State prosecution

After another moment of hesitation, Su Afu let Ye Zijing sit in the driver's seat. After sitting in the driver's seat, the muzzle of Su Afu's gun came over in time: "Ye Jian, you are wronged!"!

It is now 3:20 in the morning. The city of Changshan is sleeping, and tens of millions of peaceful families are sleeping. If she does not become the attorney general, and does not assume a duty and mission entrusted by law and conscience, she should also be in a warm sleep. Sleep will not have a bullet loaded muzzle, there will not be a big explosion that may occur at any time, perhaps there will be a daughter Xiaojing. More than ten days ago, she dreamed of the babbling situation of Xiao Jing when she was young. Xiao Jing had a rich imagination when she was young. Once she clamored for Huang Guoxiu to buy a cooked cow, saying that she could raise it on the balcony, so that she could not only milk hot milk for her every morning, but also cut cooked meat for her to eat beef jerky at any time. As soon as Huang Guoxiu heard the music, he picked up the little guy and announced loudly, Zijing, our daughter has put forward the greatest scientific idea of this century.. Really should give the daughter, also gives Huang Guoxiu to make a phone call, if has the accident, also calculates left the last words! Oh, why do you think of this? Ye Zijing, concentrate, cheer up and calm down! You are not only a mother and a wife, but also an attorney general! Yes,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, you are moving towards danger and death step by step, but aren't you also moving towards the core facts of the "August 13" fire case? A fact that has troubled you for a long time, tortured you, and made you and the comrades of the procuratorial organs work hard! It has been 58 days from August 13 to today. Isn't it this important moment that you are longing for and waiting for? Isn't that the Su'afu you want to see? Confused thoughts gathered back, Ye Zijing calmly walked into the door of the gas station. The distance is getting closer and closer, and the figure of Su Afu in the taxi is clearly discernible. At this time, the front window of the taxi rolled down half,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, and Su Afu's voice rang out: "Stop!" Ye Zijing stopped in front of the No.90 gasoline tanker, which was only about five meters away from the taxi. She said calmly, "Boss Su, don't be so nervous. Please rest assured. I mean what I say. I didn't bring any weapons!" Su Afu's two eyes appeared above the rolled down front window glass: "Please turn around!" Ye Zijing turned around. When she turned around, the movement was slow, and she estimated that Suafu was checking the weapon. After checking behind her, Su Afu was still worried and asked her to lift her suit skirt. Ye Zijing quit: "This is not appropriate?"? If you're so worried about me, why do you want to see me? Su Afu hesitated for a moment and gave in. "Well, Ye Jian, come here. Come to the front door of the car!" Ye Zijing walked to the front door and immediately saw through the half-open window a picture she had seen in movies and television: Su Afu was wearing a circle of mining explosives and electric detonators around his waist, holding a home-made imitation 64-type pistol and aiming at her outside the window. Su Afu was obviously in a high state of tension at the moment, with sweat on his face, half of his upper body lying on the steering wheel, and the hand holding the steering wheel trembling. The moment her eyes collided with her, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Oxide price, Su Afu instinctively raised the muzzle of the gun. Ye Zijing was really worried that the gun would go off. If it went off, the bullet would hit her on the forehead. Ye Zijing calmly discussed with Su Afu: "Boss Su, do you think this car is driven by you or by me?" Su Afu was a little surprised. He was stunned for a moment and asked, "Are you driving?"? Ye Jian, can you drive, too? Ye Zijing smiled and said, "Of course it will. It's not a C photo. I took a B photo three years ago!" Su Afu hesitated: "Ye Jian, if you want to play tricks, this gas station is our graveyard!" Ye Zijing nodded: "Don't worry, I'll drive for you, and you can go wherever you say!" After another moment of hesitation, Su Afu let Ye Zijing sit in the driver's seat. After sitting in the driver's seat, the muzzle of Su Afu's gun came over in time: "Ye Jian, you are wronged!"! But I can't help it! You immediately call Director Wu with your cell phone and tell him what you have seen. Tell him: I'm not lying. Once the two lines of fire on my waist are connected, we'll be finished with the gas station! Ye Zijing said with a smile, "Boss Su, isn't that necessary?"? If Director Wu didn't believe you, he might have ordered his men to do it long ago! Then he pretended to be relaxed and asked, "Boss Su, where are we going now?" Su Afu is not confused: "Where to go?"? I don't want to go anywhere! What could be better than this? Ye Jian, don't give me this. Call me quickly. Call Wu Chengyi. Your words are more useful than mine! Ye Zijing thought about it and felt that it was all right to make the call, so she made the call. Said that Suafo did have a gun, explosives, and could detonate the gas station at any time. Finally, the conversation changed, deliberately said: "… …" Director Wu, boss Su is in a good mood. Maybe he wants to go out for a walk. I suggest you don't stop him. I'm driving for boss Su. Without waiting for Ye Zijing to finish, Su Afu grabbed his cell phone and turned it off: "Did I say I was going out?"? As I said just now, I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here. Stay here. None of them dare to attack me rashly! Ye Zijing seemed puzzled: "Hey, boss Su, do you still ask me if I can drive?" After a slight pause, he said kindly, "I think we'd better get out of here as soon as possible."! They don't attack you, and you don't detonate explosives. However, danger can still happen at any time! You should know that the gas station is a high-risk place, can not use mobile phones, so frequently use mobile phone calls, dare not say that there is no accident ah! Su Afu didn't listen at all and suddenly became furious: "Don't talk nonsense. It's fate to have an accident!" Ye Zijing could not say any more. In silence, she thought nervously: If she started the car forcibly and rushed out of the gas station regardless of the danger to her life, would it be possible to minimize the consequences of the explosion? At present, the working car of the procuratorate is mainly Santana. She often drives by herself. She is quite clear about the performance of Santana. This kind of car speeds up faster. Based on her experience, Ye Zijing estimated that if the engine started successfully, she would be shot. As long as she stepped on the accelerator, she might drive the car to Zhongshan West Road, 30 meters away. In this way,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, only the car will be destroyed, the gas station should be saved, and the surrounding buildings will not suffer too much damage.


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