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In her view, she is the most hate this point, a lot of the rich bully the poor, the rich bully the weak, she is the most used to see

In her view, she is the most hate this point, a lot of the rich bully the poor, the rich bully the weak, she is the most used to see, encountered will be in charge of the end. So, just break out a goddess dragon's chivalrous number. Last time, because Mei Xuehai wanted to bully Wang Gang, she broke up with Mei Xuehai in anger, but she did not expect that she had made the same mistake unconsciously. This discovery made her very embarrassed. Fortunately, Wang Gang changed the subject and asked, "Has the girl been in Tongzhou for a long time?" "It wasn't long ago, only ten days or so, when I came to live in Uncle Li's house, where many people were already living.". Brother Wang, are you here to celebrate your birthday, too? Wang Gang shook his head and said with a smile, "I admire old hero Li very much,side impact beams, but I can't make friends with him. We have always been two circles of people!" The Black Dragon is a thief Wang Gang, and the one-armed Wang Gang is from Jianghu. The Golden Knife Town is the king of chivalrous men and the model of the White Way. They can't be related to each other. Ye Ruqian also regretted asking Meng Lang. After a pause, she quickly changed the subject and said, "By the way, Brother Wang, the last time I killed Mei Xuehai, it seems that there was no noise. And many people died in Meizhuang. What happened?" "I don't know,beam impact tubes," said Wang Gang. "I moved the body to the open space behind the Plum Villa and left it there. Who knew that they were breaking the law in the villa and were being watched by the spies in the riding camp. Later even Chuang Tzu also copied, people may put his death, also attributed to the riding camp to do! That's all right, so as not to involve the girl and add to the trouble! Ye Ruqian blushed and said, "I'm not afraid of being charged with murder. According to his behavior, it's not too much for me to kill him. It's just that the situation is very embarrassing. I'm really embarrassed to tell others." "Yes, I understand that a girl's reputation is more important than anything else. Fortunately, the matter has passed, and no one else will know about it. The girl can rest assured!" Ye Ruqian lowered her head and said, "I am very grateful to Brother Wang for his kindness to me, but I don't know how to repay him." "Miss Ye is too polite. What I did was really insignificant. I just met it. Anyone who met that situation would do that. Girl, don't take it to heart!" Ye Ruqian said gratefully, side impact beams ,Precision Welded pipes, "As a big brother, naturally I can say that, but I can't think that way. I always hope to do something for my big brother." By the way, my father will come here in two days. He knows many acquaintances. How about I ask him to recommend an Escort Agency for my eldest brother? Wang Gang smiled and said, "I appreciate the girl's kindness, but don't bother about it. I'm doing well now." Ye Ruqian said, "Isn't it a great grievance for my eldest brother to be reduced to selling medicine in Jianghu?" "I know it's not a long-term plan," said Wang Gang. "But I'm used to wandering and I can't settle down. That's why I took it as a plan for Hukou." When I can settle down that day, I will go home to farm. I still have a few acres of thin farmland at home, and it's not a problem to feed myself! "Big Brother likes activities. Isn't the bodyguard very good?" Wang Gang said, "The bodyguard was born on the right path. It's just that I went the wrong way at the beginning. The reputation of the Black Dragon King Gang is so bad that no Escort Agency will welcome him." "No!"! I heard my father say that everyone has a good reputation for Big Brother Wang, saying that you are a swordsman among thieves and a gentleman in the underworld. "That's just talk. It's not that simple to use me as an escort. First of all, I've offended too many people. I've offended a lot of outlaws several times. Those people are very powerful. My whereabouts are uncertain. They can't find me. They can't do anything about me." If I settle down in any Escort Agency, although they dare not come to the Escort Agency to find me brazenly, they will find the trouble of that Escorts Agency. Who dares to hire me to offend the whole Greenwood Road for me? Ye Ruqian was stunned. After all, she had little experience in Jianghu. She didn't expect to have these twists and turns, but she also knew the stakes. If this was the case, no one could hire Wang Gang. She stayed for a long time before saying: "I believe there is always a way for the eldest brother!" " Wang Gang said with a smile, "At present, this road is not bad. The medicine I sell is not just a bluff. It does have some magical effects. For those poor people who look down on doctors, they can cure their diseases without spending a lot of money. Since I can get Hukou, they can also get convenience. I think this is also a way to save the world. The merit is no less than others.". The most important thing is freedom. I don't want to be a man. I don't want to listen to others. I can go wherever I want. It suits my unrestrained temperament very well. Hearing what he said, Ye Ruqian could not say anything more. And she found that between her and Wang Gang, speech, mind and behavior are two worlds, she really can not understand, let alone reluctantly to intervene. For a while, two people do not know what to say, so sitting is very awkward, and the guests in the wine shed are also more up. Ye Ruqian's clothes were bright and luxurious, and they did not match here, which made her feel very helpless, so she asked: "What advice do you have for me today?" Wang Gang knew the reason why she was uncomfortable and said with a smile, "It's nothing. I just want to tell the girl that Mei Xuehai's affairs are not related to the girl, so that the girl can rest assured." It was precisely because these words were inconvenient to mention in front of people that I invited the girl here, which made the girl feel wronged! This statement makes Ye Ruqian very embarrassed. Wang Gang added, "I've already said that. The girl is probably not used to being here. I won't keep the girl any more. Please go back." Ye Ruqian also wanted to leave early, so she stood up and said, "The day after tomorrow is Uncle Li's birthday. I may stay here for another seven or eight days. Brother Wang won't leave soon, will he?" "I don't know. There are some friends here. They want me to stay for a few more days. If I have nothing to do, I will stay for a few more days." "Big Brother is out of his old life now. What else will happen?" Wang Gang said with a smile,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, "When you are in Jianghu, you will have indescribable entanglements. Although my friends are insignificant people, they will also have disputes and troubles and need my help." 。


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