Fengyu Jiangshan

"What goes around comes around. If you can avoid the first day, you can't avoid the fifteenth." Xihuang didn't care much

"What goes around comes around. If you can avoid the first day, you can't avoid the fifteenth." Xihuang didn't care much, squatting on the ground rubbing Xiaobai's big head, "thank you just now." Zhaoyang looked down at her and Xiaobai slapstick, "are you thanking Xiaobai or me?" "Thank you, of course." Xihuang stood up, turned to Zhaoyang, and thanked her very sincerely. "If you hadn't done it in time just now, I'm afraid I'd be in big trouble again." Zhaoyang walked up to Xihuang, holding her shoulders in both hands, and smiled: "The eldest brother wants me to take good care of you, and I should go all out." Zhaoyang suddenly lost his hand and changed into an old-fashioned attitude. He said to her, "The princess should be patient and impetuous in the future. Everything has to be considered in her heart before she can act. Otherwise, she will be in trouble if she makes a big mess." Xihuang looked at her serious appearance and burst out laughing. "Your serious appearance is like Shifu's." The more she thought about it, the more happy she was, and she almost bent over laughing. Zhaoyang touched his face with both hands. He looked incredulous and whispered, "Where? I look much better than the eldest brother." "Hey, Zhaoyang, I often hear you call Shifu Boss. What's your relationship?" Xi Huang is purely curious. Yan Feng and Zhao Yang are both people who follow Ye Zhen, but Yan Feng calls Ye Zhen Childe,non standard fasteners, while Zhao Yang only calls him the eldest. In fact, we are all brothers and sisters, and we can trust each other in life and death. There was a faint smile on her face, and the sentence of life and death was simple, but Xihuang understood the meaning. For her brother and sister, she did not live and die together. She wouldn't frown even if she risked her life for them. She looked out of the hall and saw that the evening glow in the sky was like fire, and the crimson twilight shone on the jade brick lines in the hall,Stainless steel foundry, which seemed to have a layer of golden light turning, vaguely like the auspicious clouds of Kirin in front of the East Palace. Sparse curtain and pale moon Xi Huang followed Wanyan Che's light ride all the way to Wang Ting, although the road is not eating and sleeping in the open air, but absolutely not good. Thanks to her experience in Jianghu since childhood, she could swallow the half-baked beef and mutton. If she wants to be a lady like her sister, I'm afraid she will be tortured to death. After a few months, Xihuang could hardly believe it when he saw the dishes of his hometown again. Pouch tenderloin, kidney bean yellow, golden fragrant cake.. Xihuang counted a table full of dishes, "there are crystal hoof!" She picked up a piece of crystal meat with her fingers and put it into her mouth. The lean meat was crisp and the fat was not greasy. It was absolutely authentic Suzhou and Hangzhou taste. It seems that he is very interested in you. Zhaoyang was arranging the bowls and chopsticks, and when he saw her greedy appearance, he could not help laughing at her. Is that a good idea? Xihuang couldn't agree with him. He picked up his chopsticks and took a piece of fried mushroom into his mouth. "Then I'm interested in many people. Well, this dish is really good. You can taste it." "I haven't eaten the food of my hometown for a long time. Today, I'm going to enjoy it." Zhaoyang was overjoyed, Magnetic Drain Plug ,socket screw plug, and the two of them sat on the table. Several Turkic girls filed into the hall, led by a woman holding a small wine jar in her hand. Is this your Turkic wine? Xihuang took the small wine jar, patted open the sealing mud above, and suddenly a clear wine fragrance came, with a sweet peach flavor in the fragrance. Xi Huang took a deep sniff and praised, "It smells good." The girl smiled heartily and replied in Turkic, "This is our Gan Qiong." "Gan Qiong?!" Zhaoyang was shocked and looked at each other with Xihuang. Ganqiong is a very famous imperial wine in Turkic China. The water used to brew Ganqiong comes from Qinshui in the Kunyu Cold Pool on the Northern Cold Tianshan Mountains. It is fermented with peaches and needs to be buried under a hundred feet of ice for six months before it can be drunk. Generally, it is only for the royal family and rarely seen by ordinary people. Ha-ha, we have a good taste today. Xihuang asked them to take two more teacups, pour them and hand them to Zhaoyang. Wish us all the best for the future. Zhaoyang raised his glass and said in Chinese. Cheers! Xi Huang raised his glass to meet her. Several Turkic girls also brought various musical instruments, such as bamboo lute, bronze flute and gourd Sheng, to play a happy movement in the hall, and some people danced in the hall. The Turkic dance is not as graceful and graceful as that of the Eastern Dynasties, with long sleeves attracting the moon. They are better than the lively atmosphere of celebration, and the dance steps at their feet are jumping and lively. While watching their dance music, Xihuang and Zhaoyang talked in a low voice and applauded them from time to time. It was not until the evening that the uproar dispersed, and a jar of Gan Qiong was drunk by two people, but neither of them was drunk. After Xi Huang bathed, she sat in front of the mirror and made up. Xiao Bai lay at her feet, looking sleepy and lazy. Zhaoyang entered the inner hall and made a cup of strong tea for her. Xihuang took the cup and held it in her hand. He said to Zhaoyang, "Leave Xiaobai with you at night and watch it for me." "Why?" "Zhaoyang laid the bedding for her and made the blue gauze in front of her bed." I'm worried that Wanyan Che will come in the evening. Zhao Yang thought for a moment and wondered, "Are you worried that Xiao Bai will hurt him?" Xi Huang is bending over one hand along the small white back, listening to her say so can not help but feel funny, "on the contrary, I am worried that he will hurt the small white." Xiaobai is still a tiger cub that has not yet grown up, not to mention Wanyan Che, anyone with a little kung fu can subdue it. She did not know when she would provoke Wanyan Che, at this time it is not appropriate to involve Xiaobai, it is better to send it far away, she can also have no distractions. Zhaoyang frowned and said to Xihuang with a serious look, "If he dares to hurt you, you can call me out, and I will come over at the first time." Xi Huang sees her so serious appearance, can't help smiling, glad to have her to accompany around, this period of difficult days is not difficult to endure. Zhaoyang, that's what I want to say to you. She reached out and held her hand. "No matter what happens or what sounds you hear, don't come out, including.." She looked down at Xiaobai, who seemed to be listening to their conversation, half propped up her body and shook her ears, "including Xiaobai, don't let it out." "Princess, I dare not sleep at night because of what you said." Zhaoyang bent down and patted Xiaobai,Steel investment casting, who stood up and yawned reluctantly. Maybe I was wrong. Not necessarily. Xihuang put down his teacup and picked up a book on the table. He brushed open the beaded curtain, went to a bed of imperial concubines under the window, and half lay down. autoparts-dx.com


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