Rebirth 60 good life

Rebirth 60 good lifeRebirth 60 good lifeRebirth 60 good life

"Don't worry, Dad, I'll be back soon." Ye Bing waved his hand and pulled Chu Zhe to hurry away. How much thought did you put into those five boxes? How could you not want them. Brother Ye also woke up and knew that Chu Zhe could drive and would follow him. Go, go! Chu Zhe agreed, just let him go to carry the box, Bingbing some tired to have a good rest. The author has something to say: I want a big diamond ring, too. Once I lose my wedding ring and diamond, I can't see it clearly without glasses. I also tease my husband, was it picked with a magnifying glass at the beginning? Chapter 109 Ye Bing and Ye Dad leaned on Ye Bingniang's shoulder, Ye Bingniang hugged her daughter in a particularly harmonious and loving way, and Ye Dad seemed to lean on her. Chu Zhe is covered with a military coat and pillowed on Ye's little brother's leg. Ye's little brother is also the same, but the person who pillowed is his father. They are not afraid of the driver's discovery, because the rear window of the car is blocked by the wooden box. Last night, I drove smoothly to pick up the box, but when I opened it, I was dumbfounded. There were five big boxes, two big boxes of paintings and calligraphy, two boxes of jade ornaments and one box of porcelain. Calligraphy and painting they do not understand, porcelain know exquisite, also can not see which Dynasty in the end, but each jade is exquisite, people can not move their eyes,grey marble slab, absolutely worthy of the quintessence of Chinese treasures. It glows softly in the dim moonlight. Because it is a dirt road, although Chu Zhe drives steadily or bumpy, jade and porcelain are very dangerous. The journey of more than ten minutes turned into nearly an hour. At the foot of the mountain, it was not over yet. How could we put them all in place. There are still some soybeans left, but it's far from enough. It's too late to buy them now, and it's too eye-catching to suddenly have five big boxes. The whole family began to put their heads together. Distant water could not put out a nearby fire. There was only grass on this side of the mountain. They quickly cut the grass and rubbed the grass rope. First, they padded the box with grass, and then put in the porcelain and jade wrapped with grass and grass rope. But this box was certainly not enough. This does not matter,Marble Projects, they have a lot of old boxes, throw away the wood inside, at this time also do not care about the pity, and then a box stuffed with two or three pieces of porcelain, jade, the middle with a straw bundle (a large straw tied with straw rope) to separate. Extra boxes can only use some camouflage, two small boxes stuffed in a big box (porcelain, jade can be small boxes), so less boxes, but also shock absorption, also kill two birds with one stone. Because the amount of work was too large, and it was too late to come back last night, so Ye Bing had to make up for the drivers and let them sleep a little longer. This time, because both of them were outside, they didn't need internal force, so they pinched them directly. It was almost seven o'clock when they woke up. Although it was not too late, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, they slept for an hour more than usual. They were embarrassed to see that Lin's family had got up and cooked rabbit porridge. The old master thought that he was tired of carrying his apprentice down the mountain yesterday, and the young man thought that he was injured and needed self-cultivation to sleep more, so he didn't have much doubt about eating breakfast. Two people are not love to take advantage of, take out some of their food to plan to partner on the road, because the meat porridge is too special. The relationship can be more intimate, the Ye family naturally will not object, people do not eat free food, moreover, the equipment is limited, but also boil porridge, add two people to grab more rice and add more water. However, when the old master saw that he wanted to move the box, he wanted to give him a hand. Then he was stopped by Lin (Ye)'s father, who said that the box was not heavy and many of them were empty. Then the old driver saw the little girl and her mother moving and began to move the box. The relaxed energy was like taking a baboon casually. It seemed that it was really light. As soon as the old master got on the bus, he saw the number of kilometers. It seemed that something was wrong, but unless there was a ghost, the bus would not go by itself. He murmured in his heart and asked the disciple if he had seen the number of kilometers. The young driver was looking at his ankle. It didn't hurt as much as yesterday. It was much better. His heart was beautiful. When he heard the master's words, he was very careless to reply. Yes, that's it. Then he talked to the master about when his feet would be better. Before that, the master had to work harder, and he would inevitably be scolded again. The matter of the number of kilometers was over. At first, because it was a dirt road, there were stones on the road that were not very smooth, so it was a little bumpy. When we got to the back of the main road, the speed also got up, and the ride was much more comfortable. Then everyone in the Ye family fell asleep. "We've never been in a car like this before, and it's all shaking us." Chu Zhe found the reason why they fell asleep in a word. Coach is also in a hurry, the corps will give the driver time according to the distance, but not Ding Ke Mao, after all, no one knows if the car will have a problem, on the road will not encounter any difficulties.. But there is a reward for completing the work within the prescribed time. At this time, people still have high spiritual requirements. A certificate of merit for an excellent employee can make everyone fight for it. So the old master also told the Lin family that they had no time to cook at noon, so they could only deal with it, such as baking steamed buns and so on, so that everyone could overcome it. Although the Ye family has had a good life in the past few years, they have suffered a lot before. This is not a problem at all, that is, it is all right not to eat two meals a day at noon. At this time, there was no highway, and the earliest highway was in the 1980s, so we often had to take a detour, which was a waste of time. But seven days later, they also passed Tianjin and immediately entered the northeast region. The young disciple rested for two days and his feet were completely healed. He began to drive with the old master. The main reason was that Ye Bing hit him on the tendon. He was in severe pain at that time. In fact, it was not a big deal. Chu Zhe also breathed a sigh of relief, otherwise he would have to open his mouth to say that he can drive, he is terrible old master fatigue driving ah, there are so many people on the car. As it gets colder and colder to the north, the relationship between the Ye family and the old master is getting better and better. The main reason is that Chu Zhe's cooking skills are too good. Ye's father can also talk. He borrowed the tent sleeping mat in less than two days. It's a military product with high quality. They use it during the day,Pietra Gray Marble, which keeps out a lot of wind and snow. Closer and closer to home, everyone is also happy, Ye Dad is also very happy to say that the gold and silver nest outside is not as good as the grass nest at home.


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