Green mountains and green waters of the concubines

There was a noise outside, a faint noise. Chu was having a headache, and the two brothers came together to ask if Heng boy really wanted to marry a man's wife as others said.

Two pillars stare big eyes, "so good, I also want the big family to use this to do, how to use it?" Frowning, "This should not be cheap, big families use, how can we afford it?" "Oh, so I said the usage of poor people, but also to see their own conditions, is painted once or twice." Chu Heng looked at the two pillars, "In fact, what I like most is moisture-proof and insect-killing. The house is not easy to damage and comfortable to live in. Of course, the walls are whiter, the house is brighter, and the winter light is better." "Yes, even if it's more expensive, at least it's for my brother's house.". He's going to kiss soon, and if the house is ready, he can kiss. Erzhu looked out of the house and said in a low voice, "My brother wanted to take out all the silver he had brought back, but I stopped him." You didn't see my brother come back, and he was worse off than the others. He didn't have enough to eat, and he wanted to save money. Fortunately, when he first went, he helped a little brother who went with him a lot. His elder brother is a ringleader. Get them both to the kitchen, or it won't be easy to come back. Two pillars are very sad, love elder brother. Ha ha, "Chu Heng laughed,5 person hot tub," see what you said, what leader, is it a bandit? Ha ha ha One sentence scattered the sadness of the two pillars and laughed, "You know, I don't understand that.". But that's the money my brother bought with his life, so I can't give it all to my family. And in order to save money, they basically eat wild vegetables and fruits all the way back. "Well, I asked him privately how much money he had, and he said he had saved more than twenty taels. It was more economical in the kitchen, so he didn't always have to buy his own food.". With the return fee,jacuzzi suppliers, it's almost thirty taels of silver. Ha ha, you didn't leave a penny. You gave it to me. Erzhu laughed so hard that his eyes almost narrowed. Then he said, "My brother is too honest and cares too much about our family.". But who knows what will happen? I decided to keep fifteen taels, and it was not easy to keep my life back, but I couldn't let my brother live a hard life any more. "Hey hey, my elder brother is too foolish, give him silver not to want, say to let me save later home urgent need.". Alas, I have to save it for him. If there is no big deal, I will keep it for his old age. Said the two pillars. Chu Heng was angry with him and laughed, "How old is your brother?"? You think of retirement. Slap him on the back. Ha ha ha, "the words of the two pillars made Chu Yi laugh." If you say so, I have to prepare pension money for my brother. Chu Yi said with a smile. Two pillars also tease Chu Yi, "that is, your brother immediately married, after no children, of course you have to provide for the aged.". By the way, it's not enough to raise one, and your sister-in-law. Your task is much heavier than mine. "No, you can't just provide for the aged. You have to have more sons, 4 person jacuzzi ,endless pool factory, and you have to throw a basin for your brother in the future." Finish saying, looking at Chu Heng, "Heng Zi, don't worry, it will be better in the future, and our brothers." "Oh," he winked again. "In recent years, the village has been very lively, and there are people who marry flat wives. There are concubines in other villages, and then we'll have one, too. We'll have everything. "What, you're going to take a concubine for my brother?" Finished, Chu Yi looked at Chu Heng, and then looked at the two pillars, "I, I haven't thought about it yet, that's what big families do.". People in our village have heard of it, but it's not a good thing. I heard that they always quarrel and make trouble. Chu Heng looked at the younger brother has bowed his head in thinking about this matter, so angry that he lifted his leg and kicked the two pillars. "What nonsense, that's what we do?"? Hurry up and get things done at home. Tomorrow we'll go to town and see what the lime looks like and what the price is? Lime is sometimes used in our barracks, but it is said that it is not very good, and we have to take a good look at it when we go to town. All right, I'll go back now. Ha ha, concubinage this matter is not urgent, how also have to get married. Besides, you're embarrassed to take a concubine. It's okay to marry a flat wife! Ha ha ha ha, "Erzhu said as he ran out.". Chapter 31 Song Shi makes a demon. There was a noise outside, a faint noise. Chu was having a headache, and the two brothers came together to ask if Heng boy really wanted to marry a man's wife as others said. And unanimously said that although our Chu family is not a big family, a famous family. Can also be the ancestors of more than a dozen generations of farming and reading family, the decline of recent generations, but also can not marry the descendants of a man's wife. Chu was upset and angry by the noise outside. He got up and walked out of the hall, stood outside and shouted angrily at the noisy people, "There's nothing to do.". Day after day, there is no time to stop. ” Grandpa, Song locked the door of the new house and said it was her house. "Auntie asked her to open it, and she said it was a four-bedroom house, and she could not control anyone." As soon as Chu Yi saw the old man come out, he immediately made things clear and took the opportunity to borrow his aunt to lodge a complaint. Old Chu looked at Song with anger in his eyes. "Why, the eldest daughter-in-law can't take care of things. You're in charge of this family." Then called "eldest daughter-in-law, you are in charge of things, do not go directly to the ancestral temple to reflect." Although Song was a little afraid of Chu, greed always prevailed. "Each room is divided into two rooms, and I have the final say in our four rooms.". The house is for my son, and you want the house to go to your dead mother. Chu Yi listens to "you are what thing, dare to scold my mother unexpectedly, old Song Jia teaches you so.". No wonder he couldn't eat and was sold to our Chu family to fill the house. Stealing things to my mother's home all day long, you are a thief and my mother, how can you compare? "You dare to scold me, you are a wild bastard, your mother is good, you go to find your mother!"! Let me tell you something As long as I'm here, you bastards won't get anything. Get out of here. Song Shi has been used to bullying for so many years, simply do not care, directly scold out. At this time, the house of Chu two old man and Chu three old man also came out. Seeing these people in the courtyard, Song Shi and his stepson Chu Yi quarreled directly face to face. But Chu Laosi stood aside and let them make trouble. Chu two old man is a very honest person, for the eldest brother's family that year out of the matter, as well as these years, the children's living situation, is simply abhorrent,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, but has not had the opportunity. Who drives away the descendants of my Chu family? My eldest brother is still there. It's not your daughter-in-law's turn to make decisions. Why do you treat our Chu family as your Song family? It all depends on your face. Chu Er scolded angrily. Then he looked at Chu Laosi, "Laosi, you just watch him humiliate your flesh and blood.". Just let her act in front of your father and in front of so many of your family. 。


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