Oriental Jade Crescent Beauty Blade

Under the dancing, the sixteen young girls are all beautiful, with graceful waists and limbs.

After retreating, it's time to stop and attack with a sword. But just as the leader in black stepped back, he was waiting for a retreat. But listen to a clear roar, a figure with the roar fell between Chun Shen Jun and the Black Leader, loudly said: "Uncle only!" "Stand down, and let the little nephew deal with him." This man's green shirt is elegant, holding a soft sword with green awn flashing, and it is Ren Yunqiu. It turned out that Ren Yunqiu treated the injury of the cathode ruler for Gu Taixi, the head of the Eight Diagrams. It was very simple. Anyone injured by a cathode ruler Within an hour, the meridians of the whole body will be gradually attacked by the cold of Yin, and the blood vessels will be frozen, which is very healing. Difficult matter, but what Ren Yunqiu practices is the nine Yang magic skill, is specially restrains the side door Yin skill the kungfu, he and Gu Taixi cross knees opposite. Sit down, four palms against each other, carry Jiuyang Shengong, slowly toward the palms of Gu Taixi's palms, to help his luck. Gu Taixi is more than eighty years old, and he has accumulated seventy years of internal skills, leading to the Nine Yang Divine Skill True Qi imported by Ren Yunqiu. By the end of one week, the cold had been driven out, and by the end of the second week, it had been completely healed, and it was only a meal before and after. Recovered. Gu Taixi stood up and arched his hand, saying, "The poor way is much better than letting Shaoxia rescue you. Thank you for your great virtue. Time is precious at this moment, everyone." It's all around. Let's go. "Shaoxia Ren," said the Sword Witch with a smile, "the leader in black is skilled in swordsmanship. The leader of the alliance is no match for him. You are probably the only one who can defeat him. Sword move, hurry up and go! When Ren Yunqiu heard that his uncle was no match for the leader in black, he was so anxious that he pulled out a soft sword with one hand and let out a clear roar in his mouth. Fly up and shoot into the battlefield. In the battle between Feng Xiaonv and Min Changgeng, the two sides were equally matched and made three hundred moves, but they were still tied. It is said in Jianghu that Feng Xiao Nu can kill people a hundred paces away with the sound of Xiao. Although it is a legend, she does have a demon. Song, with true strength into the sound of the flute, five fingers press the hole, the sound of the flute can make people listen to the sound will be dancing, like crazy, but At this time, she could not perform, because Min Changgeng's skill was comparable to his own, and if he performed the magic song, it would not be a very short time. But in the audience,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, there are many people whose skill is worse than Min Chang's. When they hear the sound of the flute, they will not be able to bear it first. In addition to Tianmo Song, she also has a surprise soldier, that is, the red lantern array of 16 girls carrying palace lanterns, which can give birth to Min Changgeng. Captured alive, it's just the fan handkerchief of the sixteen young girls in the Red Lantern Array. She is now the vice leader of the Wulin Alliance and a member of various sects. In front of her, she did not want to use the incense to defeat the enemy, so she fought with Min Changgeng and did not give orders. Now she saw that the other four groups of people had annihilated the black-clad killer, and everyone surrounded them in the middle. Although the momentum is great, her heart can not help but secretly anxious up, such a struggle, when will it end? Min Changgeng, of course, was even more anxious than she was, and it was the fury of a fierce woman who saw the killer he had painstakingly trained. Has been completely destroyed, the black cloth religion has gone, he does not go at this time, I am afraid he can not go. This anger, so that the right hand of the sword, can not help but tremble slightly, with a loud shout in the mouth, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,mirror stainless steel sheet, the sword like the Three Gorges backflow, crazy into. Hit. Feng Xiao Nu naturally can see, Min Chang such a situation seems to be desperate, he is a very scheming person, will never because of black clothes. The fall of the church, and their own desperate, that is, he is to advance in order to retreat, dare to break through. If I let him escape from his hands, I, the leader of the alliance, have no face to see people. People who don't know think they used to be. He once served as the vice leader of the Black Clothes Sect, and he intentionally indulged in the enemy. Think of this, which also hesitate, suddenly force through the body of the flute, issued a long sound of the flute! This is a secret signal. Sixteen girls with lanterns are already absorbed and ready to stand by. The sound of the flute suddenly rises, and they carry the red light like a stream. Clouds flew up from both sides. Twenty-four armored warriors quickly dispersed at the same time and formed a formation outside the red light array. This is a matter of a moment, the red light girl surrounded Min Changgeng in the middle, carrying the red light, walking around the circle, the red light also followed. Under the dancing, the sixteen young girls are all beautiful, with graceful waists and limbs. Although they are walking quickly, their lotus feet are light and warped (this is to describe it Words, in fact, they are natural feet, but at this time up the toe is really) Hao wrist light Shu, rolled up a burst of thick Fu. Fragrance, really wonderful incomparable, dazzling, as if in the palace above watching the red light dance of the palace ladies! Min Changgeng burst out laughing and said, "Feng Xiao Nu, so you're at your wits' end. Is this a red light array?" Drink in the mouth, suddenly gave up the phoenix flute girl, long sword wave, toward the red light array girl disease chop past, but these girls are long-experienced. Training, footwork, waist, match each other, as long as you attack one person, the rest of the people, stand in support, otherwise it is not called a red light. It's a battle. Said Min Changgeng a sword split out, the girl waist a twist, quickly flash out, at the same time there are three red lights, such as the wind blowing clouds. Fluttering, hit in front of his eyes, the red light came, a burst of light red smoke, also at the same time in front of the eyes dispersed, fragrant. Min Changgeng arrived at this time, had to hold his breath, still waiting to return to the sword to sweep, in front of and behind the body has been several acupoints on the point! What kind of person is Min Changgeng? How can he be unprepared? While holding his breath, he has already spread his breath all over his body and protected the acupoint. Suddenly with a little foot, a man flew up in the air. But this move of his was already in the expectation of the Feng Xiao girl. With a clear shout in her mouth, she jumped up at the same time, and the Zijin Feng Xiao used one. Phoenix nodded three times and nodded to him. Min Changgeng hurriedly raised his sword to seal the solution, and in midair there were three shocking sounds of gold and iron! Feng Xiao Nu in this move, almost used ten percent of the strength, you are in the air, to dispel her Xiao move, naturally have to use. Shi Cheng Li Dao. Both sides in the air each exert ten percent of the force, it will accelerate to the ground, a breathing person, and others all. Force after a Bo, forced to fall to the ground, hold the breath,brushed stainless steel sheet, naturally can no longer hold, it must breathe! Sixteen young girls were waiting for him to breathe. Min Changgeng's body fell to the ground, and a red mist fell on his head. Min Changgeng said no. sxthsteel.com


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