Digital Castle _ Dan Brown

You are only hours away from realizing your dream! Control all the data in the world! This is the opportunity of a lifetime! You won't let it go!

"No.". I'm watching you at network three. "Impossible." Hale put on a look of disdain and said with a cold smile, "It's a common problem of hiring the best people, deputy director-sometimes they're better than you." "Young man," sputtered Strathmore, "I don't know where you got that information, but you're out of your mind. You let go of Ms. Fletcher now, or I'll call the security forces. \ "You wouldn't do that, \" Hale said blandly. \ "Calling in the security forces would ruin your plans. But if I'm going to leave here in clean hands, I won't say a word. "No," Strathmore shot back. "I want the password." "I don't have a ***ing password." "Enough lies!" Strathmore growled,hot tub wholesale, "Where's the password?" Hale grabbed Susan by the neck. \ "Either I get out or she dies! \" Trevor Strathmore, who has been through many dangerous negotiations in his life, knows that the next step is crucial. Susan's life depends on this step-and the future of "Digital Castle" lies in it. After a long time, he sighed reluctantly. All right, Greg. You win. What do you want me to do? Hale seemed suddenly overwhelmed by the deputy director's tone of cooperation. Ah He stammered,endless pool swim spa, with a sudden tremor in his voice. First, you have to give me the gun. I want to take your elevator. Susan, come with me! You stay! Strathmore felt that the stakes had increased. He got Susan involved, so he's going to save her. His voice was as steady as a rock. What about my digital castle project? Hale smiled. You can keep writing about your back door-I'll keep my mouth shut. Then he threatened, "But if I find out you're following me, I'll go to the newspaper and tell everything." Strathmore calculated his own response. If he told Hale to leave the codebreaking department with Susan, he couldn't guarantee what would happen later. I'm going to call security. Strathmore made a decision. If saving Susan means ruining his plan, endless swimming pool ,hot tub spa manufacturers, so be it-Trevor Strathmore can't afford to lose Susan Fletcher. Hale pinned Susan's arms behind her back and pushed her head aside. This is your last chance, old man! Give me the gun! "No, Greg, I'm sorry," Strathmore said calmly, almost sadly. I just can't let you go. Hale was obviously stunned, and his throat seemed to be choked. "What?" "I'll call the security forces." Susan gasped. Director of a bureau! No Hale tightened his grip. If you call the security forces, she will die! Strathmore pulled the phone from his waistband and clicked it open. You wouldn't do that! Hale shouted, "I'll ruin your plan!"! You are only hours away from realizing your dream! Control all the data in the world! This is the opportunity of a lifetime! You won't let it go! Strathmore's voice was as cold as iron. We'll see. "But-but what about Susan?" Hale stammered, "You make that call and she's dead!"! You want her more than a digital castle! I know you! You wouldn't risk it! Susan was about to snap at it when Strathmore said first, "Young man!"! You don't know anything about me! My whole life is adventure. If you want to play hard, I will accompany you to the end! He began to press the buttons on his cell phone. No one threatens the lives of my employees. Walk out of here! Hale began twisting Susan's neck. I'll I'll kill her. I swear! "You won't do that!" "Killing Susan will only make things worse," Strathmore said. "He stopped short and jerked the phone to his lips." Security! This is Deputy Chief Trevor Strathmore. We've got a hostage in the code-breaking department! Bring some people here! We have a power failure here. I want all systems powered up in five minutes! Greg Hale killed one of our young system safeties. He's holding my chief codebreaker hostage. If Mr. Hale doesn't cooperate, send snipers to shoot him on the spot. I take full responsibility. Act now! Strassmore snapped the phone off and jerked it onto his belt. It's your turn, Greg. Baker's eyes were a blur, but his spirits were high. The ring on his finger was the holy grail he had been looking for. The words on it don't seem to be English. The cart was still parked in front of the men's room, so Baker had to turn to the door marked "Women's Room." Is anyone there? He knocked at the door. No response. He went in. Baker threw the water in his eyes, and the pain began to subside, and the mist that hung over his eyes slowly disappeared. He dried his face, looked in the mirror, and adjusted his tie. Just as he was about to leave, the reflection of something behind him in the mirror caught his attention. A corner of Megan's duffel bag jutted out from under a compartment door that was ajar. Megan? Baker went over and gave the door a gentle push, but it slammed open. Megan is sitting on the toilet with a bullet hole in the middle of her forehead. Oh, my God! Exclaimed Baker in amazement. She's dead. A barely human voice croaked behind him. Baker turned around and stood there. I seem to have seen this man somewhere. Soy Khlohot. A gun was pointed at Baker's head. Ring Everything suddenly became clear, and Baker, as if hinted by his subconscious survival instinct,hot tub manufacturers, jumped up to dodge the bullet at the moment of the gunshot and rushed to the exit with an arrow. He ran like hell, faster than he had ever run before. Hloholt rushed out of the revolving door just in time to see Baker step on the accelerator desperately, but he couldn't start. Khloholt smiled and raised his gun. Ring The voice came closer and closer. Baker looked up sharply. He saw the barrel. The chamber is turning. He pressed hard on the accelerator again.


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