Doctor Du Ming

Doctor Du MingDoctor Du MingDoctor Du MingDoctor Du MingDoctor Du Ming

I patted her face, and she held my arm tightly, her head against my shoulder, and the nails of her hands seemed to be embedded in my flesh. I was raped. What Her body hid in my arms. Whisper it. No, it's a date rape. Because I don't know who did it. How did this happen? I don't know. It was the night before last, when I was on duty. Just after dinner at five o'clock in the evening, the head nurse and Dr. Peng were listening to storytelling in the lounge. I didn't like to listen to it, so I took the novel to your men's lounge and fell asleep after reading it on the bed in the outer room for a while. And when I woke up.. Just. Wang Yao choked up again. I looked at her and didn't know what to say. Wang Yao sniffed and continued. I was dizzy, and I didn't feel anything at first. But when I woke up, I found that I was very uncomfortable and a little painful. Only then did I realize that my underwear had been taken off and put beside me. It's covered in blood and sticky semen.. Wang Yao, could it be your illusion? How is that possible? Don't you feel like you've been raped. Wang Yao said loudly, which made the conversation suddenly awkward. After a while, I asked her, Wang Yao, who do you think did it? I do not know! Who was on duty that day? I, the head nurse,temperature check kiosk, Dr. Peng, the surgeon, and Li Jing, Zhang.. Yes, and Song Yang. Wang Yao blinked her eyes and muttered the names of several people in a low voice. Suddenly she raised her head and said loudly to me. Song Yang, only Song Yang. On duty that night,face detection android, he was the only man on the third floor. He has been smiling at me these two days, and I really want to stab him with a scalpel. I pondered for a while, Wang Yao, it's better not to say such a thing before I'm sure. But who else could there be? However, Song Yang jumped in from the window outside our men's lounge a few days ago, and told me that with this back door, there would be no need to enter the operating room from the front door. It must be Song Yang! Song Yang jumped in from the lounge window and took me. Wang Yao said bitterly that her upper body was straight and her eyes were full of terrible things. After a while, I asked her, why did Wang Yao tell me this? Wang Yao's body softened and she leaned on me. She lowered her head and said faintly. I don't know. I didn't dare to tell my parents, and I didn't dare to go to the police. It was too humiliating. I just want to forget it, but I can't forget it at all. It's my first time, temperature scanning kiosks ,face recognition identification, but I lost it in this case. Du Ming, I don't know why, but I feel better when I see you around me. I want to say this to you, maybe you will despise me from now on, but I still want you to know. Because I am too uncomfortable to be alone. Wang Yao, let me help you share the burden. I put my hand around her back and hugged her, and Wang Yao slipped from my shoulder to my arms. Du Ming, do you like me? Uh! I moved and held her tighter. Du Ming, I have liked you since you came into our operating room, but now this has happened, otherwise I would be with you. Wang Yao's voice was getting smaller and smaller. I shook Wang Yao gently like holding a baby. Slowly, she fell asleep and slept in my arms. The night before leaving school, the whole class went to have a farewell dinner. As a result, in the middle of the meal, more than a dozen boys were drunk and the women were ugly. Only then did I realize that women were really different from women, and I didn't expect that a woman who was already so ugly would become even uglier when she was drunk. The people in the restaurant seemed to be dancing like a group of demons. I ran out and wandered around the campus alone. The campus is dark, and it should be almost nine o'clock in June. He climbed to the roof expectantly, but unexpectedly found that the person he was thinking of was still in the dim lights. A little night light enveloped the Elder Martial Sister, and her hair fluttered as usual. She put her hands on the railing and raised her head. I stood behind her and took a deep breath like her. And make the only decision in this university. I went up and grabbed Elder Martial Sister's shoulders, and Elder Martial Sister's body suddenly trembled. Zhang Qian! This is my first time, and the last time I have never thought of facing the elder sister and calling her name. Elder Martial Sister didn't answer me. She just stood quietly, just quietly. I put my head on her shoulder and kissed her hair with my lips. The hair that Elder Martial Sister had just washed smelled like dew in the morning. I wrapped my arms around Elder Martial Sister, and for the first time, I felt that Elder Martial Sister's shoulders were so weak. Come with me. Elder Martial Sister lowered her head, and all around immediately became quiet. I heard my heartbeat, my breathing, I heard the sound of water dripping on my arm, and the tears made my arm heavy in an instant. Elder Martial Sister suddenly laughed, pushed aside my hand, turned to me and said. Do you remember what you said about me when we first met? That's what people say. Why do you care. I'll tell you the truth now. Elder Martial Sister approached me step by step. She squatted down. He groped his hands between my legs and looked up at me with a surprised face. I will give you free today. I pushed her away, and she sat on the ground, holding her hands back and opening her legs to face me. Look, I'm such a bitch. How about it? Are you still interested? Her face was so pale and her laughter was so harsh. She raised her head, her laughter began to tremble, and her body twitched with it. Du Ming, you are too clean. I can't be with you. I couldn't listen anymore. I rushed out of the roof. No one is clean in the first part. Are you sure Song Yang did it? I sent Wang Yao back in the evening. As soon as I got home,interactive whiteboard prices, Wang Yao called me. Wang Yao sounds like a child on the phone. Du Ming, huh? It's okay. I just want to hear my voice. I told her I was going to take a shower and call her back later, and she hung up with a happy hum.


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