Sunshine on the Moor

However, he was not willing to point her out and said, "You are still young, and you can clean yourself up."

"Eat an egg quickly everyday," the wife already peeled eggshell for the daughter, "father can hit a person. "Hit it," said Tiantian, still looking over there. Ma Min felt that he had spoiled her, and that she could do everything by herself, so of course she could ignore him. Now, as soon as Ma Min thought about this, he was furious, remembering that he was so afraid of his father that he dared not look west when his father pointed east. And the daughter is not afraid of him. Do you eat or not? Ma Min thought that he was afraid to establish some prestige for her to see, so he cried out, and his eyes were round. "Aren't you afraid of being beaten?" As he spoke, he patted his daughter on the shoulder. It was not a heavy pat. He knew it was light. Heavy, but the daughter took the opportunity to cry. Oh, I didn't hit you, but you're still crying? Do you eat? Tiantian picked up the egg that had been shelled and cried to eat it. Ma Min washed his face, rinsed his mouth and sat down on the sofa. Eating eggs, and then eating a steamed stuffed bun. When he saw that his daughter had not finished eating the eggs in her hands, he lost his temper again. Stupid pig. Ma Min learned from his father's vicious scolding and warned his daughter,outdoor spa manufacturers, "Next time you eat eggs and bargain, I want them." Beat you stupid. What is the egg, the egg is the nutrition, the pig! "I don't want the nutrition of eggs." The daughter said stubbornly. What the *** do you know? You don't want it, you want it! Ma Min said loudly, looking at the quartz clock on the wall, "Hurry up!" Eat. You are a disobedient guy. I only wish Mr. Huang would criticize you today. "Criticizing you!" The daughter spoke stubbornly. Ma Min smiled, not angrily,jacuzzi bath spa, but happily. Criticize me? I'm not in your preschool class. Sheng. Dad was very funny to teachers when he was a child. You have to make the teacher like you, too, do you hear? After the daughter pursed her lips and went out, Ma Min felt that her skull was heavy. The liquid that she drank into her stomach at noon yesterday. The engraving was still haunting his mind. He lay down on the bed and went to sleep. He thought he wouldn't fall asleep. At most, he would lie in bed. Because he thinks he slept too much yesterday. But his eyes only stared out of the window a few times, even everything. Without thinking, drowsiness came into his eyes. He snuffed out his cigarette, closed his eyes and fell asleep. He actually has something to do. But he didn't wake up again until noon. As soon as I woke up, my skull was much better. Why didn't you wake me up? He asked Wife. His wife stared at him. "You didn't ask me to wake you up." Ma Min feels also is, did not blame wife, just said a sentence: "I still have a thing." His wife went into the kitchen to cook, and Ma Min lay in bed, thinking about what he would do in the afternoon and evening. This scene was supposed to be every It was filtered in his brain early in the morning, whirlpool hot tub ,american hot tub, but it was transplanted to noon today. Of course, he wanted to make a pager with Peng Xiao yesterday morning. Peng Xiao answered yesterday that he had time to have dinner with him today. His plan yesterday was to call her pager this morning, I asked her out for lunch today, but the plan was mercilessly devoured by the big bug of sleep. His wife came in to him. With a smile, a brace appeared on his face, saying that he was going to eat and asked him to get up. He looked at his wife and sighed. His wife stared at him with two big eyes. "What are you sighing for?" "Don't sigh what gas," Ma Min originally wanted to say "sigh you are a nervous gas", but the words to the mouth turned a big bend. However, he was not willing to point her out and said, "You are still young, and you can clean yourself up." "I think I'm pretty good already," the wife argued. "Why do you want me to dress up?" Ma Min looked at the living room and stopped talking about his wife. He crawled out of bed, went into the bathroom to relieve himself, and then came out, wife. The meal has been put on the table. What about Tiantian? Ma Min thinks to had not come back every day, the wife says: "In the room." Do your homework. Ma Min turned his head sideways and looked a little happy. His daughter was sitting at her desk doing her homework. Come here, come here. "Ma Min is full." Love said, "I want to praise you, good daughter, know how to do their homework.". Come to dinner. "I haven't finished yet." Said the daughter. "Be obedient, eat a meal to do again, food is cold to eat to be able to get stomach trouble," Ma Min says gladly, "father likes you. The daughter came over in a lovely way and sat down at the table. Oh, I haven't washed my hands yet. Daughter, like Remembering something, he said, "The teacher said to wash your hands before eating." She glanced at her father and hurried into the kitchen. Wash your hands under the tap. Then he came in and sat down at the table with an innocent smile on his face. You are really a good daughter, our little monitor. Ma Min looked at her daughter affectionately and said, "Dad likes you." That afternoon, Ma Min hit Peng Xiao's pager on the road and naturally added the code name 96, of course. Quickly got her reply. Ma Min looked at the car coming in front of him and asked Peng Xiao where he was now. Peng Xiao told him he was flying. Tian Advertising Company. Where are you Peng Xiao asked with a smile on the other end of his mobile phone. Ma Min was sitting in his Santana car, of course, but he lied casually: "I'm in a friend's house, away from you." Feitian Advertising Company is not far away. How about we have dinner together? He added, "It's all right anyway." "You didn't call my pager this morning?" Peng Xiao was silent for a few seconds and then said, "I thought you would invite me at noon." I had to push a meal, but you didn't call my pager. "I accompany a boss to have a meal at noon," Ma Min answers smoothly, "did not hit your beeper so. I'm sorry. Yeah I'm sorry, can I apologize to you now? Ma Min was very happy, because it proved that she had put him in her heart. Yes, and for this reason, she also refused someone's invitation or something. Do you want to call my pager in half an hour? She said,outdoor endless pool, "You know, boss Deng has something to do with me." It's mainly an advertising business. I'll see if I can let Sister Wen go. If I can, I'll have dinner with you. Do you want it? Ma Min was very happy to hear her say that. Half an hour. Okay. Ma Min put down his cell phone and drove to the family again.


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