people's ideas, so understand that it is not easy to finish this thing. Wang can looked at Chen Dao and the others again and ordered, "Chen Dao, Zhang Ren, and Zhou Tai, gather all the grain and baggage of your three generals together and prepare to retreat." "No!" The two men answered and agreed to come down. Wang can looked at the crowd and ordered, "Go and get ready. Execute it earlier. Try to attract yuan Shu and Lu Bu to take the bait earlier. Reinforce the north as soon as possible." Wang can although the power to the giffin, Marotta, country and at, but the heart is still concerned about the situation in the north, after all, the whole battlefield is pull the trigger, once defeated Cao Cao or Lombardi's army, for the profit, has immeasurable benefits, and once one of the army was defeated by Lombardi or Cao Cao, will also lead to the deterioration of the profit, So it all affects Wang can's heart. Cao Cao, Chen to others left the hall, to do things. There is no room for loss in this war! …… In the camp of yuan Shu and Lu Bu, when yuan Shu and Chen Gong talked, Lu Bu and yuan Shu were still at peace, and nothing happened. As for lyu3 bu4 and Chen Gong, seems to be more harmonious. When speaking, lyu3 bu4 are very polite, very kind to Chen Gong. Chen Gong, of course, knew the reason, but did not say it, but accepted it as a matter of course. ZhongJun big account, lyu3 bu4 sitting on the main seat, sitting below Zhang Liao and Chen Gong. Although Zhang Liao is lyu3 bu4 military commanders, but Zhang Liao resourcefulness is also very outstanding, can act as a counsellor, Zang Liao as coppage followed hughs, both as hughs military commanders, also as hughs counsellors. Zhang Liao under lyu3 bu4, also acts as the second counsellor of lyu3 bu4, the first counsellor nature is Chen Gong. Lu Bu looked helpless and said, "Gong Tai, we have stayed in the camp for several days. We have nothing to do in the camp all day. Our bodies are falling apart. Think of something for me." Lyu3 bu4 is a master who can't be idle. He wants to attack the city and defeat Wang can. Let him stay in the barracks, no woman to accompany him, and lyu3 bu4 and don't like to read the book of war, so idle boring. Chen Gong twitched slightly at the corners of his mouth and said, "Master, we can't attack Wang can for the time being. After all, the city of Shangyong is very strong and has a sharp weapon for defense.". However, if you are bored, you can take the soldiers to fight outside the city to vent their grievances, which is also a way to pass the time. Lyu3 bu4 a listen, reasonable! When he had nothing to do, Lu Bu thought for a moment and ordered, "Wen yuan, order the soldiers of Qi to fight with me." Chen Gong also suggested, "Master, you are going to fight. Don't fight with Wang can. Otherwise, Wang can will send countless generals to besiege you, and our army will suffer losses again." Lyu3 bu4 impatiently waved his hand and went out. After the army points, immediately ran to the camp, straight to the city of mediocrity. yuan has been paying attention to lyu3 bu4 movement, see lyu3 bu4 led Zhang Liao, the heart is very puzzled. yuan Shu quickly found Chen Gong and asked,x52 line pipe, "Mr. Chen, what is General Lu going to do with his troops?" Chen Gong answered truthfully, "My master is so bored that he has led his troops to fight." 。 lksteelpipe.com


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