Qin Shi Huang, Grey Wolf

There you go again. I'm going to be with you tomorrow. Are you still so depressed? Show some courage. My slight reproach

There you go again. I'm going to be with you tomorrow. Are you still so depressed? Show some courage. My slight reproach was just a little encouragement to him, at least to let him know that he still had friends around him. "" With a smile, he reached out his hand and held me tightly. At this moment, I can feel the loneliness and loneliness in his heart, but at this moment, I did not touch the fervor of his heart. I'll straighten up the house. "Did you eat it yourself?" "I've had some." It was a lie. I just ate some cookies in the car. I thought there was nothing important, but I didn't know it was the scene at this time. Can you stay with me a little longer? "Half an hour. I can't go back. It's too late." "Did you have a fight on the phone just now?" I thought he didn't hear the conversation in the mobile phone, but I didn't think he heard it. Maybe he concluded the disharmony between me and Ying Zheng through my expression and answer. In short, his words were right. Yeah, I forgot to tell him. No food to eat, just say a few more words, and Tong Tong came here, she will take care of it. "Oh, you are a girl who should be cherished. Why should you sacrifice yourself?" Shao Zixuan sighed lightly. His words are what every girl wants to hear, including me naturally. But he didn't know that Ying Zheng and I didn't actually have that relationship. Everyone has their own choice, and he is also very good. "But I see nothing worthy of your love except his face, his savagery." Shao Zixuan transferred from his illness to my love. He is also very good, although his temper is not so good, but he is very clever. I can't cite too many good things about Ying Zheng, because he is far from the expectations and standards in my heart. The reason is not that his condition is poor, but that my requirements are more realistic. Ying Zheng, oh, a sneer from the bottom of my heart,plastic pallet suppliers, if not his harem, who dares to fall in love with him? Is there? Will there be? "Luo Ling, if, I mean if, I can still live, I will not give up." Of course you can live. Silly, always if. My eyelashes fell, and I whispered. If it's a hypothesis,plastic pallet manufacturer, now I can only assume it. "Well, if you do that again, I'll despise you." I stared at him, in this moment, each other can not help but smile, but this smile seems to be a mockery of fate. They are not at home. I tidied up the house and told Shao Zixuan to go to bed early. At parting, I took the initiative to hug him, which was more of an encouragement. Tomorrow, I'll drive to pick you up. 9:00 in the morning, okay? "Good." "Go to bed early, bye bye." "I see. Bye-bye." He looked at me with attachment in his eyes, and although there was a ripple in my heart, it was because of a kind of sympathy. On the way back, my heart became flustered with the approach of home. I wonder what Ying Zheng will do to me after a while? I hope he won't be so barbaric, let alone kill me. More than half an hour later, I went back to Ziqin community. After going upstairs, plastic pallet crates ,collapsible bulk containers, I opened the door with nervousness in my heart. It's just that the room is dark. It's nine o'clock. Why haven't you come back yet? I had planned to be scolded, but it seemed that I was somewhat disappointed because of their absence. Turning on the light, I murmured. He went to the second bedroom and looked inside. On the bed were the clothes Tong Tong had worn in the morning. She should have changed her makeup to go out, hoping that she would just have dinner with him. Inexplicably, I was a little sour. Sitting alone on the sofa, he found that the antique mobile phone had been thrown beside the cushion. The red flannelette sofa is lined with silver mobile phones, which is particularly eye-catching. He was so angry that he even threw his mobile phone here. After taking the cold mobile phone, the lovely Grey Wolf shook the scar face. "" I couldn't help laughing. But this smile, does not seem to be so pleasant, perhaps the mobile phone chain tells me that if he returned to Xianyang, then this mobile phone will return to my palm like now. Knowing him may be a special fate, but this fate is not just a lifetime. Hands, naturally hanging on the edge of the cushion, thoughts returned to Shao Zixuan's illness. Could his biopsy be benign? If it is benign, how can I continue my relationship with him? If it is malignant, should I go back to him, encourage him and take care of him? The inner contradiction becomes intense at this moment, intense to heartache. Shao Zixuan, you can't do anything, absolutely nothing. Murmur, head down on the back of the sofa, the body is tired, the heart is tired. Fall asleep, continue to fall asleep. "Ding Dong-" In the dark, the bell rang in my ear. Ding-dong "Who?" He pursed his lips and opened his mouth with a slight dryness. It's just that today's security doors have an absolute sound insulation effect on my weak voice. Rubbing my waist, I dragged my still sleepy body to the door. Cousin, you are so slow. Opening the door, two people appeared in front of me intimately. The first quarrel between the two sides Tong Tong, red cheeks, dressed in a lavender dress, light fragrance of wine. Ying Zheng, he did not have a trace of drunkenness, but the evil eyes did not leave me a point, so the two entered the room in front of me. But I, the master of this house, was forced to stick to the wall. Looking at the back of two people, it seems that I have become a superfluous person in this family. Tong Tong, why do you drink so much wine? Closing the door, I asked my cousin, but the two people sitting down on the sofa "bang" took me as air. Zheng, you are so stupid that you can't sing a song. "You are stupid. How can I be stupid?!" "Melon kernels.." Guaren, how can you talk about your nickname? Her slender arms were dancing in the air, and she lacked the reserve that a girl should have. Where the hell did you two go? Stepped forward, Ying Zheng still ignored me, just looked at Tong Tong, that way even with ambiguous. Tong Tong burped lightly and said with a smile, "Cousin, we went to the cash box to eat and sing.". It's good to look for food there, eat, drink and sing. Fortunately, they are just cash boxes,collapsible pallet box, although Ying Zheng also said "I", but Tong Tong did not take it seriously. Things are not as bad as I thought, but Ying Zheng's silence from beginning to end has blocked my heart. binpallet.com


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