Huanzhu Landlord _ One-handed Beggar

Huanzhu Landlord _ One-handed BeggarHuanzhu Landlord _ One-handed Beggar

"As a matter of fact, there is something different in this life. I know it at a glance. I know it beforehand. If I pay a little attention, I can recognize it among thousands of people. I just don't say his name and origin, so I don't break the contract.". He also knows that my words and deeds are the same, even if it is a little small, it is reasonable to say that he will not say that he will not count, and he is eager to ask and never think of his different appearance. This life has two natural marks, one is born on his head, looks like a small bunch of grapes, embedded in the left ear root, and is a hybrid of Han and Yi, the whole body is as white as jade. He is over 100 years old this year, and his hair is white. In order to use the wrong work in the past year, he almost died. Relying on perseverance and perseverance, he realized a unique Qigong. Although his ability is high, because he was seriously injured in the first training, his inner True Qi runs all over his body and flows naturally, so that his face is sometimes white and sometimes red. Good nature clean, the left ear root after he tried to cover up, not careful to see, rough look is just a very clean white hair old man, sometimes a red face, a little careless to ignore the past. If you know his background, you can't see the bunch of purple grapes on his face. As long as you find a tall and thin man with white clothes and white hair, you can see that his face will change color, either from red to white or from white to red, as long as you find a tall and thin man with white clothes and white hair, who will follow him for half an hour. The rest of you act according to the circumstances and be close to him, as long as you do not show that you are my advice,touch screen board classroom, you will be willing to help. Let me first say that although we may not necessarily meet here, wouldn't it be better if there were one more person? I know that you are very busy with your homework every day, and you have learned some skills from my classmates. It is unreasonable not to tell the teacher first. These two pills can be taken face to face first, go back to tell the division commander, from the day after tomorrow every day after dusk come here for two hours, two months will be able to add more or less ability. Brother and sister Wan might as well tell me that if you want to come to see me first, he is different from what you two have learned. I still have homework every day, and I have no extra leisure, so I have to teach it after two or three months. Other fellow students, if also want to learn, although you these brothers and sisters I all know,touch screen whiteboard, nineteen beautiful quality, I am not stingy to pass on, but unfortunately no time, I only see will go to find, do not have to come together. The words have been finished, and go back first! When Shen and Jiang met Wang Luzi for the second time, they became more respectful because they already knew where he came from. They stood aside and listened to him, and together they thanked him for his promise. As soon as I took the pills in my mouth, I felt a faint fragrance and a sweet and astringent taste of medicine flowing into my throat, as if my mind was much calmer, and my chest was slightly cool, very comfortable. Shen Hong is expected to be an elixir to increase intelligence. Remembering that the Wan brothers and sisters will also be hopeful in the future, he only loves his wife. She also often said that she had been lonely since childhood and had a congenital defect, so she relied on her teacher to ask for Qingling pills from the Qingcheng Sect to take one, so that she could get rid of some of the root causes of the disease when she was young. If she could get a small return pill in the future, she would have greater achievements according to what she had learned so far, and could live a long life. The medicine was astringent and sweet, and the fragrance was incomparable. It melted in the mouth, and the mind and body were so light that there was no doubt that it must be this elixir. On the one hand, Xie Nuo could not help asking casually, digital touch screen board ,digital interactive whiteboard, "The elixir given by the Grand Martial Uncle was effective at that time, but is it still a small elixir?" Wang Luzi asked with a smile, "You have just entered the mountain, and you don't know many people. How do you know the origin and usage of this elixir? Is that what your teacher said?" Shen Hong had never been able to lie, and he was embarrassed to say that he was taught by his beloved wife. His face turned red, and he didn't know how to answer in a hurry. Later, he saw that Wang Luzi smiled suddenly because he didn't answer at that time. He was afraid that he would be suspicious. He was in a hurry and quickly answered, "I didn't know. I heard my sister Fan Yin say this magic. I don't know if it's true." Wang Luzi laughed again and said, "You expected well. Is this woman your fiancee?"? I've seen her twice. She has a sister, and she's fine. Originally, this elixir was given by Shangguan Hong, Nvxia of Emei Sect, and there was not much left. The three brothers of the monk had taken one pill, and his master had asked for the remaining pill of Dongyouzi. First of all, it is very difficult and dangerous for you two brothers to take this medicine. If you take this medicine, you will not be afraid of the evil incense, and you will also increase your strength. You plan to take one pill for each person, just in case. Even Wan Ying has not decided yet. Now that I think of you, ten people from the same family are of the same flesh and blood, and soon their skills will be equal. Six people have already taken this elixir, and Wan Ying's brother and sister have also given him a lot. Only Fan and Du are in the corner. These two sisters have seen, people are quite good, and you hire a wife, simply to the end, even the two pills of Wan Ying brother and sister are also taken, so that each of them take one pill, as a preparation for the future. Just don't listen to the greeting, even the monk has been under my door, also have thorn day cold to concentrate on teaching, do not have to disturb me again. Two people smell speech exultation, repeatedly Xie Nuo. As soon as he took the elixir, he thought to himself that the monk and the other three brothers were his own disciples, and that they were only separated by a cliff, so they were not allowed to come. Wang Luzi could not ask any more questions, so he turned and walked into the cave. Having been out for a long time, he was afraid that his fellow disciples would be suspicious, and Shen Hong was even more afraid that his beloved wife would wake up and look for him, so he had to go to the cave to worship and say goodbye. He got up and turned around, but still crossed the cliff. Full of joy, Shen Hong suddenly glimpsed that Fan Yin had awakened and stood with Tong Zhen in a quiet place beside the rocks below, talking to each other. Tong Zhen looked as if he was not very happy. He lowered his head and stood on the opposite side, thinking that his wife was the quietest. Although he had a deep friendship with his classmates, he was also very considerate to people. It was the first time he had seen such a scene of arguing with people. At the same time, he remembered that in the past two months, Tong Erge often liked to talk and laugh with his beloved wife. He was diligent and worked hard. If he went out a little late, he would see the two of them doing the same thing. When he arrived, he would ask for an excuse to avoid it. Sometimes when there are many people, they are wandering together, or when a young couple is talking about love, he sits far away and looks at the clouds with his head held high, as if he were thinking. Strange in the heart, thought Tong Zhen had something to ask his wife to turn to Nai Shi, also did not think of anything else. Seeing that the division commander had finished eating and returned to the cave, the Wan brothers and sisters and Du Shuanghong sat in the pine forest, but did not find themselves. There were still three people who did not know where to go. They could not help crying out with joy: "Sister Yin!" Fan, Tong two people heard the sound of surprise, see two people from the half cliff waist throw rope vertical fall, one after another, Wan, Du three people also surprised, chased over. Tong Zhen followed behind Fan Yin, looking depressed, not a few words to meet, heard that Fan Yin also has a small return Dan,75 inch smart board, suddenly turned happy, slightly said a few words to two people, then excuse back to the hole.


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