Magic Sword of the Magic World

However, Yiyun's hasty shadow footwork is not a vegetarian, after the phantom step upgrade to hasty shadow footwork,

However, Yiyun's hasty shadow footwork is not a vegetarian, after the phantom step upgrade to hasty shadow footwork, the acceleration skills that can only move in a straight line can already turn, Yiyun directly to the side of a flash, easily escaped the attack of the evil blood warrior, however, although relaxed, but it is not simple, just Yiyun as long as it is a little slow to react, it is absolutely in the lottery. Such a gorgeous sword, Yiyun can not guarantee that he can live. Evil blood warrior is obviously a Leng, perhaps he never thought Yiyun could escape his attack, but, such a small kung fu, Yiyun but also did not let go, directly started the traceless decision, electric light sword gas greeted the past. Depend on me, "Yiyun saw his damage to the evil blood warrior, can not help but open his mouth to scold the dirty words, even less than three hundred points of damage, this and hundreds of thousands of points of blood BOSS, this little bit of damage can be ignored.". Baba has been very angry, thought it was easy to solve the matter failed, and, in his eyes, the same stranger as the little reptile actually dared to attack himself, which made Baba mad, can not help but want to vent his anger, the evil blood sword in his hand came out of a strong red light. In the surprise of Yiyun,ibc spill containment pallet, the evil blood warrior used his own unique skill, and a huge red sword light rushed directly to Yiyun. The second volume of the game Wind and Cloud Chapter 70 Tough Duel Updated: August 1, 2009 20:12:10 Words in this Chapter: 2988 Strong pressure so that Yiyun for the first time produced a boiling feeling, the previous BOSS, has never been able to let Yiyun have this feeling, this is a feeling of meeting opponents. Yiyun does not doubt the attack power of this move, retreat, Yiyun does not have this idea, it seems that it can only be forcibly attacked, there are two ways to be attacked in the game, one is to avoid,collapsible pallet box, if your speed is fast enough, your evasion is high enough, in the state of evasion, you can improve the probability, however, you can also choose to forcibly attack, with the move to the move, use this method. However, the effects are different. Ice and Fire Chop Sky Strike, the strongest attack skill of Yiyun at present, has turned into a red magic sword, once again flashing the light of flame and ice and snow, the ice dragon and the fire dragon rushed out, directly against the evil God of the evil blood warrior. Ice and Fire Chop Sky Strike is a very advanced skill, which can be seen from the consumption of the value of the sword soul, and the attack effect of this move is also speechless, which can be seen from the last battle against the Bear King, but the magic sword has not yet unlocked the seal of ice and fire, so the attack power of this move is naturally greatly reduced, and the evil God chop as an evil blood warrior. Attack power is also very powerful, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet containers, although it is much worse than the Ice and Fire Chop, but Baba's hand is also a sub-artifact, the use of the evil God Chop attack effect is to enhance a lot, so that under the mutual offset, the two skills are equal. Evil God Chop against Ice and Fire Chop, although it is equal, but don't forget, Yiyun summoned two dragons, dragons with special effects, although the attack was offset, and Yiyun and Baba were directly hit out, but the two dragons did not disappear, directly into Baba's body. The special effects of ice dragon and fire dragon are very powerful. In an instant, half of Baba's body turned into fire red and half into ice blue, while Baba's expression was very painful. Although Yiyun was hit to fly, but in the second layer when it has been exercised, in the process of hitting to fly, the body is still slightly moving, Yiyun directly straightened the body, feet landing, violent back a few steps, finally stabilized the position. However, Baba was not so lucky. He was drilled into his body by two dragons in the air, and because of the impact of the two dragons, his body completely lost its balance and fell directly to the ground. It seems that in the first round, Yiyun gained the upper hand. What is Baba? He was once the leader of tens of thousands of robbers. His strength was already very strong. After he turned into an evil blood warrior, his strength was greatly improved. Although he began to suffer some losses, as a former leader, he knew how to grasp the situation and control himself. Baba's body came out of the fierce blood red light, the original half red and half blue body instantly recovered, the two dragons were directly forced out of the body by him, evil blood curse, self-elimination of all bad state, and their own attributes increased by 20%, Baba directly launched his own special skills, although this skill can only be used three times a day, but now. More when. The two dragons were forced out, flew to the side of Yiyun, turned around Yiyun a few times, and returned to the magic sword. The strength of Baba surprised Yiyun. Even the ice dragon He Huolong was forced out. What ordinary skills could he have to deal with him. Red light gradually receded, Baba this time felt more comfortable than ever, looking at Yiyun not far away, Baba could not help showing a cruel smile, hum, unexpectedly let me make a fool of myself, do not cut you to pieces, I am not Baba. First strike is strong, Yiyun this time can only spell, single combat, Yiyun really did not fear, electric sword gas directly thought of Baba, although he can use the incarnation of the dragon spirit, but Yiyun is still more concerned about the old man's words, this time, is not the time to let oneself despair, he still has a chance. Electric lightsaber gas attack point is very tricky, Yiyun this time also when the extraordinary play, electric lightsaber gas attack point can grasp so accurately. However, Baba's expression is contemptuous, the war did not move there, did not care about Yiyun's lightsaber gas, so that Yiyun was surprised, but soon Yiyun understood that the lightsaber gas did not let Baba tremble a little in front of him, you know, as long as it is an attack,plastic pallet suppliers, there will generally be more rigid time, but. Yiyun's attack didn't make Baba move, what's going on.


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