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Zhang Chunlin, standing next to He Jing, noticed Lu Weimin's expressionless face. He was not sure about the new propaganda minister's attitude towards the building.

Cultural and sports departments mainly include the Cultural Bureau and the Sports Bureau, while there are many institutions under the Cultural Bureau, such as song and dance troupes, art galleries, museums, painting and calligraphy academies, libraries, Chang Opera Troupe, art centers, etc. There are 78 in total, and there is also a Songzhou Art School. The radio and television port refers to the radio and television Bureau, and there are television stations and radio stations below. He Jing is mainly responsible for the theoretical education and external propaganda of the propaganda department, while Du Bin is responsible for the cultural education and cultural industry, Bei Haiwei is responsible for radio and television, and Xiong Yalei is responsible for news and public opinion. The division of labor is reasonable, but after Ma Deming and Wang Zongyi both fell, some of the work in the Ministry was put on hold. Lu Weimin could only temporarily let He Jing play the role of executive vice-minister in the absence of a candidate for executive vice-minister in the municipal party committee. In fact, before he took office,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, He Jing also maintained well. After a few days of stability, Lu Weimin knew that he needed to get into shape as soon as possible. He Jing has already introduced the work of the Publicity Department to him. At present, this year's two major centers of work, the July 1st Celebration of Literature and Art Festival, is a small dish. In September's series of activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the city, Publicity Department will play the leading role, and he himself,ceramic welding tape, the minister, will be the leader. In addition to these two tasks, it is necessary to be familiar with the situation, and several big mouths should conduct research to understand the most real situation, which is also what every leader must do after taking office. Bei Haiwei looked at Lu Weimin standing on the construction site with his hands on his back, staring at the somewhat deserted construction site, and felt nervous for no reason. The construction site has been temporarily suspended, with only three or five bored workers sitting outside the shed playing poker. The ten-story building has been basically sealed. What we need to do now is the interior decoration and water and electricity, while the downstairs is still a mess. Greening, roads and parking lots are still on paper. That is, the radio and television building has almost squeezed out the financial budget of the propaganda line. In three years, 50 million yuan has been invested in this building. In the first year alone, 30 million yuan has been spent. The planning is very grand. After completion, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,10g Ozone Generator, it will not only have the first-class office conditions in the province, but also have the first-class recording and broadcasting transmission equipment. Television stations, radio stations, cultural bureaus and some of their institutions, daily newspapers and evening newspapers are all going to move in. It can't be said that this idea is not good. It's just that when Songzhou's finances are so tight, it still spares no expense to build such a building. Now 50 million yuan has been thrown in, but there is no sign of closure. It can't help worrying. I heard that the Finance Bureau has allocated another two million yuan. Why is there still no movement on the construction site? Lu Weimin turned his head and asked casually, "When is the building scheduled to be completed?" "It was originally expected to be the end of this year, but now it seems that it may be delayed until the middle of next year. What can two million help?" Bei Haiwei sighed, "Squeezing toothpaste on the other side of the city finance will only make the project more and more delayed. In fact, the loss is even greater. The construction company has a lot of complaints." (To be continued.) Volume 10 Infinite Scenery in the Dangerous Peak Section 41 Noose Lu Weimin did not speak, for such a face project beyond the current financial capacity of Songzhou, he had nothing to say. Songzhou's GDP last year was only about 9 billion yuan, and now its annual revenue is only 1 billion yuan. Looking at the progress and situation of this building, it is estimated that it is difficult to close the mouth even if 10 million yuan is thrown in. It is possible that 20 million yuan or more will have to be invested, especially when we see that the water, electricity and interior decoration of the building have basically not been touched, and the ancillary facilities are all blank. Lu Weimin, who has experienced numerous construction projects in Shuangfeng and Futou, still has some problems in his mind. It is very simple to pull the tube in the early stage. It is the later stage that really costs a lot of money. Now the radio and television building is obviously stuck at this juncture. When the leaders came to see that a building had been erected, they wondered if it was about to be completed, and if it was to be completed, they would have to throw money into it one by one, but they did not know how many times it would take to throw two or three million yuan into it again and again to see the effect? Zhang Chunlin, standing next to He Jing, noticed Lu Weimin's expressionless face. He was not sure about the new propaganda minister's attitude towards the building. As the deputy director of the Radio and Television Bureau and the director of the TV station, he hated and loved the building. The Radio and Television Building is planned and constructed in the name of Songzhou TV Station's need for a more modern image in line with the second largest city in the province. The structure is very grand, but as the head of the TV station, it is completely excluded from the construction and equipment procurement of the building. Bei Haiwei has been holding the dominant power of the radio and television building from the very beginning when she served as the deputy director in charge of the work. In the past three years, the radio and television building has been repaired and stopped, and he is too lazy to come and have a look. Bei Haiwei has the support of Huang Junqing and Xu Zhongzhi. Others have no right to speak at all. What they can do is to look on coldly. He didn't want to ask how many tricks there were in the Radio and Television Building. From the beginning of construction to the present, Qiu Chongwen's Chongwen Construction Company is responsible for it. The relationship between Qiu Chongwen and Xu Zhongzhi and Bei Haiwei is known to all people in Songzhou. This is not a relationship of one or two years. It was Xu Zhongzhi who was the head of Shazhou District when Qiu Chongwen started. And Bei Haiwei was a TV announcer at that time. Unless the provincial authorities are determined to take down Huang Junqing and Xu Zhongzhi, don't even think about checking the Radio and Television Building. In the past two years, all the letters have been sent to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, but the result is not the same. It is useless to end up with Pang Yongbing of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection. Zhang Chunlin did not do the kind of thing that a blind man would light a lamp in vain, although he also knew that half of these accusations would be attributed to him, and he did not care. Do not recognize his head, he is Xu Zhongzhi, Pang Yongbing and Bei Haiwei in their eyes of the eyesore, will always be wearing small shoes hit sucker. The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has also come to investigate him two or three times. If he hadn't been able to do it himself, and there were still some people in the station,ceramic bobbin heater, I'm afraid he would have been knocked down or even planted a lump of charges. Of course, the most important thing is that Shang Quanzhi and An Dejian came, which made Pang Yongbing dare not be so unscrupulous.


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