Peach in the heart

"Maybe we can really be together this time. There is too little love between you and me at the beginning. Most of the time

"Maybe we can really be together this time. There is too little love between you and me at the beginning. Most of the time, one person has to take the initiative to take that step first.". It's best to be together, and you won't regret if you can't be together. Moved by Si Heng's words, she asked uncertainly, "Really?" "Well, really." After Yan Anan was soothed by him, she was in the mood to pack up her things. She was going to Sanya tomorrow, and she didn't want to play with these messy emotions. And now that Jiang Dai has decided, as a good sister, what she has to do is to support her decision. Yan Anan found the skirt and swimsuit she had bought before from the cloakroom, which Jiang Dai had accompanied her to buy, because so many things had happened after Yan Qian was hospitalized, so she had not been able to use it. She secretly avoided Si Heng, hurriedly stuffed into the suitcase, and then hurriedly closed it. It was obviously in her own home, but she had a guilty feeling of being a thief. Chapter 35. Yan Anan did not sleep all night, and the next day she got up very early, until she was going to the airport, she began to feel sleepy. It was Si Heng who helped her get the tickets and so on. Even through the security check, Si Heng has been following her closely, afraid that she can fall asleep standing. Yan Anan felt that he was exaggerating,aluminium coated steel tube, where she was trapped to such an extent, at most it was just a yawn from time to time, but Si Heng was worried. The security inspector reminded him carefully. "Please stand back a little, sir." Yan Anan was so happy that he yawned and laughed back. Arrived at the waiting room to rest for a while, the radio said that it was time to check in, and then Yan Anan stood up. Si Heng has been holding her tightly. Behind a child, pointing to the front of the people said: "Mom, this aunt is not obedient,Precision steel tubes, so the uncle has been pulling her?" When Yan Anan heard this, she looked back subconsciously. The child's parents smiled at her sheepishly and explained, "I'm sorry. The child is not sensible. It's nonsense." The child is not happy to defend: "Mom, I did not talk nonsense, you just lead me to say that because I am not obedient, afraid I run around, so just lead me." The parents were even more embarrassed. Yan Anxin thought about what he had to say to ease the embarrassment. At this time, Si Heng, who was walking in front of him, suddenly returned home. He smiled gently at the child and said, "Well, aunt is very disobedient. She is more disobedient than you. Uncle is afraid that she will run around, so he led her." The little fellow showed a very proud look, "Mom, you see, side impact door beams ,Cold Drawn Tubes, I said so, it must be this beautiful aunt is not obedient." The parents smiled approvingly. Yan Anan turned around and glared at Si Heng. The two men found their seats and sat down. Yan Anan tried hard to shake off Si Heng's hand. As a result, someone grasped it more and more tightly. She looked at him in mock anger. "When did I run away?" Si Heng casually found a reason: "Just to coax the child, this is not happy?" Yan Anan curled his lips, "I don't like it. I'm so old. You still say that about me outside. Don't I want to lose face?" Si Heng touched her pouting mouth lightly and said softly, "In my heart, you will always be a child." Yan Anan: "!!!" Yan Anan now immediately wants to go to the forum to send a question post. "What if my husband flirts with me every day?" Si Heng asked the stewardess for a blanket and covered her gently. "Aren't you still sleepy just now? I'll sleep for a while when I get off the plane and take off." Yan Anan was about to lie down. As a result, Si Heng patted her again. "Don't sleep now. I'll take off later. It's not good for my ears." Yan Anan opened his eyes in boredom and looked at Si Heng's side face. The more he looked, the more he felt that Si Heng was really good-looking. And she could feel that the man was cold when he looked at others, but when he looked at her, his eyes were full of affection, as if he could only accommodate her alone. Honey, your eyes are really beautiful. Yan An-an suddenly opened his mouth and said that his small face showed the appearance of a nymphomaniac. "You just found out today?" “……” Why does she want to praise him? It's not the first day she knows this man's narcissism. Moments later, the plane glided slowly along the slide, and after a small bump, it gradually stabilized. Si Heng said softly, "Well, go to sleep." Yan Anan nodded, closed his eyes, and began to brew sleepiness. She sat next to Si Heng, and the unique breath of Si Heng rushed into her nasal cavity, which made her feel at ease. In a daze, Yan Anan heard Si Heng talking to the stewardess. A cup of coffee and a cup of juice, please. "Yes, sir." The juice was supposed to be for her, and she was a little sleepy and didn't want to open her eyes. Yan Anan slept all the way, the plane began to land, her head to the side, Si Heng with a big hand around her head, and then sent to his shoulder. As soon as Yan Anan woke up, he heard Si Heng say, "Are you awake?" "Uh-huh." Yan Anan nodded. It's almost here. Have a good rest tonight. Yan Anan shook his head. "No, it's not easy to come out. I want to play openly." It's their honeymoon, and it would be a waste to sleep on it. After getting off the plane, Si Heng's special reception driver was already waiting at the airport exit. After getting on the bus, looking out of the window at the scenery that flashed by, Yan Anan very consciously put his head on his shoulder. Arrived at the hotel, Yan Anan put down his luggage and wanted to go out to play, but Si Heng forbade her to have a good rest in the hotel. "I've slept on the plane," she protested. "I'm not sleepy." Si Heng put his arms around her waist and rolled onto the bed together. He laughed, "But I'm sleepy. You tossed and turned last night, and I didn't dare to sleep.". Ann, sleep with me for a while. Yan Anan suddenly silent, the original Siheng also did not sleep all night, all the way to take care of her everywhere. Heart suddenly sour, she clung to Si Heng more tightly, "well,stainless steel 304 pipes, then accompany you to sleep for a while." On the soft big bed, Si Heng hugged her and lay down for a short time, and the sound of even breathing came.


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