Genius physiognomist _ punching _ txt novel paradise

Genius physiognomist _ punching _ txt novel paradiseGenius physiognomist _ punching _ txt novel paradise

Wei Rongrong is also a playboy. After hearing Ye Tian's words, she handed a pair of white and clean hands to Ye Tian and said, "You can show off. You can brag without making a draft. Well, this girl will let you take advantage of it and read my palm.." Seeing that Wei Rongrong stretched out her right hand consciously, Ye Tian shook his head and said, "I don't read palms like a man on the left and a woman on the right. Look at the left hand.." Male left and female right is just a sentence that people often talk about. In fact, the left hand represents congenital, while the right hand represents the day after tomorrow. In addition, the left hand operates less and will not be affected by the day after tomorrow. People who really know how to read palms will generally start from the left hand. Rongrong, why are you fooling around. Seeing Ye Tian holding his good friend's hand and looking at it, Yu Qingya felt a burst of irritability in her heart for no reason. Wei Rongrong didn't know what Yu Qingya was thinking. She said nonchalantly, "It's all right. Just let him see. If you're sure, I'll treat you to this meal.." "High, really high, this is absolutely no disadvantage to pick up girls ah?"? Be sure to consult Ye Tian later. After Zheng Shuliang, who was sitting beside him, saw this scene, his eyes lit up immediately. When he was a freshman, he talked about a girlfriend from another school. He didn't find any reason to grab each other's little hands for half a year. Now Ye Tian's action immediately enlightened this brother. Hey, I said, why are you pinching my hand and always looking at my fingers? Doesn't palm reading look at the lines? After being caught by Ye Tian for a while, Wei Rongrong shouted. Soft palms represent elegant manners and outstanding temperament.. "" Ye Tian took one look at Wei Rongrong,4k smart board, did not wait for her to laugh out loud, then said: "But such a person is mostly lazy personality, and nerves are somewhat allergic.." You.. What did you say You're the jittery one!!! After listening to the next half of Ye Tian's words, Wei Rongrong, like a cat whose tail had been trampled on, drew back her hand and held it up in front of her, her big eyes staring at Ye Tian viciously at the same time, which was quite neurotic. Ye Tian,smart board interactive whiteboard, don't talk nonsense, Rongrong doesn't have that. Yu Qingya also accused Ye Tianlai, although Wei Rongrong often did some more neurotic things, but when it comes to the face, how can a girl accept it? Ye Tian, of course, would not compete with a girl. After hearing Yu Qingya's words, he went down the slope and said, "Yes, yes, maybe I was wrong. Don't be angry with Wei Xuejie." "That's more like it." Wei Rongrong's face looked a little better. She withdrew her left hand and said, "What else do you see?" In fact, Wei Rongrong knows better than anyone about her personality. What Ye Tian said is not exaggerated at all. Anyway, from birth to now, she has never washed a dress and never stayed in bed in the morning. She is absolutely worthy of the evaluation of the word "laziness". Wei Xuejie, interactive boards for classrooms ,interactive panels for education, you won't be scolded if you tell the truth, will you? Ye Tian smiled a little bad, looking at the elegant eyes, as if it coincided with the ten-year-old boy of that year. Only when you tell lies can you be scolded. Wei Rongrong's eyes stared again. All right, I'll throw caution to the wind and reveal the secret today. Ye Tian put on a death-defying look, said: "I see your left little finger nail half a month defect, I'm afraid you have a bad fortune recently, at least next month's pocket money must be gone.." Nonsense, how can you read palms and fingernails? Besides, my pocket money is only a few thousand yuan a month. It's impossible not to have it at all. Hey, Ye Tian, you guessed wrong this time. After hearing Ye Tian's words, Wei Rongrong seemed to have caught his handle and laughed. You know, Wei Rongrong is a native of Beijing. In his early years, his family had several houses next to Dashilan. Wei's father earned his first pot of gold by renting and opening a restaurant. Then, when the Soviet Union collapsed a few years ago, he became an international profiteer, and his wealth suddenly rose. Over the past few years, Wei Rongrong's father has invested money in the stock market again. Now he looks like a big crocodile in the stock market. He doesn't know how much he earns every day. He throws eight thousand yuan of pocket money to his daughter every month. So Ye Tian said that she would not have pocket money next month, Wei Rongrong directly as a joke to listen to, her father pointed out a little, but also enough for her monthly food and pocket money. ---------------- Chapter 80 classmates "I don't know whether it's right or wrong now. Well, it's getting late. We should go back." Ye Tian smiled and did not argue, took out two hundred yuan and called the boss to take the bill, Wei Rongrong was still staring at Ye Tian, since he did not admit what Ye Tian said, of course, he refused to rush to pay the bill. And Yu Qingya is more understanding of Ye Tian, although this guy seems to do not care about anything, in the morning when he also shouted to treat himself, a stingy look. But Yu Qingya knew that Ye Tian was quite a male chauvinist, and that he would not let a girl pay for it, as could be seen from the five ten yuan tickets Ye Tian took out when she left at the age of ten. Not too elegant but do not know, if Wei Rongrong rushed to pay the bill, Ye Tian will never refuse, he is only concerned about his friends, and Wei Rongrong is obviously not in the ranks for the time being. After walking out of the hotel, Yu Qingya pushed the cart and said to Ye Tian, "Ye Tian, we're going back. You know my phone number. Call me on Sunday and I'll take you to Beijing.." "OK, I'll call you then." Ye Tian nodded his head and saw Wei Rongrong on one side. He sighed and said, "Senior sister, investment is risky. You should be cautious when entering the market. Otherwise, your pocket money for next month is really gone.." "What are you saying?" After hearing Ye Tian's words, Wei Rongrong spat at him, stretched out her hand and pulled Yu Qingya, saying, "Your childhood sweetheart is really a bit baffling. Let's go. I'll never bother you as a third wheel on Sunday.." Are you talking nonsense again? See if I don't scratch you to death. The two girls rode away,65 inch smart board, slapstick, and their silvery voices echoed in the ears of Ye Tian and Zheng Shuliang. Brother Zheng, let's go and buy a bicycle. Do you have any ideas? 。


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