Rebirth of the prehistoric I for Zhunti

Rebirth of the prehistoric I for ZhuntiRebirth of the prehistoric I for ZhuntiRebirth of the prehistoric I for Zhunti

Just when he was ready to risk stealing a few, he felt something was wrong. As soon as he rolled his eyes, he thought of a way to tell Sun Wukong about the fruit. In those days, Sun Wukong once stole the peaches and the imperial wine from the Peach Festival of the Queen Mother. When he was drunk, he even stole all the elixirs from Taishang Laojun's elixir room. If the monkey knew about the fruit of life, which was better than the peaches, it would be strange if he could resist stealing it. In this way, you can not only eat the fruit of life, but also push the responsibility away after the incident, which is not the best of both worlds. So Zhu Bajie hurried back. Unexpectedly, after walking for some distance, he met Sun Wukong who was walking his horse. Zhu Bajie mysteriously called Sun Wukong to the corner and whispered to him that he had heard about the fruit of life. After Sun Wukong heard this, Rao said that the Great Sage Equaling Heaven had so many years of rich knowledge that he had never heard of such spiritual fruits between heaven and earth. He really wanted to steal a few to taste at the moment. But as soon as he saw Zhu Bajie like that, he knew that the pig head must want to eat the human fruit, but did not dare to steal it, so he told himself the news, so that he could steal it,liquid bottle filling machine, and when he stole it, he would get a share by the way. Thinking of this, Sun Wukong suppressed the impulse in his heart, nodded to Zhu Bajie, and pretended to continue feeding the horse. When Zhu Bajie saw that Sun Wukong was not moved, he was very happy. He grabbed Sun Wukong and said, "Brother Monkey,water filling machine, don't you know what I'm talking about?" "Isn't it the fruit of life?" Sun Wukong answered. Now that you've heard it clearly, aren't you moved? Asked Pigsy. My grandson is a monkey. He only likes peaches. He doesn't like fruits like that. Sun Wukong laughed. Brother Monkey, that thing is much better than a flat peach. Eating one can increase the magic power for many years! Pig Bajie sighed with emotion. "So what? The fruit of life is not ours, and the host is unwilling to entertain us with it. I advise you to give up!" "Monkey brother, oh, old pig me.". How interesting The old pig is a little embarrassed this time. Sun Wukong gave Zhu Bajie a white look and said, "Look at your promise!" Pigsy smiled and said, "Good Monkey, please!" "Hum, you are a little young to play with my grandson.". Why don't you go back and wait for me, you idiot! When Sun Wukong saw that Zhu Bajie had been teased by himself, he laughed and scolded. When Zhu Bajie heard this, PET blow moulding machine ,juice filling machine, he knew what Sun Wukong wanted to do. "Good Monkey," he said happily, "the old pig knows you are the best." "You idiot," said Sun Wukong, "don't be garrulous here. If you want to eat, go back and wait." When Zhu Bajie heard this, he said happily, "Hey!" He ran away. After watching Zhu Bajie disappear, Sun Wukong made an invisible trick and sneaked into the room behind the clear breeze and bright moon. He found that they were not in the room and the two ginseng fruits were missing. He thought that the two Taoist boys should have finished eating the two ginseng fruits and went to the wing to talk with Tang Sanzang. He looked around to see if he could find what Pig was talking about, but he saw a thin stick of pure gold hanging on the window lattice, two feet long and the thickness of his little finger. It should be the gold stick necessary for picking ginseng fruit. Taking down the gold, Sun Wukong went straight to the rear of the Taoist temple, pushed open a heavy sandalwood gate, and saw a beautiful and unusual garden in front of him. I saw flowers blooming everywhere, the aura was overflowing, and there were rare exotic flowers and fruits everywhere. There is a plant in the corner that bears a large area of bright red fist-sized fruit, which is the rare red fruit of ten thousand years. It is very difficult to grow one or two trees in many caves with strong aura. I didn't expect that such a large area has been formed here. There are other more precious things such as the spirit grass that can directly improve the qualifications of practitioners. Sun Wukong was dazzled by these, and there were many flowers, plants, fruits and trees with strong aura that he did not know at all, so that he had to be very careful to lift his feet now, lest he accidentally step on an immortal grass that would be snatched by the outside world. After walking through a small forest, I saw an open space. In the middle of the open space was a big tree with green branches and gloomy green leaves. Behind the tree was a wall. It seemed that I had come to the end of the garden. Sun Wukong breathed a sigh of relief involuntarily. It seemed that the heavenly treasures in front of him had shocked him so much that even Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, who had broken through the Lingxiao Palace, became nervous. Sun Wukong stood under the tree, looking at the south branch of the ginseng fruit tree, revealing a ginseng fruit, which really looked like a child who had not yet reached the full moon. With the constant flow of air between heaven and earth, the hands and feet of the ginseng fruit kept shaking, as if the "child" above had come to life. Where the wind passed, it left a very strange and refreshing fragrance, which greatly attracted his various feelings, and the fragrance spread all the way from his nose to his stomach, hooking the greedy insects in his stomach. After watching for a while, Sun Wukong leaned against the tree and climbed up the treetop with a "whoosh". He knocked a ginseng fruit next to him with the golden hammer in his hand, and the fruit immediately fell down. Sun Wukong then jumped down from the branch. In this small open space, it was clear at a glance that he had not found the ginseng fruit he had just shot down. Although the fruit looked like it had hands and feet, how could a fruit walk by itself! It must be that the old man of the land here has been ordered by the master here not to allow outsiders to steal his fruit. Thinking of this, Sun Wukong suddenly stamped his foot and arrested the old man of the land here. The old man of the land recognized the famous Great Sage Equaling Heaven five hundred years ago. He bowed down and said,PET blowing machine, "I don't know what the Great Sage is calling the Little God for." "Don't you know that my grandson is the most famous thief in the world? When I stole the peaches and imperial wine from the Peach Festival and the elixir from Taishang Laojun's elixir room, so many heavenly soldiers and generals in heaven didn't dare to stop me. How come today I just stole a fruit from his Wuzhuang Temple, and you took it away for me?" 。


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