Your voice is in the wind.

Your voice is in the wind.Your voice is in the wind.Your voice is in the wind.

Zhao Lingyue's head was traumatized by an accident when she was a child, but it was not serious. Doctors concluded that the tissue between the occipital lobe and the temporal lobe of the brain was slightly damaged, leading to prosopagnosia, or face blindness. Zhao Lingyue drew out the information of the last referee, Xi Jiashu. Tangtang gave him a picture of winning the gold medal in the Winter Olympics. The teenager, who has not yet reached the age of 18, stood on the podium wearing the national flag and kissed the gold medal. It is self-evident that he is proud and proud between his slightly pale eyebrows and eyes. How high-spirited he is. Zhao Lingyue reads his brilliant resume. The young man who started skating at the age of five was quite talented, with flowers and applause all the way. He had already made his mark in the youth group, and after he was transferred to the adult group, he was able to overcome difficulties. In February this year, he took part in the men's single figure skating in the Winter Olympics and won the gold medal. The sports media called him the prince of ice and snow. Xi Jiashu, the God of the First World War. Zhao Lingyue naturally heard about such a famous person and watched the live broadcast and video of his game, but unfortunately he could not remember his face. She still has the ability to distinguish people in life, and the ability to distinguish people far away from life is very poor. When she was in college, she and Xixi Tangtang watched TV series together for nearly two months, watching them every day. Later, the heroine of the TV series came to their school to shoot scenes. When she passed by and asked for directions, she didn't recognize her. This matter has been talked about by Tansy for a long time. Zhao Lingyue sighed and carefully wrote down the photos of the three referees. . The women's single figure skating training in Sanya officially kicked off the next day. Zhao Lingyue was informed that she would arrive at the Enlightenment Ice Rink at 9:00 a.m. on time to report that five days of training and testing would begin. Those who passed the test would receive four weeks of training in Sanya,touch screen kiosk, and finally be selected to enter the national teams at all levels. This is a great opportunity for amateur figure skaters. The ice rink is not far from the hotel, and it takes less than ten minutes to get there by taxi. Zhao Lingyue got up early and planned to have some breakfast. After breakfast, she cleaned up and checked out to the ice rink. She never liked the bustle, so instead of choosing the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel, she went to the executive lounge on the 17th floor. The executive lounge is only open to high-end guests, which can greatly reduce the excitement. She got up just in time to start serving snacks, although the variety is not as rich as the restaurant,digital signage screen, but oatmeal, yogurt, eggs, coffee and fruit are common foods. At this point in time, there are really few people in the executive lounge. She picked out the buffet and was about to find a table by the window when she heard a loud voice. …… You always refuse me. Do you have someone in your heart? The girl seemed to realize that her voice was too loud and quickly dropped a few minutes. How many years have we known each other? Ten years, right? I know you only have competition and training in your heart. In fact, I don't mind waiting, as long as you are willing to give me a little hope. Or don't refuse me at once. How do you know we are not suitable if you don't try? We have the same goal, the same environment, we are born together, no one can be more suitable than us.. Zhao Lingyue heard this and glanced over. From her point of view, she could just see a delicate little girl, smart whiteboard price ,touch screen digital signage, who looked young and probably had just come of age. She sat opposite a boy, she could not see the appearance, only to see a tall and slender figure. The boy was very silent, and his back looked a little embarrassed. The girl says again: "I put a word here today!"! I only identify with one person in my life! I'll go wherever you go! Even if you like someone in the future, I will pester you! You will understand later that only I am the most suitable for you. You choose me, is the best choice! …… Oh, the drama of a fierce woman clinging to a man. Zhao Lingyue understands it. . Xi Jiashu only felt headache. He refused Lin Weiwei countless times, but Lin Weiwei never gave up, as if he could not understand human language. He really had no choice but to keep silent with such a girl. Can be silent, there is a trace of irritability, there is a trace at a loss. Irritable because of Lin Weiwei's stalker, at a loss because just over 18 years old, he did not know how to deal with things other than figure skating maturely. At that moment, a familiar fragrance came into his nose. He looked up and saw the woman he had met on the plane yesterday. Before he could react, she had sat down gracefully beside him and snuggled sideways. She had not really touched his body, but she was very close to him, and the shallow fragrance became stronger and stronger. The woman gave a low laugh and said intimately, "Baby, why don't you wake me up when you come up to eat?" Say, coquettish and angry: "Blame you last night … …" Oh? Who is this? She lifted her hair behind her ear, half squinting at Lin Weiwei, and her slightly hooked lips reminded Xi Jiashu of an idiom: There are many kinds of amorous feelings. Lin Weiwei turned pale and looked at the woman in disbelief. "Who is she?" She asked Xi Jiashu. The woman said, "What? Who am I?"? I should be the one asking. Little girl, what do you mean by this expression? "My real girlfriend is sitting here, and you're still clinging to my boyfriend?" She spoke very fast, and when she spoke, her voice was slightly coquettish, but full of aura. Lin Weiwei did not know what to say for a while and a half, and a pair of eyes stared at the boss. Xi Jiashu wanted to explain, but he didn't say a word. Right now, the woman slowly peeled the egg in the hand again, close to his mouth, say: "Na, last night's award, at ordinary times others beg me to peel I do not peel." The woman's fingers are long and white, the knuckles are clear, the nails painted with red nail polish are round and small, lined with snow-white eggs, as if together with her, they are very amorous. He could not help swallowing saliva, the fragrance between his nose seemed to penetrate into his heart,facial recognition thermometer, and a trace of invisible red stained the earlobes of the teenager. There was a snap. Lin Weiwei stood up, stared at the woman, dropped a "shameless" and fled. . …… What a little girl. Zhao Lingyue could not help smiling.


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